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  1. MaCJaX

    Macintosh II Schematics

    Thanks guys !! I actually have both revisions of the boards. They are pretty similar so this schematic should help. I really appreciate it guys ! As far as UG and UH getting hot, they get so hot I can't even touch them. I gonna fire up my working board to compare it with. Thanks again !!
  2. Hey all !! First post here. Was wondering if someone can send me or point me in the right direction for getting Macintosh II logic board schematics. Not the Mac Classic II or LC but the original Macintosh II board schematics part number 820-0163-B. I have a board that is MINT condition and I am dying to get it working as it wont boot. No chime of death, nothing on power up. ICs at location UG and UH get pretty hot and it seems like I am lacking a clock on most pins. I really need a schematic to troubleshoot more but google searches turn up empty. Thanks !!! MaCJaX