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  1. Just opened the screen and saw this: That doesn't look good at all I guess the only option is to get a replacement screen
  2. Thanks Byrd. I'll check the connector on the LCD to see if it's the issue with that black band
  3. This is how my PowerBook 145B screen looks like: From what I've been reading about PowerBook screens I think that all those "weird" lines in the screens and faded parts are due to bad capacitors, am I right? But what about that black part in the top-left side of the screen?? That doesn't look too good, does it? is that issue also the caps fault or maybe something else? Thanks!
  4. Last week I got a non-working Powerbook 145b for 20€ (~23USD). The first thing I did was to test the power supply, which was giving a good 7.8V. I saw that the battery was still in place and I feared the worst. When I took it out my suspicions were confirmed: corrosion. It was looking pretty bad and it didn't look any better when I opened the laptop: I spent quite some time cleaning everything and given my experience with a Powerbook 180 the first thing that I did to start troubleshooting the main board was to desolder the battery connector. I could see how the trace that goes from one of the battery connectors to the fuse was completely gone. I fixed it (red circle in the image below) After some more checking, I also saw that the trace going from R99 to the third pin in the connector, which I think is for the battery temperature sensor, was broken. I ran a wire from the resistor to the back pin of the connector (in blue in the image below). Not sure if this one was critical for the board to work, given that is is for the temperature sensor connector, but well... it is fixed also. I couldn't see anything else, but the laptop was not working yet. I put more time on checking and cleaning, I saw that the buttons (startup and reset/interrupt) were not working properly, so I cleaned them thoroughly. And finally, the laptop turned on! I used it for a bit and there were some things not working, like the mouse (which I also troubleshot later and saw that one of the diodes is gone). But the seller also sent me one of those old Apple mice so I was able to use it. The next day I went to power it on again but it was not working. I could hear some weird sounds through the speaker. I started moving the power adapter connector and pressing the buttons at the back. I desolder the buttons and the battery connector from the board and cleaned them, also tested and they were fine. So I put them back and still the same. I also replaced the PRAM battery. After much more time testing and trying stuff I've been able to get the "trick" to start it up. I need to press the reset button for a while (~10 seconds) one or two times and then it starts fine. Here is a video showing it: At this point, I have no idea what is the issue with the laptop. Sorry about the long post, but I wanted to explain the whole process I've followed to get to where I'm right now. Does anyone have any idea what is going on? or what else can I try? Thanks
  5. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    Yeah, that looks quite nasty. I wouldn't be surprise if there are broken traces on the board due to that corrosion. Last week I got a 145B looking like that one (or worse) and it had some broken traces:
  6. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    Just an update on this: I kept persevering and I got it working! I tried many different things really. I saw that the terminals where the battery gets connected were a bit corroded so I desoldered it to see if there was any damage under it. I couldn't see much but when I put it under the microscope I saw one path that was not looking very good. I tested it for continuity and nothing! Damn finally something that got me excited and got me to hope that it could be fixed. So I fixed: Not the finest job I have to admit, but good enough to make it work!! I got so happy when I turned on without the display and I heard the startup chime through the speaker Now, the next chapter is to figure out how to actually get the OS to work lol
  7. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    Interesting. To be honest I didn't think it was the main boards because they look pristine: I was also worried about the pram battery, but I don't think it can cause that problem, right? hmmm I'll check the main boards better in case I can find something wrong.
  8. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    it does not make any sound, nope :/ one thing I found weird is: I was checking this iFixit guide and saw that RAM module that mine doesn't have. Is it needed or am I actually missing parts???
  9. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    So you think the screen or some other part is gone??
  10. Lobo

    Powerbook 180 dead display?

    Yeah, that ribbon cable seems very fragile... it was the first thing I tested for continuity expecting one of the paths to be broken. But it seems all good. I removed the display from the plastic cover and it's a huge PCB, but no signs of caps in the back. Or do you mean I should remove the actual display from that big PCB? I don't get any signals, nope. The disk is disconnected at the moment. I think it's broken because I saw some corrosion in the connector, so I just disconnected it. Even without the hard drive, it should show something, right?? I'm using a 7.5V 2.1A power adaptor. The original one was not working either Thanks for the answer
  11. Hi. Got a Powerbook 180 and it is not showing anything on the screen: I've searched in the forum and I've found this user with the same issue: I've also read that it may be an issue with bad capacitors and I have seen some people replacing the caps in other Powerbooks of the 100s series (nothing on the 180). I have disassembled the display and this one doesn't look like the ones I've seen that people fix, I can't find the capacitors I have checked the cables for continuity and everything seems fine. Any ideas?? Thanks
  12. Lobo

    Dead powerbook 180

    Hey mate, did you fix the display by any chance? I have a Powerbook 180 with the same issues. I tested the ribbon cable for continuity and everything seems fine.