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  1. pcamen

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    Well here is the next stupid shipping tricks. I bought a pristine looking 475 mostly for the top case. It got completely destroyed during shipping. The guy just put it in a box about the length and width of the LC and then put some styrofoam on the top and bottom of it, but not enough to fill up the box. The thing is in pieces.
  2. pcamen

    Mac Mini G4 boxed

    Here is the page from Macos9lives.com: http://macos9lives.com/smforum/index.php?topic=2408.0 I have two Mini G4's sitting under my primary desk with a KVM on a single monitor. One is running System 9 and the other 10.4 with classic. They are pretty awesome little systems.
  3. pcamen


    @JDW mine is still sitting in the box, yet to be used. I bought it mainly to be able to write PC floppies for my MacCharlie to run. I've always heard it is a bit of a learning curve to get to know how to use it, so perhaps that has kept me from running with it. Please post any tips. As far as archiving Mac Floppies, now that the Applesauce does HD disks, that is my one stop shop for anything Apple in terms of disk archiving.
  4. pcamen

    Wallpaper - Desktop Patterns for Systems 6 & 7

    Yea, looking forward to getting a copy @olePigeon if you upload it.
  5. Seems like this would be easy to find, but I am stumped. How can I select the startup volume (multiple partitions on a single SCSI ID) at startup on an SE/30? I've got a damaged system folder on the first partition and a new 7.1 install on the second.
  6. pcamen

    AppleSauce - who has one?

    I have one and love it. Much easier to archive directly to my modern Mac and now with HD floppy support it is really useful. It is faster workflow wise than using a vintage mac for a large number of floppies and works for Apple II as well so it is my one stop preservation shop.
  7. pcamen

    Help with SE/30 and Micron Xceed SE/306-48

    I’m going to venture a guess that your monitors aren’t able to handle the video settings. I had a similar problem with a IIci and not until I hooked an Apple CRT to it did I see a picture. But of course that doesn’t explain the lost cursor, so maybe that’s not the issue.
  8. pcamen

    Network laser printer for old / modern Macs?

    What driver would one use to print to such a printer from System 7 say? Would it just be the standard LaserWriter driver?
  9. pcamen

    SE/30 project

    Hmm. I did add a .txt file there. I wonder if it didn't copy properly.
  10. pcamen

    SE/30 project

    Ah, I see it is called raspberrypi / ApplePi, so I'm guessing A2SERVER.
  11. pcamen

    SE/30 project

    @Byte Knight what are you running that AFP server on, out of curiosity. Are you taking any public. facing precautions?
  12. Anyone? Anyone? Bolle? Anyone?
  13. pcamen

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    Well, I grew the disk without issue, so that wasn't the problem. Perhaps it is the hostname change that screwed things up. Anyways, I am going to just use the new VM with the larger disk; copying my files over now.
  14. pcamen

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    Yes, it works fine. I am now on the process of applying all my changes to the stock one to see where it might go bad. So far I added the MACFILES share and it works fine. Next step making the disk larger.
  15. pcamen

    Netatalk SD Card Image?

    I just checked all the config files in /etc/netatalk and there are no differences other than server name. I did set up my modified a2server with a static IP address, so I tried changing it back to DHCP but this made no difference. It is really baffling. Not sure what might be causing the issue. I've verified with another 540c that I can get the login prompt with the stock server but not with my modified one.