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  1. Would be fun to raise a ticket at Apples support site and report this as a software bug Interesting to see if there is anyone left with a sense of humour at Apple or if all those guys are retired by now.. Anyway, keep reporting! It's a very interesting and fun read
  2. As an upcoming project I have been planning for an updated, 3d printed version of the Appledesign Powered speakers 2. I have the enclosure specs, but it would be nice with a pdf with the drawings and measurements, if there ever was such a thing. Can only find the pdf for the taller, first version?
  3. Don't know if you have this technical note. https://www.fenestrated.net/mirrors/Apple Technotes (As of 2002)/os/os_06.html
  4. Well, I would probably dig through the Apple Developer magazines from that time. You might find something in there. https://vintageapple.org/develop/
  5. Out of curiosity: What kind of values does the control strip module return? Are they of the same type, within a certain range but random, or is it just a complete mess? The only other control strip module that uses a slider is probably the volume control? I wonder if there are any source code or examples available on this topic on some of the Apple programming CDs from the early 90s?
  6. John_A

    What kind of mouse is this?

    Aha, now I see it. It's the fingertip version. 1990? System 6? Up to 4 monitors? Was that even possible back then?
  7. John_A

    What kind of mouse is this?

    Found an image of the back of the box. Doesn't seem to be a mouse, more like an early, minituarized touch pad. Up to 4000x4000dpi? :-o
  8. John_A

    What kind of mouse is this?

    What is it? Has anyone tried it?
  9. So, I need some kind of mini-din serial to USB cable/adapter. I've seen something similar used for plc programming, but I suspect that the pinout might be different. Did Apple ever made such an adapter or were there only 3rd party ones? Edit: Hmm. When I think about it, does the Stylewriter driver even allow printing over usb?
  10. +1. With some modification to the color palette, the flight scene could be the sequel to Another World, after the ending scene, perhaps? Rewriting the horrible Heart of the Alien, that fortunately never made it to the Mac.
  11. Yes, I've seen the guides and it seems to be a long and tiresome process. One of my G4s are having overheating problems, and after resetting the pmu with no succes, I consider opening it to have a look. Any experience?
  12. John_A

    7600/120, AppleVision 1710, and Other Goodies

    When the g3 came out, tests indicated a 20% performance gain at the same clockspeeds. Noticable? In 1998, yes.. but now, not that much. Its just slow vs a fraction slower.. But I always had a soft spot for the 604 from when I got my Power Computing clone. But 9600/350 was the real dream that never became real..
  13. John_A

    Cool Apple Accessory

    Calculators are cool! Have a ti-86, similar to the ti-83 but with more ram. Have my eyes on a vintage HP 45 right now.. Love the feel and old school design..
  14. Ok, you mean in bin or hqx format? Sit files doesnt work after putting them on pc formatted floppies, if I remember correctly.. How about cpt?
  15. John_A

    7600/120, AppleVision 1710, and Other Goodies

    That is a proper beige setup, a good find! (A Side note: I find it a bit discouraging when I think about all the user data that have been lost/deleted from old Macs. Its of course the right thing to do when its someone elses property. But a big part of the real Macintosh legacy, to me, is all the projects that were made on Macs and the impact the Mac had in news/ads/editing/graphics industry. Its like saving the book cover, but ripping out all the written pages.)