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    At the moment, collecting old Mac software, taking apart my Macs, putting them together again and trying to run them at their optimum configuration.
    As well as that, playing Armor Alley, Civ I, Marathon and Deus Ex.

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  1. ArmorAlley

    Replica boxing for Macintosh SE

    If we are going to use the transparent MacEffects SE case, then we should have a matching box with the white replaced by a transparent packing material.
  2. This sounds like an episode of a podcast along the lines of '99% invisible'...
  3. ArmorAlley

    Emmy's Dream Machine

    Even it does 256 colours at 1024*768, you are still doing well.
  4. ArmorAlley

    Best PCMCIA Network ethernet card?

    This is sort of an answer to your question. I wouldn't get a PCMCIA card, rather I would look for the card from Focus that combines ethernet & graphics card. It goes inside the PowerBook, which is a real pain to open up. As a partial answer to your question, choose an ethernet card which accepts the RJ-45 directly, not one which has a dongle connected by a very weak connector. I had one which worked on my 5300 back in 1996. I'll post a picture of it if I can find it at home.
  5. ArmorAlley

    Basket Case PowerBook 180c

    As a child of the Seventies, only one TV-Intro came to mind: 'Gentlemen, we can rebuild him, we have the technology...' https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0CPJ-AbCsT8 Well done on your conservation effort. I am happy to see people combatting the natural disasters that come with old age. I have a spare LVD SCSI cable that I can contribute, if you are missing one.
  6. Don't expect too much from NuBus cards, even on a Q700. I bought a Thunder/24 card so that I could drive 1200x1600 monitor (a nice IBM LCD screen) from my IIfx. I wanted to play Civilization on the biggest monitor it could support. The screen redraw was soooo slooow that I had to reduce it down to 1024x768. I was asking too much of my then 25-year-old computer. i wouldn't buy the latest and greatest NuBus card. If gaming is what you want, get a card that supports 256 colours at 640x480 or maybe 1024x768 at 256 colours. I think the onboard video of the Q700 supports that, doesn't it? What might give you a performance boost in speed is a RAM-disk or a SCSI2SD. You have 68MB RAM and you only need about 16MB at most. Install the RamDisk+ control panel, copy across the system folder and game in question to the RAM-disk and boot from it. The contents of the RAM-disk are volatile, so only do a soft-restart. Since all of the software you need is in RAM, the system won't be slowed down by reading or writing to the hard disk.
  7. ArmorAlley

    SuperMac Accelerator drivers

    have a look here: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?67996-Levco-SUperMac-Prodigy-SE-accelerator-board-and-utility-software as well as https://www.macintoshrepository.org/23153-prodigy-se-utility-and-driver-software-disk http://www.classiccmp.org/transputer/documentation/levco/p864-levco.pdf
  8. One thought does come to mind: are you using the same version of the Sonnet Crescendo extension as you did beforehand? If not, there is a possibility that the version you used just now is too low.
  9. ArmorAlley

    A very late 040

    I was in Japan in 1996 and Performa 630s were generally available then (along with PB190s) but they were the very last of the 68ks. They were being offered at around ¥360,000 - ¥400,000. I was humming and hawing about which one to buy. Both were expensive because I didn't really a computer. I just wanted one. What I wanted was a PB540c but that cost ¥540,000 (which was almost three months' salary if I didn't eat much food and lived like a hermit for that period). In the end, the PB1400 came out in August 1996 and, as a consequence, the price of the PB190 plummeted to a mere ¥200,000 and I bought it on the spot.
  10. There may already be a thread to this but I couldn't find one (it's amazing what you don't find when you don't look hard enough...). However, the thought has come to mind that a thread devoted to which generic or PC equipment and parts work with old macs. Many items were made for the mass market and either have mac drivers or software that can make them usable. Some items, like cards may need to be flashed and require an old PC motherboard to do it. Other items (like RAM) can be stuck straight in or like hard drives which need to be formatted first. I going to start the ball rolling with an easy one: 1. Hard drives: SCSI, IDE & SATA as long as you have the relevant cards and adapters (I'm looking at you SCSI). I'm not exactly sure how backward compatible IDE drives are. I've had a 2.5" IDE drive refuse to be recognised by my Wallstreet. Hard drives from other OSs will usually need to be reformatted first though with something like a modified form of Drive Setup or SilverLining. LVD SCSI drives on a 50-pin bus (8-bit) must support SE (single-ended mode) connections as well be terminated.
  11. ArmorAlley

    Recording an iSight in OS9?

    Can it be that the iSight camera would need a driver in OS 9 and this simply doesn't exist? Does iChat exist on the Classic Environment, I wonder?
  12. ArmorAlley

    Any interest in 16MB Mac IIFX memory modules?

    @hyperneogeo Thanks for including me but I am going to pass. I already have 32MB and this is more than enough for my IIfx. I have also spent more than I ought to in the last few months and I need to be more fiscally prudent.
  13. ArmorAlley

    Any interest in 16MB Mac IIFX memory modules?

    How many gigs of RAM do you have there? Oh to be able to post, I can't get past 4GB RAM on my IIfx! And someone responding, 'Me too, so I'm designing a 64-bit 68030...'
  14. ArmorAlley

    Trying a Different Network Approach on My SE/30

    You have an SE/30 with an ethernet card in it and you want to transfer 50MB of file from a G4 to the SE/30, if I understand you correctly. Why not use a hub or a crossover cable? Is there a problem with differing versions of AppleShare? I don't understand why you need/want to use a LocalTalk-to-Ethernet-Bridge. Localtalk is sloooooow. If you are going down the sneakernet route, Zip isn't bad, MO likewise, but you shouldn't overlook the external SCSI2SD (v5.5). The link is here: https://store.inertialcomputing.com/category-s/100.htm.