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  1. MJ313

    Quadra 650 caps

    The Q650 should have all tantalum caps on their already-- one of the few boards that didn't have those leaky cans. Always possible one went bad, but if it works fine then you should be ok.
  2. MJ313

    Corroded Chip

    This is just outstanding. I've seen your posts about your shop before and been intrigued (and maybe a little confused lol). To see something that I've considered a 'hobby' for a whole bunch of years actually being *used* in production makes my day.
  3. MJ313

    A Bit Of A Rarity

    An honest to god Unicorn!
  4. r3 is where I had startup circuit issues with mine-- I am only pointing it out because your r3 looks a little corroded and I am assuming it's a common issue with these boards because of it's proximity to one of the electrolytic caps. If it won't startup (via power button or keyboard) but are able to jump it to start it, that may be one of the first places to look at.
  5. MJ313

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    Thanks for the picture! That's really interesting. I am going to try and find a suitable replacement for mine now... concern was that the 6400/200 that I have needed that particular taller heatsink for some reason, but yours looks nice/short and most importantly, adequate!
  6. MJ313

    Fizzbinn’s Finds

    I've got a 6400 board stuffed into a 6200, but what I found is that the 1 slot riser from a 6360 collides with the 6400's stock heat sink. I was wondering if you run into a similar issue with your 6500 board? Maybe the 6500 has a shorter heat sink?
  7. I've got the exact some ROM version. I've got the 0864-A board, which I am guessing is the Rev1. I did just have good luck with the same combo you tried - FastEtherTX, Rage128 and Belkin USB, so that leads me to believe the SiI SATA card in my system is part of this mess. Any *two* of these together + a Belkin USB card works just fine: 1. Flashed SiI3112 SATA card 2. Rage128 3. Farallon FastEtherTX 10/100 card However, all three together, regardless of PCI slot, results in the Illegal Instruction error. While trying the original System install of OS 8.5.1 for the machine, it still bombs, but with a Bus Error. Dunno, guess I hit the magic combo of Fail.
  8. That's great and thanks for testing, I appreciate it! Gives me hope! I'll dig into it more today as I've got some time. This is a good point. I am not sure which Rev it is so I'll verify that. I was aware of the B&W Rev 1&2 issues but hadn't considered a similar issue here.
  9. Thanks, it would be interesting to see if you run into issues as well. I've tried booting with Extensions off, reset the PMU & CUDA, doesn't matter, still get the Illegal Instruction error right off the bat.
  10. I have a PM G3 Beige MT running OS 9.2.2. Up until now it's been stable running with: 1. Flashed SiI3112 SATA card 2. USB card 3. Farallon FastEtherTX 10/100 card Well, I couldn't leave well enough alone and recently tried swapping a Rage128 card in place of the USB card and now I get a Finder Type 11 error (Illegal Instruction) when booting the Mac. I've tried swapping in another ethernet card (Realtek something or other), and still no dice. Any combination of Rage128 & Ethernet PCI cards results in that Finder Type 11 error. Swapping cards into different PCI slots makes no difference. Without any ethernet card installed and with the Rage128 installed, the machine boots just fine. Has anyone experienced 9.2.2, Rage128 and ethernet PCI card incompatibilities in one of these Macs? Any fix recommended? I mean I can limp along with the onboard ethernet but if there was some way to get all the cards to work, that would be ideal. Thanks!
  11. MJ313

    Dead Mac II

    This may be helfpul for you https://www.downtowndougbrown.com/2015/03/explanation-of-the-macintosh-iiiix-power-onoff-circuit/
  12. MJ313

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    Are there coveted make/models? Never paid much attention as long as they played (and didn't eat) the tapes.
  13. MJ313

    1988 RCA Dimensia TV

    Did you get the digital command center universal remote too? And how's your back? 3" Solid oakkkk
  14. MJ313

    m68882 made in 2012?

    This is great to know, thanks for pointing them out! Just went and bought a couple.
  15. MJ313

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    When I used it (which admittedly was awhile ago), I had my monitor set at 640x480. Maybe someone with a bit more experience with it can chime in if they know of any other way. Thank you for your service!