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  1. I haven't followed this thread as much as I should/would have wanted to so pardon my ignorance, but wouldn't it be possible to design a small daughterboard with a SOIC attiny85 and a 32.768kHz crystal? A bit like this: If all we need is to remove the 10/33pF cap, it's not too much of a problem? Again, I haven't taken a good look at the schematics yet so I may be talking nonsense.
  2. BadGoldEagle

    ATX Power Supply Mod for Quadra 840av

    Any particular ones? Or just in general? The high amperage ones (Mini-Fit Jr headers). The rest's fine. For example: I set the thermal spoke (select copper zones and hit E for properties) to 1.4mm on mine. I'm definitely not that either. Just happy to help. I learned A LOT these last few months and the QuadrATX 9x0 is my first PCB project.
  3. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Small update: - Fan controller works. - The diode on the AC board should be reversed. The relay didn't work at first until I removed it. Not a big deal though. It's only silkscreen. Just place it backwards...
  4. BadGoldEagle

    ATX Power Supply Mod for Quadra 840av

    The wiring diagram looks correct for the 840. I just downloaded your project files, it's looking really good for a first draft! A few comments/suggestions, nothing critical: 1/ Is there a specific reason you chose an ATX20 header over a 24 pin one? PSUs with that kind of connector are getting old and I'm not sure whether you can fit a 24pin plug on a 20pin header or not. Maybe you can, I just don't know. 2/ The 22 pin header footprint on the Quadra side looks hand made? There is a built in Kicad footprint that looks quite similar to the one on the ATX side. I know from experience (QuadrATX 9x0 board #000) that it makes soldering those large connectors a breeze. Plus the larger the pad, the less likely it is to rip it off if you make a mistake. 3/ Speaking of footprints and default ones, the one you used for the Softpower transistor looks a lot better than the one I used originally, but the pads might still be a tad too close together? Especially 1 and 2. I would use TO-92L-Wide just to be extra sure. 4/ Do you really need that many VIAs for the ground plane? It's only power and you already have thermal reliefs on every GND pad... 5/ Do you need the trace that goes from J1-Pin7 to J2-Pin19? 6/ What are the J3-6 connectors for? Just curious... 7/ There are a couple 90° angles (5V trace on back copper). Shouldn't pose too much of a problem since again this is only power. 8/ The Q950 text should be removed (silkscreen) 9/ The silkscreen text for H1 and H4 is outside the board 10/ The resistor values for the LEDs aren't final right? 11/ Thermal reliefs could be a bit bigger 12/ J2 silkscreen inside a pad 13/ Are you planning on securing your board to the original metal casing? If so I wouldn't mix DC GND with AC earth and I'd replace the plated mounting holes with non plated ones. 14/ Just a personal preference but since the Quadra isn't using 3.3V, do you need an LED and traces for this rail? For the QuadrATX 9x0, I simply connected them to n.c. 15/ The -12V trace on the top (red) is all right, but it gets a bit too close to the 5V standby trace. The .2mm gap between them is still enough (17<30VDC) but why risk it? 16/ The GND copper zone failed in a few places. 3D Viewer is great to see that sort of thing! That's all I can think of at the moment. Hope this helps!
  5. BadGoldEagle

