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  1. Does anyone know where I could buy ROMs for Apple IIe please? I definitely want to try a different video ROM but no idea where I could fine one. Have been looking out for logic boards but not much available.
  2. td75

    Macintosh 128k Restoration: Help!

    These UK analog boards are a nightmare to repair! I replaced many parts and ended up shocking myself twice! There was high voltage going through the heatsinks and battery bay and not sure why. I ended up buying a working complete 512k off Gumtree for £50 and it had the exact same analog board as 128k. I hope to get the faulty board working one day and hope you have more success with this!
  3. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Okay thanks have bought one from eBay hopefully it works!
  4. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Thanks for your help. Have done searches and found similar modules but they vary quite bit in size. Can't seem to find anything with same dimensions. This is the closest I can find here on eBay so not sure it will be compatible? http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/KTIR0121DS-Slotted-Infra-Red-Photo-Interrupter-Opto-Switch-Sensor-PH03-/400498159249?pt=UK_BOI_Electrical_Components_Supplies_ET&hash=item5d3f8cee91
  5. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Got the one drive to read disks again... had to adjust the head on "x" axis slightly - one to go:) Uniserver if you have a spare sensor block to sell please let me know.. thanks
  6. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Ha ha! Yeah would be fun if I could get them working! That is an idea to drill them out but will probably end up butchering the block! I now have 2 non-working drives.. the one with a good sensor gives a "X" on floppy and keeps ejecting the disk no matter were I move the sensor. I did mark it when I removed it so not sure what has gone wrong.
  7. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Thanks for your help. The LED seems to be glued solid into the block, not sure how to get them out without breaking the block itself..
  8. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Finally found faulty part.. it was a faulty sensor after all. I ended up swapping a sensor from a working drive and works perfectly. Have cleaned the other sensor and resoldered connections and cleaned the plug but still doesn't work. Have tried testing with multimeter but not too sure what I'm testing for. Anyone know where I could find replacement sensor for this? Part number on sensor itself is 1110 47 and on the sensor PCB is 1-605-399-11. Also what is the easiest way to realign this sensor or it is just trial and error?
  9. Is this CPU compatible with Apple IIe: http://www.ebay.com/itm/1pcs-R6502BP-R6502B-CPU-40-Pin-Package-Rare-/251245225364?ssPageName=ADME:X:RTQ:US:1123
  10. Yes I get the same fault with nothing in the slots. I guess this fault would be much easier to resolve if I had a working logic board which I could swap parts. I'm going to replace the RAM first I think and if still a problem then will move onto CPU & ROMS. Any idea where I can source replacement ROMS for this? Have also just noticed 3 darkened legs on CD ROM M5l2764k, not sure if there has been some overheating here? Could this possibly be the cause?
  11. Thanks for replies. I don't have an air can to try this but may be worth buying one to try. I was going to just remove all the RAM as I would like to put sockets in. The graphics corruption image is different every time I turn on/off, could this still be a RAM fault?
  12. Thanks for your reply. I don't have an oscilloscope or spare parts unfortunately. I have found quite a bit of corrosion in 40 pin socket for IOU IC so going to swap the socket out as looks quite poor quality really. Do you know if I can replace standard sockets with gold plated turned pin sockets? The RAM isn't socketed so would probably fit sockets for replacement RAM as well. Found some RAM on eBay which isn't too expensive http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/4-x-NOS-Samsung-KM4164B-15-16-PIN-DIL-RAM-memory-chip-/200931781697?pt=LH_DefaultDomain_186&hash=item2ec877ac41
  13. My Apple IIe was working just fine when it froze. I did a reset and ended up with corrupt graphics. Every time I power up or reset I get get different corruption. I have tried reseating every socket IC but still the same. Could this be caused from faulty RAM?
  14. td75

    Mac 512k floppy drive clicking

    Thanks for all the help everyone. I don't think it's a cable fault as it was working before and cable hasn't been changed. I think it may have something to do with sensors so will clean these up as soon as I get some time to test again.
  15. I have recently acquired a Mac 512k with SONY OA-D34V-22 floppy drive. I have opened the drive up and found the head has moved to the very front and seems to want to keep moving and therefore making a clicking noise. What should stop the head from moving when it reaches it's limit? Could this possible be a faulty sensor or PCB? The limit switch at the back of the drive is engaged. I have cleaned the drive up but still the problem persists. Not sure how these drives work so any help would really be appreciated thanks