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  1. It would be very cool to have a replacement board for battery bombed systems. I just decided to give up on one today after days of debug. In all cases I've seen the custom ASICs look to be salvageable. Populating a replacement board would be much faster than going down the rabbit hole of trace repair.
  2. archer174

    SE/30: another battery leak victim (in the bag)

    Excellent work! My favorite machines in my collection are the ones that originally looked the worst. Is there a hardware diagnostic utility for the SE/30? On the NeXT side of things we have the factory utility for some of the machines which I run after something this extreme. It seems like there could be a lot of corner case issues that would be hard to diagnose.
  3. Anyone have the schematics for the g4 Mini?
  4. archer174

    ADB Keyboard turning machine on automatically?

    Luckily the power key is isolated from the rest of the keyboard circuit wise. I would suspect the mechanism itself is dirty. You can try putting some contact cleaner on it to see if that helps. You need to check continuity across the bottom of the board to trace the problem. It's been a while since I've been inside one, but I think it's just a key and resistor connected across ground?
  5. archer174

    Adapting NeXT MegaPixel Color Display N4005 to a Mac

    Horz Scan Rate: 61 KHz Vertical Scan Rate: 68 Hz Resolution: 1280x1024 (NeXT uses 1120x832) provided you are trying to drive the above mode, I agree it’s likely your adapter.
  6. archer174

    SE/30 Logic Board Resurrection

    You can use a low melting point solder with a standard Iron. You apply on all 4 sides and then drag the iron around until the chip is removed. Be sure to clean it all when done. Here is an example: https://www.amazon.com/ChipQuik-SMD1-Leaded-Temperature-Removal/dp/B0019UZP7I/ref=sxin_3_ac_d_rm?ac_md=0-0-Y2hpcHF1aWs%3D-ac_d_rm&cv_ct_cx=chipquik&keywords=chipquik&pd_rd_i=B0019UZP7I&pd_rd_r=1eb8e2c0-e803-45af-b29e-f773585e1944&pd_rd_w=UqDMY&pd_rd_wg=SaV69&pf_rd_p=6d29ef56-fc35-411a-8a8e-7114f01518f7&pf_rd_r=P6753YN02TX46A5N9YX2&psc=1&qid=1578818865
  7. archer174

    SCSI to Ethernet Adapter on New Hardware

    Wow, this is very cool! Will the hard drive emulation work in parallel with the ethernet as a separate SCSI device?
  8. That's some dedication. I personally would call this one dead, but here is a collection of schematics: https://archive.org/details/Macintosh68kSchematics By the time you locate the parts/pay for shipping you may be better off finding another classic board.
  9. archer174

    AppleCD SC M2850 disassembly

    There are tabs along the sides that need to be pressed in.
  10. archer174

    AppleCD 150 can't read CDs

    This is a common problem with caps: http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/next_cdrom_refurb.html
  11. archer174

    LC 475 Chip Corrosion: When Standard Methods Fail

    Says me, but I guess you're welcome to disagree. I had mixed results before switching to a Crest. That aside, even a cheap Chinese model is probably a lot to justify for a single repair.
  12. archer174

    LC 475 Chip Corrosion: When Standard Methods Fail

    An ultrasonic sized for logic boards is probably too expensive for a single use. You need a sweeping frequency model to do any real work and those are priced pretty high. I would drench it in liquid flux and apply new solder. Then just clean with alcohol. That should fix a localized area without too much difficulty.
  13. Is it just getting power from the bus? I don't see anything about connectivity inside the apple II.
  14. archer174

    SE/30 - ceramic recap causing distorted audio?

    The ceramics themselves should be totally fine to use. There are debatable thoughts about the long term effects, but for this use they are functionally equivalent. The solder job looks ugly though. I would also suspect that the board was not properly cleaned.
  15. archer174

    Quantum ProDrive Rubber Replacement

    I've used a few o-rings stacked with success. I have links here: http://www.asterontech.com/Asterontech/Quantum_ProDrive_40s_Restore.html