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  1. Alex

    SE FTP issues

    Hello I will list off random things you can try, none of these suggestions are in a particular order so I suggest you read them first and decide which is the least disruptive. So things like resetting PRAM or NVRAM are quick. Ping can be quick as well to check for time outs etc. *** Is the download speed drop isolated to the SE or do other computers downloading from FTP also suffer a similar fate? Since this began to occur have you changed any of the files or added any new extensions etc to the SE System Folder? Is the SE provided a static IP address on your router and the SE setup to use DHCP to obtain the said IP address? Can you ping from another computer to the SE? Can you try minimizing the extensions/control panels on the SE to just those that are needed to ensure there isn't a conflict? Not knowing anything precise about your FreeNAS, can you identify is an update to FreeNAS may correlates with the issue? Is the issue isolated to FTP? Can you visit sites like Macintosh Garden (I think the site will reduce itself down enough to support old browsers)? The point here is to understand if the SE can establish any other connection, FTP, HTTP or otherwise and keep a sustained download rate. So for now I have no way of knowing if the Farallon Card is at fault, I suspect it is a network issue of some sort. You could also try resetting PRAM or NVRAM (whichever term applies to this model of Mac) and potentially moving any related preferences files to a folder on the desktop, restart and this will compel applications to recreate those preferences files that are backed up on the desktop. If things work with new preferences files in place you will know it was one of those preferences files that could have gotten corrupted. You could also try to run Disk Doctor as it can fix things. Let us know what you tried and what might have worked. I will keep my eyes on your call for help. I would be inclined to believe it is a software issue rather than a hardware one.
  2. Alex

    Color Classic Analog Board issue

    Look for any debris that might be contributing to a short somewhere. Check all the solder joints that you've reworked or had to solder in. Check if no solder might have splattered where it shouldn't have but yes, double check your work.
  3. Alex

    Mac Color Classic Restoration Completed

    Thank you for sharing this and for the reply. The machine looks marvelous. Good job!
  4. Good grief! One never knows the gems that come out of these conversations. Thank you 360alaska! Downloading your share and I will add those missing schematics to my share incase.
  5. Here are bunch of schematics, none of them unique. BOMARC included. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VnDnfgf92viDq2Tl_wLvxx8I7tTjl89K?usp=sharing
  6. Alex

    Powerbook150 hinges extremely stiff

    How did you end up adjusting the hinges to loosen the grip. This is what I understand you did.
  7. Alex

    Powerbook150 hinges extremely stiff

    Not yet but I did ordered SuperLube 51010. Because I have so many other things on the go the package of Superlube remains unopened. I think about the project a few times a week so I know I have to get to it. I am privy to this post and once I get back to it I will absolutely update the progress here. It won't be soon but it will happen.
  8. What happens if you put back the original drive?
  9. Alex

    Mac Color Classic Restoration Completed

    How does the CRT perform pre and post recap?
  10. Everything you need is on the macintoshgarden with the added bonus of no pay wall nor login crews ever being necessary. Glad you sorted your issue.
  11. Alex

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    Information offered by @trag, @ScutBoy and @JustG should be on a wiki. Not to derail the topic but is the wiki still live and updated?
  12. Alex

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    Short comment, as per this shot. I have an iMac G3 and the metal chassis suffered a similar fate. I would clean it with some vinegar and with extremely fine sand paper (the kind that you can work with when wet) — sand and sand until all that rust is gone and then you can spray paint that part. I did this and it turned out really well. Considering how it looks, I doubt there is anything to lose. Cheers! —Alex
  13. Alex

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    A really unusual logic board cleaning process. WD40? Please consider viewing to evaluate if this process helps in your situation. I wanted to introduce you to a really unusual process of cleaning a board, I have never tried it but it's presented here in this video. It involves using WD40 (I told you it was unusual) on the board to clean it. Of course if you do this you will have to really do some serious post clean up. It was a while since I watch this video but when I saw your post I immediately remembered this video.
  14. Here is what you can expect, Video Chapters 0:00 — Intro 2:19 — Capacitor Locations 4:41 — Capacitor Replacement 14:18 — Microscope view 18:55 — Lifting head for cleaning 21:13 — Protective yellow plastic disk 22:37 — Metal Mounting Bracket 24:31 — Ribbon Cable Types (stripe color) 26:20 — Disk Ejection Woe 26:57 — Cleaning & Lube 30:11 — Sliding smooth with KURE 5-56 (WD-40) 34:22 — Plastic Gearbox Disassembly 37:43 — Gear that usually breaks 40:31 — Microscope view of Gears 47:06 — Head Assembly Removal for lubrication 52:02 — SuperLube Grease & Oil 1:00:51 — Gearbox Lube 1:01:16 — Mixing Grease & Oil 1:11:27 — Hot Glue on Bottom Plate of Gearbox 1:25:51 — Springs 1:26:23 — Final Testing 1:28:34 — Closing Words Don't forget to check the show notes as well. Cheers!
  15. Alex

    Help with my Macintosh Classic

    It would appear that you isolated far enough to see a question mark so it is promising but testing might prove more difficult without diskettes. I am no expert re the Classic but I have some questions about the hard disk. Does it sound normal to you? Does it appear to make attempts to start up from the HD? The solid grey screen would tell me (no expert remember) that it might be trying to boot from the HD but gets stuck somewhere and as far as it gets, the flashing disk icon would not apply. Try any diskette, even if there is no OS on it. It would tell you something about the general health of the machine and whether it is following some logic. For example no OS so eject the floppy.