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  1. NathanHill

    Color Classic Pinouts?

    Hey all, My brother is working on his Color Classic board, and it was incredibly helpful to me to test the continuity once recapped. But I've searched, checked my history, and can't find the image file that showed the pin outs or kind of how to test each capacitor. It's wild. I was certain someone sent me the link on this here forum, but I can't find it. Anyone have it handy? Is this kind of stuff also intended to be in the wiki in the future?
  2. NathanHill

    HD not found on 2 Color Classics

    Yes. These hard drives are just dying left and right. Literally was booting from dad’s SE/30 internal drive before recap. It quit working after a recap. External SCSI works fine. They are simply old drives. There is video on how to repair the Quantums out there.
  3. NathanHill

    Apple IIGS

    Hey there, I’ve got a IIgs and am cleaning it up. Will follow along. I got kits to recap the motherboard and power supply, but no sign of leaking. I am worried about the little battery. I got the USB boot drive and it’s awesome. May get a UEthernet. Haven’t solved the video problem yet either. I plugged it into an old LCD monitor and of course it looked terrible.
  4. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    The SE/30, despite some issues with the BMOW MAC ROMinator II, is humming along quite well. My Color Classic has screen issues, which seems common. I didn't see a kit for it on Console5, so I'm curious if you all recommend a particular store that sells a kit for this Mac or if the Mac Classic analog board kit is good enough? https://console5.com/store/macintosh-classic-analog-pcb-cap-kit-for-p-n-630-0420-240v.html/
  5. NathanHill

    The Definitive Guide to Connecting your SE/30

    Your page is such a great resource. I really appreciate the benchmarking info around file transfers on the More page, because I am waffling around on options to connect my SE/30 (currently without an ethernet card) for file sharing and/or internet. Do I spring at least for an ethernet card or the SCSI/ethernet kinds of options? Looks like $100 if not more if I am patient. Do I stick with my current setup of a direct connection via AppleTalk to a Color Classic or use the Classic or a PowerMac 5215CD as a bridge? Very slow but... free. So, thanks! You give me more to read and think about.
  6. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    I just want to thank everyone in this thread for your help. Though my IIci and Quadra boards are going to be a long term work in progress with damaged pads, I nerve-wrackingly recapped my father's SE/30 today. I did a couple of capacitors twice, because I wasn't sure. And I will be clear, it's kind of a mess. A few of the capacitors look different, almost scarred with a few pieces of solder. It was frustrating. I reinstalled the motherboard and booted and was met with checkerboard then vertical lines. Rather than freak out and redo the whole thing, I tested with my multimeter, made sure the ROM chip was installed, and then put the same set of RAM in Bank A. It booted. (I even ended up using two tantalum capacitors in a tight spot that worked great.) Exciting.
  7. NathanHill

    Color Classic won't boot with FPU installed

    I had this exact issue when I installed a FPU the wrong way. For one, I should have noticed how difficult it was to firmly place in there. But yeah the arrow and the dot should line up. I'll pull out my Color Classic in a bit and make sure it lines up with the image here. Once it was aligned, it booted fine. However, I spent ~$30 on eBay for mine.
  8. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    I'm over in New Carrollton, MD. Not far at all. I see the trace too in the picture, but it's so TINY up close. Don't have a magnifier or anything. I was using these boards to practice. The Quadra would turn on but give the Mac chime of death despite the board looking pretty clean. It initially booted a while ago but the screen was discolored, which means it was probably the caps. I was hoping to rehab it, and maybe one of you can give me ideas. So if I can somehow get a wire to the trace, it could still work?
  9. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    Hey, I'm in Maryland too! Maybe we should trade notes. Here's the Quadra board I worked on tonight. I don't have fancy tools, and while I did okay on most of the caps, I lost two negative pads. I watched some videos of replacements, but I don't see the connections to these negative pads to solder a wire too. And I don't have a super close up microscope. Feeling a bit discouraged. The last two pads I did the push and twist method, and while it was nerve-wracking and left the two "legs" sticking up, I was able to fairly easily disconnected them from the pads. But this is the part that is over my head a bit - I have some wire that I could try to use to do something, but not sure how to attach them and don't see how they connected.
  10. Yeah, worst case scenario, I have a Quadra 605 board that I am going to recap. It's case is just crumbling into pieces, so it may fit. Otherwise, I will have fun. I sort have been toying with the idea of a Pi4 as an A2EServer box in the case. But I may also look out for another IIci board on the internet too.
  11. I picked up an old IIci from dad's house - it has battery explosion damage, so I'm not sure if I will get the motherboard working. So, I do have some extra NUBUS cards (ethernet/video) and stuff and will be curious about your journey. I'm waffling about using the case, which is decent enough despite some battery acid residue (or whatever), to house a Raspberry Pi or something for fun.
  12. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    This is great and answers my questions. We should want the capacitors to sit as flush as possible. For most of the boards, I am using the traditional ones which seem more straightforward, but the tantalum kits are a little different and so small. They were giving me pause.
  13. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    This is really helpful advice. I started working on my first board without flux - or the twine - which I do think makes it a little harder to clean up the boards. So, there is solder residue which prevents the chip from laying flat. It's sort of at an angle. It's secure, but there is a slight air gap between the cap and the board, and I was nervous about that. Shouldn't it be perfectly flush and flat? BTW, I think I pulled up one of the pads on the IIci board, so that will be another thing to learn how to repair.
  14. NathanHill

    Recapping Question

    Hey y'all, Love the resources here - but I don't see a concise recapping thread or guide. If there is and search hasn't helped, let me know. My father passed recently. He was a lifelong Mac/Apple enthusiast and over the years had piled together a sizable set of Apple II and vintage Mac gear. My brother and I went up and picked a few items for us to tinker with and will probably be looking to part with many other items (6-10 SE FDHDs, Classics, LCs, LC IIs, LC III, a couple of Quadras, plenty of Apple IIe gear, a Next machine, and on and on). So, look for that in the future. I am working on recapping a Color Classic and an SE/30. I also have a Quadra 610 and Mac Iici board. I am new to this process, and while the Youtube videos make it look easy, it's hardly easy at all in person. Pulling the caps off the IIci board was somewhat okay, but it has battery damage and may be out of commission anyway. It's my practice board for now. I've noticed several of the areas are still not smooth, making the next step difficult. I am struggling with how to replace the capacitors. Do they need to be completely level on the board? Does the solder serve just to tie them to the board or to keep the circuit flowing? Basically, it's hard to place the replacement capacitor in place and then not move it with even a tiny nudge of the soldering iron. Do you all tape them in place and then solder them? Or is there some helpful method?