    ATX Power Supply Mod for Quadra 840av

    Hi there I can’t download your gerbers right now. I’ll have a look later today. But be careful with those pinouts... The Q900 and its derivatives (950, WGS95 and WGS9150) all use a 24 pin connector (not 22!) and the pinout on this site is completely off! Please double check on your PSU before plugging anything in!!
  6. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    I'm not a fuse expert, so I went with a 5A 250V 5x20 fast fuse. What do you think? https://www.arrow.com/en/products/bk-s500-5-r/eaton
  7. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    And here's a picture of the AC board. Almost finished, I have unfortunately ordered the wrong header for the monitor out plug... I'll have to solder that later. As far as the DC board is concerned, I'll test the fan controller this evening and I've already updated the footprint for the Softpower transistor.
  8. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    UPDATE: The DC board is ready! There are two small issues with it: 1/ The footprint for the Softpower transistor is a PITA. Thank Kicad for this. I should have used the 'universal' wide NPN footprint instead of the built in BC547 one... Unless you have pro equipment (which I don't), you'll bridge all three legs in a jiffy. It was nearly impossible to get the solder and the BJT out. I eventually did but RIPped one pad in the process. I was able to salvage board #000 by installing the transistor on the top and by bypassing the traces. Not the prettiest job I'll admit but at least it works. I will install the NPN myself before shipping the boards by routing the legs through the holes and underneath so that it won't be visible once everything is installed. 2/ The holes for the cable harness (J1) are slightly too small. They're big enough to let you install the 16 and 18AWG cables but it's a tight fit. The whole harness job is quite tedious and my fingers are still a bit sore from all that crimping. I am now thinking about getting one of these: https://www.corsair.com/us/en/Categories/Products/Accessories-|-Parts/PC-Components/Power-Supplies/Individually-Sleeved-24pin-ATX-Cable-Type-3-(Generation-2)%2C-BLACK/p/CP-8920053#tab-overview. It's not an extension cable, it's for a Corsair type 3 modular PSU: it goes from receptacle to receptacle, it's not a plug. It should be directly compatible (straight). Soldering the main 24 pin header to the board was rather easy so soldering another one in place of the harness should be a breeze. It would look less original, but black wires never look out of place. I haven't tested much as I couldn't get the cables out of the original 24 pin plug, therefore I have ordered a new one and will keep the original cable as some sort of trophy... but at least the PSU starts up when I short the blue and the white wires together (Key position:ON) and all the voltages are in the right place. It's a small victory in itself. While I wait for the plug to arrive, I'll test the fan circuitry and will solder the components onto the AC board. Also, I have been trying to calculate the LB power consumption... I'll probably create a new thread about this but here's where I'm at: QUADRA 900/950 Expansion cards According to Developer note -> 2x 25W + 3x15W (for 12V, -12V and 5V) According to Designing Cards and Drivers for the Macintosh Family 12V -> 0.175A and -12V -> 0.150A, beefed-up 5V power for Q900/950 unknown (2A per slot normally) => 20W (for 5 slots) for 12V/-12V total nubus=95W (2x25W + 3x15W) -> leaves 75W for 5V => 3A (5V, Q900/950) per slot => 15A total Hard drives 1A 5V x5 -> 5A total Motherboard estimation OG -> 33A-20A-> leaves 13A for the motherboard 25A ATX -> 25A-20A-> 5A motherboard (same as LC475 PSU for whole machine, apparently LC 020 and 030 machines have weaker PSUs) (*) QUADRA 700 (example) Expansion cards According to Developer note -> 3x15W (let's assume that PDS power consumption is similar) 13.9W (actual) per nubus slot -> rounded up to 15W in the documentation 3 (slots) x 2 (Amps, not high power unlike 900/950) =6A for 5V Hard drives 1A 5V x1 -> 1A total Motherboard estimation 15A PSU from PM7100 -> 15A-7A -> leaves 8A for the motherboard OG 12A PSU -> 12A-7A -> leaves 5A for the motherboard (same as QuadrATX 25A estimation above!!) In conclusion, since the Q700 was designed with the weaker PSU in mind, then the board may only get 5 of those 12A. Since a completely overloaded Q900/950 (*) is not something you see every day, and since its LB could still draw the same amount of power as a reasonably configured Q700 (much more common), then I would say that 'weaker' (25A 5V) ATX PSUs are probably just fine. The LC475/Q605s get less than 5A for the whole system! Of course I'll measure the actual LB consumption under heavy load without any HD/Nubus cards with an amp meter clamp once I get it up and running. temporary QuadrATX PSU LIST Best: Bicker BEA 630, 635 and 640 (5V@35A). Beware: H versions are weak! Seasonic RS650 (5V@35A) Good candidates: Seasonic industrial SS500ES 24A SS500ET/600ET 24A Seasonic consumer Eco Plus 600 24A S12II 520 (and up) 24A M12II EVO 620 24A X-650 25A Corsair RM550x (and up) 25A CX550M (and up) 25A TX650M (and up) 25A CX750M 25A VS550 (and up) 24A CS650M 25A VS600 24A CS750M 25A RM550 25A EVGA 650 GQ 24A 550 B5 24A Be Quiet! Dark Power Pro 10 650W 24A STRAIGHT POWER 11 550W 24A POWER ZONE 650W (and up) 25A Silverstone ST75F-P 25A ST70F-ESG 25A Bicker BEA 560 25A
  9. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Look what arrived today! Initial multimeter tests show that there are no shorts, great! I kinda regret not using a different footprint for the Softpower transistor...oh well it's just going to be a tad more complicated to solder. Dimensions and screw holes look all right too! All the crimping and soldering will happen next Saturday. More to follow...
  10. @robbo007 Anything above 12V will be fine.
  11. BadGoldEagle

