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  1. Yup! That did it! Set the jumper to Master and OS 9 recognized it and initialized it as soon as I booted up.
  2. Okay I'll give that a try later today, I had them set on "Cable Select" so we'll see if setting them to Master does the trick. I have tested these in an external enclosure and I know the drives work.
  3. So the original IDE drive in my Power Mac 5400 is failing, and so I'm trying to replace it with a new, non-Apple, IDE hard drive. I've tried a Maxtor 20GB IDE drive and a Seagate 250GB IDE drive. When I boot from the Mac OS 9.1 install CD, Disk Setup will not recognize either drive. I've read that it may be because the Apple version of Drive Setup will only recognize Apple hard drives, so I've been trying to get a copy of FWB Hard Disk Toolkit working. So far I have not had luck getting a bootable CD of it to work. But a lot of the information about this utility talks about SCSI drives, so I'm wondering if it even is the right tool to fix my IDE drive problem? Do IDE drives even need the apple driver like SCSI drives did? Rather than a software issue, could it be a jumper issue on the drive? Or something else I'm not thinking of? I have read that this machine may not be able recognize larger drives, which is why I'm focusing on the 20 gb drive right now. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.
  4. nightingale

    Fowarding internet to Se/30 Asante?

    Also, if I remember correctly, when entering the DNS server, in addition to entering the ip address, you have to enter "." under domain name or you will get an error.
  5. nightingale

    Killed SE/30 video

    Damn it! I just realized my kid was playing with the brightness knob before I turned it back on. So the good news is I have a perfectly working se/30 with upgraded RAM. The bad news is that I'm the knob in this situation.
  6. nightingale

    Killed SE/30 video

    So I just took apart my SE/30 to upgrade the RAM, and upon reassembly of the machine, I have no video! The machine boots up normally, and I can even connect to it trough AppleShare from another machine. The CRT is not even getting power. I opened it up again, and all of the connections seem to be tight, but I'm a bit uncomfortable getting too close to the CRT. I'm hoping someone can point me in the direction of what I should be checking. It was working perfectly before this! Hope someone can help!
  7. nightingale

    Nightingale's finds

    Yeah, when I was making my list of macs I wanted to acquire, I flip-flopped back and forth between the 575 and the 580... but since this one fell into my lap... 580 it is! I bid on a PDS ethernet card, partially because the same seller had a teardrop mouse and 5 phonenet adapters that I wanted... so good opportunity to save on shipping. Is there a performance difference between using a PDS ethernet card or a comm slot ethernet card? Does using a PDS card cripple performance, like it did in earlier LCs?
  8. nightingale

    Nightingale's finds

    I'm in Dartmouth. Dang! I just bid on a card yesterday. Oh well, if I don't win the auction I'll track you down!
  9. nightingale

    Nightingale's finds

    So up to this point, I've only acquired macs via eBay, and spent waaaaay too much money on them. It's really hard to find old computers where I live. Thrift stores will not accept computers, and our provincial electronic recycling program is very strict about not letting you have anything that has been dropped off. Once it's in their doors, it gets recycled, no exceptions. I've had an ad up on kijiji for about a year stating that I'm looking for old macs, and this week it finally paid off! I got three emails from people this week saying they had old macs for me, but so far only 1 has worked out. And what luck! It was an LC580, something that has been on my list of machines that I want! I didn't expect it to work, but to my surprise, it works flawlessly. Very yellowed, as you can see from the spot where the sticker was on the front. It fits in nicely between my Powermac 5400 and my SE/30. Not much on the machine except for games, but there are some on here I haven't played before, so it should keep me busy for a few days. The previous owner was clearly a Limp Bizkit fan. Oh, and a Offspring fan, too! There were several of their music videos on the machine. They certainly do not play well on this machine! The audio plays flawlessly, and I was surprised by the sound quality. Curious if anyone can tell me how to remove AOL? I could not find any extensions or control panels anywhere. If I remember from back in the day, AOL was notoriously difficult to remove... Now off to eBay to get an ethernet card.
  10. nightingale

    LC 580

  11. nightingale

    Box of surprises!

    I can't believe that I didn't even know 8" floppies were a thing....
  12. nightingale

    RAM for Power Mac 5400

    I would assume that if you put faster RAM in, it will just run at the slower speed if that is all the machine can handle. But when I used to service PCs, there were always some machines that were very particular about what would work.
  13. nightingale

    RAM for Power Mac 5400

    So I'm trying to clear up some confusion. According to Low End Mac, EveryMac, and just about every other site I can find, this machine needs 70ns 168-pin DIMMs. However, every website that sells RAM, like crucial for example, tells me I need 60ns 168-pin EDO DIMMs. Will either of these speeds of RAM work in this machine? Can I mix and match?
  14. nightingale

    Recommend a web browser to me please (7.5.5)

    I think it was called web2png or something.
  15. nightingale

    Recommend a web browser to me please (7.5.5)

    I set that up on my MacBook and tried it out. It's neat, and it works pretty well for viewing pages, but whenever you load a page that has any form elements in it, it seems to break down. But for reading news sites and stuff, it could be useful. My plan was to have iCab set up as a regular browser, and then have Netscape or some other browser set up with the proxy server for the WebKit.