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    Welcome note and a Mac Plus question

    Hi all....thanks for your replies. Re night stalker..... I definitely wand to hear your story about the accelerator in the Apple bag. Sounds like a great thread in the making. Will do....give me a few weeks due to flying out to a remote WA mine site for work tomorrow... Re....Beige to Platinium.....Apple must have had the feedback about the "yellowing" in the beige........I remember having some units that were HEAVY yellowed....hence the change
  2. Hi all, Just joined this site and would like to introduce myself.... In 1993, I had bought my first computer which was a second-hand LC475, joined the internet and was hooked! Since then, it’s been Apple all the way and to tell the truth, I have never actually owned a PC! Have been a Compact Mac collector hobbyist for over 12 years in Western Australia .....and at one stage had almost 30 units ranging from the 128k to the CC Down to a few pieces now as coin collecting took over ...... ( I really do miss the Macintosh SE FDHD with 2 fully working floppy drives) * 1 x Mac Plus - beige unit, cosmetically and running perfect - housed in original Apple carry case with a external floppy drive with a ACCELERATOR CARD?????!!!!!!!!!.....(that’s another story for anyone whose interested)! * 1 x Mac Plus - platinum unit, cosmetically and running perfect - with external drive also with a rare HD40 with FULL software and manuals housed in a great carry bag. * 1x CC…..20 years ago, A 80 year old lady was given this Color Classic as a present as new and “tried” to use it, after 2 weeks it was shoved back in its original boxes in storage complete with software and original trimmings…..I bought it 5 years later for $50……simply, a museum piece? * 2x SE/30’s…..were going but unsure now, cosmetically perfect but need to drag them out at the very back of the shed and spend time with them…… Anyway, its a brief summary of this avid collector….. The question……..At what point in the 1986-1990 period did Apple change from Beige to Platinum in the compact range notably Mac Plus?? Nice to be here……. Cheers, Phil