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  1. Scott Baret

    Mac Plus or Mac SE?

    Having two Macs is never a bad thing. They're very comparable, as everyone has said. You may want to pick up a pair of LocalTalk or PhoneNet boxes and play around with networking them. In terms of the Plus vs SE debate, don't forget the Classic is also comparable. Its advantages are RAM expansion being easier (as long as you have the card) since no Classic board used resistors and its screen being easier to adjust without taking the case off. The ROM disk is also a nice perk. However, the Classic is notorious for capacitor problems and has design limitations based on it being the cost-cutting model of the SE (no second floppy capability, only one ADB port, no expansion slot, weaker power supply). The SE wins overall between these three machines.
  2. Scott Baret

    Color Classic Restore

    Glad to see this happening to my old CC!!
  3. Scott Baret

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    Regarding screws: I have a no-CD LC 550 which has its original packing list. 2 screws are mentioned on there, but they're practically the only part missing. I had to put two of my spares on myself since the tabs are broken. Aside from that and some yellowing though, the computer is in immaculate condition, albeit with brittle plastics...it's re-capped and I'm actually going to be selling it this week if anyone's interested...so keep your eye on the trading post!! I've had an LC since it was new and there was no screw in the box. On the topic of LC durability, the Classic, LC, LCII, LCIII, IIsi, SE/30, and SE are the tanks of the group. None of them even have brittle plastic. However, I had an LCIII with the newer case lid completely destroyed in the mail when I bought it in January. I'm still trying to figure out if I can just epoxy the sides of another LC case to it (which has a damaged front because I accidentally left it in front of a heater for too long). Color Classics don't hold up well either. The one I'm grateful for coming in one piece is probably my PowerBook 190. The plastics on it are perfect as of today. Not sure what they'll be like in 5 or 10 years...I'm keeping it in a climate controlled environment (my apartment, but it just seems lower grade than the SE, the LC, the IIGS, basically anything older than it (or even the regular 100 series).
  4. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    It does indeed have the door! I also have a teardrop ADB mouse for it that's in perfect shape. The only real wear is on the yellowed keyboard, and the one from my dead 180c will more than likely replace it. Plus having the other 145 will be good in two other ways...I can sell another unit with a power adapter (I have more PBs than adapters) and I can use it as a tester. It's also good to have another board around I guess, although the B is better since it has 4MB RAM standard. No idea if this unit has 8MB installed just yet. I do have the proper Torx drivers to open the PowerBook, got them years ago back when Sears was still open in my area and they sold screwdrivers a la carte instead of in one big set (got my T15 there too).
  5. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    Definitely! Thanks!! I watched the video on the screen recap and saw the difference it made on your screen in the old thread, so I'm confident I can revive this machine. I know it works otherwise...the hard drive spins up, pressing command-O opens whatever was on the desktop, and pressing shift five times gave me the sticky keys sound. I may hold off on selling the parts 145 I have around just in case. It does have a working screen so I can always swap for a temporary replacement while working on this one.
  6. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    Did you use a tool to remove them or just bare hands? I did dig up your old thread where you had new caps on the screen. If you don't mind, do you have the list of caps you ordered? I'd probably use tantalum caps myself; have them in my LC and it's been working great since I put them in.
  7. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    How did you remove your caps? I'll have to look that video up. I did just look up the keyboard replacement procedure and found it; it looks easy and I could do that first. I can always find a display adapter and run it from the extra 13" monitor I have just to test it for functionality. This is a fairly complete 145B...no system disks (you may recall this model didn't come with them) but it has an Apple logo case and everything.
  8. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    Awesome! Have you done the recap for the screen? If so, how tough was it? Mine just has a blank gray screen but the hard drive works. Playing with brightness and contrast don’t work unless you turn brightness all the way down, then it goes black/off.
  9. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    It's a 145B in otherwise great shape aside from needing new caps for its screen.
  10. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    Would a 180c Keyboard work? I have one I’m parting out.
  11. Scott Baret

    PowerBook Keyboard Discoloration

    What's the best way to clean a discolored PowerBook keyboard? Some of the keys are more brown than gray, not sure how that happened. I haven't tried my usual keyboard cleaner yet but I figure someone here probably has played around with this!
  12. Scott Baret

    Does anyone know where I can find AOL 2.6 web browser?

    Somewhere I may still have a 2.7 CD if all else fails. I have no idea if I tossed it...I may have...but there's a chance it's in with a bunch of other CDs that I may be going through this week.
  13. Scott Baret

    Quadra 950 and the IIfx architecture

    When the 900 was being developed, its internal codename was IIex. My guess is that it was a "fast, enhanced, extended Mac II" if you follow the naming logic. Given its size and position in the lineup, it's very reasonable to think of the IIfx as the starting point for the design. Interestingly, the 700 was code-named IIce. Note the "c" and similarity to the IIcx/IIci. A "compact, enhanced Mac II" perhaps?
  14. Scott Baret

    LC 1 vs 2 vs 3

    It's very easy to swap between the II, III, and 475 boards. In fact, where I went to school, we swapped several of our IIs for IIIs just in board. (We also had to buy hard drives because we we bought the stripped-down LC II without them and the III, of course, requires 7.1). Speaking of which...if you upgrade, be aware the LC and LC II run fine with System 6.0.6+ and 7.0/7.0.1, as well as 7.1 with no enabler...but the III and 475 both require 7.1 with an appropriate enabler. It's 003 for the LCIII (easy to remember, put 3 and III together!) and 065 for the 475 (also easy to remember, rearrange and you have 605, which is the Quadra equivalent). The LC II actually has the contacts for the LC I speaker assembly. Look up the board. The III lacks this. I think I actually have a II board with the speaker assembly from the I in one of my LCs... One other word of caution: the RAM is different between the I/II and III/475.
  15. You can always turn the button on the PSU by 90º to see if it was in the "always on" position. This was done as a failsafe on these machines in case they were used as servers and power was interrupted. Of course, it could just be a wonky PSU or even something on the board. I have a IIci with the exact same issue, although the power-up isn't immediate. The board was re-capped and it's been problematic since, which I think is just the result of cursory work.