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  1. td4dotnet

    Newton / Kodak picture card adapter ?

    Greetings all, Very kindly a friend of mine has dug a working Newton out of his attic and is going to hand it over this weekend (what an awesome dude!). In preparation of this momentous event I've been powering up my old hardware so that I can 'sync' with the Newton, and therefore install new software etc. I installed the connection kit for classic OS onto a G3 iMac I have in the workshop. I don't (yet) have a physical cable but maybe one will be included in the bag of goodies (fingers crossed) so I was pottering around and dug out a box of random PCMCIA cards I've collected over the years, several of which are Kodak branded Compact Flash to PCMCIA adapters. Does anyone know if these will work as a storage medium on the Newton? There are two 10mb CF 'Kodak Picture Card' modules and one 1gb lexar module which is probably not supported from what I read online... Many thanks for thoughts on this! p.s there's no Newton smiley and there should be... Mods! Mods!!
  2. td4dotnet

    New to Newton - Card Problems

    I know that the Atari Portfolio data 'cards' require a battery to continue to store data iirc it's a button cell CR2032...
  3. td4dotnet

    Powerbook Ti 550

    Love my TiBook, carried it around the world with me and it never gave up. Always ran a little hot for my taste though!
  4. Hallo ouens ek hoop almal is goed hey! I'm having some problems with recent acquisitions that I am hoping someone may be able to advise me on... I have a Classic a SE FD and an SE FD HD, all of which have some issue, here they are above out in my garage workshop where I had hoped to use one of my other systems to make some system disk or at least help with the problems: The classic II displays this on boot so I think maybe the board needs replacement capacitors? It bongs happily but the screen is messed up which is a real shame: The next one I found in an abandoned office space on the outskirts of Johannesburg, it was covered in bird kak but I cleaned it off and it seems happy to wait for bootable media so that's a good thing. The last one with the HD is stuck in a loop, whether I click OK or CANCEL the system will reboot to the same point, I'm hoping there's some keyboard shortcut that will help with breaking out of this? I also scored a SCSI external disk drive which I've currently misplaced in a box somewhere, I will dig it out and try as it was connected to the mac that was abandoned. All in all I paid maybe 1000 rand (about 74 USB) for the Classic II and the se HD FD (the one stuck in a loop) which I was pretty happy about as I got a load of non-related vintage hardware as part of the deal. Totsiens! -
  5. td4dotnet

    LazarusNine's Acquisitions

    I'm very jealous of the Quadra, awesome
  6. td4dotnet

    My latest power find!

    Lekker finds there ande765a I'm jealous of your haul! Fix that silver shiny!
  7. td4dotnet

    Diablo II Battlechest & Sim City 3000 for the Mac

    I have a copy of D2 + D2 lord of destruction I bought myself for my TiBook when I visited NYC for my 21st birthday. It worked as a PC installer as well iirc. I still have both of the disks but I'm not so sure I kept the boxes for it all (I know, sorry.)
  8. td4dotnet

    so i bought a couple Quadra 700's

    I am very jealous of this haul of Quadra's, I really want a Quadra (even a case would do) - they're difficult to come by around here. Love all the Jurassic Park trivia in this thread, it's something that stood out to me at the time, Hotdog Zanzibar's analysis of Nedry's desk is probably the most in-depth I've ever seen - excellent work If anyone's interested you can get the program that's a unix system and you know this check out: http://fsv.sourceforge.net
  9. td4dotnet

    Ti Book

    Love the TiBook I bought one new back when I was at Uni and I still own it - I flew it to NYC with me once on my 21st birthday (now so long ago!). Cosmetically it's a bit rough around the edges but generally it's OK. Always seem to run hot for my liking but recently I got her up and running again as I found a copy of Myst Exile collectors edition in an old cupboard someone was clearing out. Good luck getting it running sweetly! Best looking powerbook of the series to me.
  10. td4dotnet

    Not Apple Psion 5

    I always wanted a Psion, I hear the screen ribbons can become an issue (as can hinges on some models) so I'd ensure both of those areas were as good as can be. Nice find!
  11. td4dotnet

    Mac Classic II Rescued From Garbage Pile

    Good luck with this Elfen it sounds like a real challenge!
  12. td4dotnet

    PB190 acid attack victim

    I believe it's a parallel attachment... I will check this out and get back to you all on this. Where I live retro Apple equipment isn't that commonplace so if I need things like cables I usually have to end up searching the online auctions and paying through the nose.
  13. td4dotnet

    PB190 acid attack victim

    Apple FTP ok... I have no dongles to provide networking (although I do have a load of vintage PCMCIA nics for networking assuming I can find a suitably vintage driver..). I do have a Zip drive I bought many years ago that I will read up on the application of, that seems most promising to me as I am unfamiliar with Basilisk. Thanks for the pointers!
  14. td4dotnet

    PB190 acid attack victim

    Hi Guys I struggle with finding where to gain the install files from. I have many systems that I think are capable of imaging some floppies with the media files but I don't know where one would go to achieve 7.5.5 or any other version for that matter. Thanks for all the comments though, this morning I took apart the old battery pack and removed what was left of the cells. There was some sort of red crystals growing in there alongside all the copper sulphate on the outside so I scraped it all out and cleaned it down and then put the empty cell back into the Powerbook so it was aesthetically pleasing once again.