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  1. Yes, male solder cup connectors only. I was quoted a minimum of $25K to do the female board mount version...
  2. archer174

    30pin simm board layout

    Is there any existing board layout for a 30pin simm? I'm not sure if it's just me, but I've started encountering a larger number of failing simms these days. I'm also noticing the prices starting to creep up on ebay for larger modules. It's to the point where I think it's worthwhile to try to fix them. I have a simm tester, but no adapter for just SOJ chips. I'm thinking to design some boards with sockets (which I already have obtained) on them to test individual chips from failed modules to use as replacements. Any thoughts?
  3. archer174

    Mac mini G4 OS 9 reports

    It’s working well for me with the exception of my mouse. The new version was supposed to have fixed it, but I still have issues where I have to unplug/replug it. Other than that once you install an ssd the mini is the perfect os 9 machine and is small enough to live on my desk full time.
  4. archer174

    SE/30 - CRT Ghosting / bleeding to the right

    Have you tried some contact cleaner on the crt pins?
  5. archer174

    NeXT Cube and NeXTStation TurboColor

    I would say leave it intact and don’t do anything you can’t reverse on this one. In person I don’t think its quite as distracting as it shows in images. Really glad you’re happy with everything!
  6. archer174

    Compgeke's Acquisitions

    Yeah, it was really common to reuse the os disk because blanks were so expensive. Unfortunately the canon MO mechanism is custom to these and their own branded version of the drive. Further the next optical encoding was done in hardware on a custom ASIC so even the canon drives sharing the mechanism are no help. Long story short you’ll need a revived drive in a cube to read them.
  7. archer174

    Compgeke's Acquisitions

    That was an amazing deal! What MO disks came with it?
  8. archer174

    NeXTStation Video Problem

    You'll want to recap that "new" logic board as well...
  9. archer174

    NeXTStation Video Problem

    You can access over serial but the problem on the NeXT is that this option is not configured by default. You need to be able to boot into the machine to enable it which limits the usefulness...
  10. archer174

    BGE's take on the Quadra 900/950 ATX PSU Mod

    Looking forward to this!
  11. archer174

    Trick to desolder thru holes?

    Interesting! Just bought a set to try.
  12. archer174

    Resurrecting a few 128k/512k boards

    I think I got my stash from a s-100 RAM board. If you are patient you can probably find one cheap.
  13. I have a few SE boards and wouldn't mind assembling one of these repros for testing. Sounds like fun. If there's a spare let me know. Definitely +1 for the SE/30 board!
  14. It would be very cool to have a replacement board for battery bombed systems. I just decided to give up on one today after days of debug. In all cases I've seen the custom ASICs look to be salvageable. Populating a replacement board would be much faster than going down the rabbit hole of trace repair.