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  1. mf-2hd

    Radius Video Vision

    My 16" monitor doesn´t run on 640x480. The screen is completely garbled at this resolution. It only displays something on the next higher one. Looks as if it runs on a synchronization frequency to high... And yes, I have the original Videovision with both daughter cards. Btw. is there a SCSI connector on the card?
  2. mf-2hd

    Radius Video Vision

    It´s 7.5. But I tried 7.6, 7.6.1 and even 9.1 (doesn't work;-). Software is Video Vision 2.51. I also tried 2.0. But it always looks the same.
  3. Hi, I´m trying to understand how my Radius Video Vision nubus card works that I put it into a PM8100/100. My main monitor is an Apple 16“ display and its connected to the onboard graphic card. I´m using a lcd monitor as second display. It´s set to 640x480, color millions. But when I capture video via S-Video the quality is extremely bad. The picture is grainy and it looks as if it´s only on 256 colors (monitor control panel is on millions of colors). Do I have to hook a TV to the breakout box? Or is it how it looked these days? Thx Ralf
  4. Hi, does anybody know what this is and what´s it for? Found it own eBay: http://www.ebay.de/itm/RISC-processing-card-Yarc-NuBus-AMD-AM29050-40GC-Apple-Macintosh-II-/172638536983?hash=item28320f0517:g:yT0AAOSwIWVY-30G Thanks
  5. I could initilialize, format, write and read from my 2GB drive. But when I turn my system off, the screen just went black and nothing else happened. Unfortunately I didn´t have a terminator to for that scsi cable where the drive was hooked on. Maybe that is causing the shutdown problem. @Unknown_K: on macintoshgarden.org seems to be a installation disk of the 81/100 system. When I´ll try that when I have more time. @Trash80toHP_Mini: it would be really great, if you could send me your system files. Thanks in advance....
  6. Hi, are you suggesting to install the Radius 81/110 image on my machine? My Studio Vision Card only has this breakout-box for im- and exporting video and audio signals.
  7. Hi everyone, I´m trying to configure a myself a vintage video editing mac What would be the best os system for this? For now the machine runs on 9.1. But strangely if I try to install system 7.5 on my second internal 2gb hd, which should be the system it was shipped with, it won´t boot.....startup disk runs on 9.1 If I plug a 2GB hd into my jackhammer SCSI card, the computer doesn´t shut down properly and power itself off. But if I use the onboard scsi interface everything runs fine. Finally I unplugged the jackhammer again. Do I have to update the firmware? Thanks for any suggestions mf-2hd
  8. mf-2hd

    DB15 Video to DVI?

    Thanks you all for the advises. I might start looking for a Dell UltraSharp, they´re really cheap:)
  9. Hi, today I tried to connect a Quadra 950 to my NEC PA271W monitor with a VGA to DVI adapter. It was this model https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B00YTWQQUI/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o00_s01?ie=UTF8&psc=1 Unfortunately I failed. What kind of setup should I use? Get another monitor? My desk bristles already with stuff..... Thx Ralf
  10. mf-2hd

    What is this?

    Thanks a lot for the informtions. I certainly will consider OWC. And they are cheaper there than I thought:)
  11. mf-2hd

    What is this?

    Hi, I recently bought a Quadra950 with got four of those memory chips. Installed, all it gives me is a strange start sound and then nothing happens. If I take the memory out the computer starts successfully (there are more, but obviously smaller memory chips in it). I already tried putting only two into the machine or switch memory banks or use another Quadra. But everytime the Quadra won´t boot. Does anyone know the capacity of those chips and any hints on fixing them? Thanks
  12. mf-2hd

    Goldstar Ram

    Unknown ram chips
  13. mf-2hd

    This and that