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Thanks Compgeke! And yes you are correct! On that note I think I'll just go ahead and order those boards. I've done enough quadrUPLE checks
  12. @techknight How about ECU repair? There isn't much coding experience required, it's mostly EE (diagnosis, repair, firmware flashing, reverse engineering and actual engineering of new boards) plus you don't even have to work on actual cars. The demand for someone capable to do this will only rise. There are even shops out there who specialize in that sort of stuff. Here's an example video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2rscLn6YBk0&amp (clickbaity title I know but educational nonetheless)
  13. It's an AT PSU, not an ATX one. Specs-wise it's fine but you need to get an adapter and you'll probably lose Softpower. I don't remember how the AT power switch is wired up, but it probably doesn't use ground. http://www.synack.net/~bbraun/macsrc/Quadra-900-mod.rom I can't find the page that explains the changes between this and the original one. But it should have RAM and ROM checks disabled. 512KB SIMMs (SE/30 IIsi IIfx...) are too small for this ROM. This one should work: https://www.ebay.com/itm/GGLABS-2MB-MACSIMM-MAC-SE-30-IIsi-IIfx-flash-ROM-SIMM-64pin-Apple-ROMDISK/401442364985 You can even ask the seller to flash the ROM for you...
  14. Good to hear you fixed the squeaking noise and that it was just bad RAM. If you can live with spinning rust, then you're all sorted for now. The next project will involve building a fake PRAM battery and a support that can be fixed to the outer casing using the security slot. If I could get my hands on a Mac security kit, this would be only a matter of a few hours to design with CAD. That way we could keep our PRAM settings without risking battery leaks... Any PSU will do actually. The Bicker was an industrial unit and is getting old and expensive (I got mine for cheap at 50 euros). A second hand Corsair VX550W will also work (it's older and weaker than the Bicker, but more readily available and usually cheaper). There aren't that many modern PSUs with strong 5V rails anymore I'm afraid...
  15. Well I'm both happy and sorry for you! The key (being a car guy), the speed (being my first 040) and the expandability is what drew me to the 950. But it's plagued with reliability problems. Hopefully an ATX PSU will solve most of them. It also can suffer from Maxell explosions, being manufactured during that time frame. Tantalums on the logic board can also go bad and explode... I also find that it's a shame that Apple didn't upgrade the controller to support SCSI2 fast speeds... Apart from that, it's easily overclockable to 40MHz, it's got great built in video, can have up to 256MB of RAM and has an upgradable ROM (compatible mechanically with that of the SE/30 and I already found a hacked image with a disabled RAM check online!). Mine has 256MB now and it's slow! Oddly enough, I think this can cause more harm than good. But I can't stand bringing home someone else's 30 year old dust so I HAVE to thoroughly clean every thing I buy second hand (mostly Macs). If you're in a big hurry or if you don't need a working monitor plug, hard drive connectors or a temperature controlled fan, you can go ahead and do the Geekdot mod. If you want a quick and dirty way to power up your Quadra, you can buy a 24-pin ATX extension cable and rewire it accordingly. You'll lose soft power but it's a great way to check that everything is fine and it's really easy, you just need staples. I just posted about my mod. It's going along really well but I still have triple check everything before I send you guys kits, so I need a couple more months. I'll also write some instructions and provide a template for the drilling if you want to use the same PSU. The big issue with the ATX mod is that it's getting really difficult to find modern PSUs that match the original's specs. Depending on what you're going to do with your Quadra, a PSU with a 20/25A 5V rail may be sufficient if you don't chuck it full of hard drives/expansion cards. The Bicker BEA 630 matches almost exactly the original specs and doesn't really need a fan. I also just watched LTT's latest PSU video about the new ATX12VO standard. I hope it won't be universally adopted.