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  1. Dude

    SCSI2SSD for Macintosh Portable?

    Ok! What do you think of these guys? http://www.maccaps.com/MacCaps/Repair_Service.html Or tell me where to send the board. Thanks!
  2. Dude

    SCSI2SSD for Macintosh Portable?

    Ok. I don't think I trust myself to do it. Is there a place I can send it and pay to have it done? Or maybe it will be worth more as a museum piece with the original capacitors and hard drive in place? Will the caps leak if I don't turn it on? Sorry to go off topic, but which old Macintosh laptop is the most reliable for work? I wanted to use one to write a book, but maybe that is not feasible. I use modern Macs to do everything else, but I find them uninspiring. I like that old typewriter feel you get with the old ones.
  3. Dude

    SCSI2SSD for Macintosh Portable?

    Ok thanks. I will give that one a try. I just bought a Macintosh Portable battery from that seller. On a side note, I picked up this Macintosh Portable as not working, for cheap. When I got it, it looked brand new. The space bar is the same color as the other keys. No dirt at all inside or on the feet. I thought I would just try the new battery not expecting much and to my surprise it booted up just fine. I'm pretty sure the board has not been recapped, but is likely pretty clean as I don't think this machine was used. My intention was to use this for writing because I love the keyboard, but it is in such good shape I feel like maybe I should not. My question: Should I just preserve it like it is, maybe find one more beat up to use? If I use it maybe the board will go out or something or I will in some way damage it. This is my first vintage Mac aside from a G4 Cube.
  4. I want to put an SSD in my Macintosh Portable. Any tips appreciated. The original hard drive uses a special cable that carries both data and power. Is there a SCSI2SSD type emulator that I can use for this? Thanks!