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  1. That someone is a member on here as well... if I only could remember who it was. I came across his homemade upgrades as well and must they they do look very good. I have made some like those as well but I am kind of jealous on how the coolers are mounted. Looks like some custom made bracket to fit something that looks like a Thermaltake Slim or similar aftermarket cooler.
  2. Bolle

    SE/30 with flickering brightness

    The brightness pot can go bad as well, I have an analog board that does the same until I wiggle the pot a bit. After that it will be fine for some time until I pull it out of storage for the next time.
  3. There is only one way: redraw them. That's the same reason I didn't start working on it yet. Can't be bothered to do this with KiCad I have a lot of the Apple ICs in my personal Eagle library already and I am adding more every now and then when I find some time. So eventually I will get this started. Yes, I see several possibilities... implement a clone of the logic that's found on the DiiMo or PowerCache right into the logicboard to get 50MHz CPU/FPU + Cache or solder 128MB in high capacity RAM chips right to the board to get rid of the SIMM slots altogether. Also what you'll definitely find on a new SE/30 logicboard (if I am doing one) will be four PLCC sockets for xxF040 ROMs to get rid of the ROM SIMM socket as well. That one gets damaged anyways when the battery goes off, so you won't be sourcing that one from your old logicboard. Implementing ethernet right into the logicboard also wouldn't be hard and could be easily done.
  4. I don’t have these posted anywhere yet. Still looking for someone with a good scanner to have them scanned. Did a scan on our office scanner at work but it won’t let you access the full quality scans, only sends you a compressed image via email. It‘s ok but could be better.
  5. Was just going to say that... I was staring at VCC and GND layers and saw nothing but it jumped right at me when I activated the outline Layer.
  6. Did you keep the CRT neck board of the old CRT or did one come with your replacement CRT? I would have suspected it could be the CRT board could be at fault here as well...
  7. Where did you have them fabbed? I never had any actual fabrication defects ever. All boards go through electrical testing (at least at JLCPCB where I usually order my boards) so it really shouldn't happen at all. You could try to connect a bench power supply and run a whole lot of power through the board to see where it starts to turn black to find out where the short is.
  8. Pin 7 is -12V and branches up to connect to C9 before taking its way further down to the sound section:
  9. Bolle

    SE/30 & Micron Xceed & clear plastic goodie

    You can actually refer to this: I kept the parts designations the same as on the original schematic. I don't have an exact parts list, because I just used what I had laying around (and what I took off a donor Apple CRT board) Molex 26013144 should do it for the connector - I used some cheap Molex compatible clone that works just as well.
  10. You can run that card in a Plus as well but you will have to solder it on top of your 68000 (or get a clip from somewhere) Also you‘ll have to solder a jumper wire between the accelerator and the logicboard to get the 16MHz clock signal to the accelerator.
  11. I guess this is as good as it gets... oh boy what a mess. At least you can see both signal layers so I don't have to bother and get to the other side as well. Damaged some traces but together with the schematics it should be easy to reconstruct those.
  12. Bolle

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    There is a thread on those connectors on a1k right now where people gang up to reach the 201 pieces minimum order from the European distributor of KEL. Price per part is 12.69€. Lead time is 10-12 weeks for fresh brand new connectors from Japan. They have a distributor in the US as well and I'd guess that similar conditions apply for ordering a batch from them directly.
  13. Getting the board stuck down evenly would be a challenge though. I do have a DIY-hack CNC mill and in theory the step size should be accurate enough to take off a layer. I guess it’s worth a try. I have enough dead boards here to play around. In the end careful grinding might be the best option though I think.
  14. Had some time to grind away at one of my spare boards: Going all the way down to the inner layers is going to be an absolute pain in the back. I'll need to stock up on wheels for my grinder first. Also it looks like the additional signaling two layers are right in the middle of the boards hidden under yet another set of VCC/GND plane layers.
  15. Bolle

    More Video Card probems-Micron Xceed 306

    The frequency select signal is pulled high on the card itself through RN10, so you'll only have to connect it to GND or leave it open to select between the two oscillators.