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  1. flyingforstatus

    Outbound Notebook 2000 manual

    Hello there. I think I've been messaging you directly on eBay about Outbound stuff but in case this post helps others... What I've learned from Vintage Mac Museum is that a perfect (and cheap) replacement for the original Outbound Notebook power supply is the iRobot Roomba model 10556 power supply. I've personally tested it. The original Outbound power supplies I now have are both 22V DC, Center positive, .82 Amp so it matches almost perfectly with the iRobot 10556 specs. Even the connector is the right size. I also have the original Outbound manuals, diskettes, the extension/control panel/etc. I will try to find a way to archive this stuff online for others but it'll probably take some time. The actual Notebooks I now have are not fully-functioning themselves so I wanted to try and sort that stuff out first. Good luck!
  2. flyingforstatus

    Color Classsic II and SCSI2SD

    I removed my original hard drives and bought SCSI2SD units from Inertial Computing - a 5.1 internal model and a 5.5 external model - and they worked out of the box on my Color Classic and Color Classic II. Later, I went in with the tools to change the SCSI ID and things but mine worked out of the box. I used balenaEtcher in Windows to copy a 1GB System 7.5.5 minimal boot image I found online to the MicroSD Card then booted from it and did an install full installation from CD-ROM. I did notice some weirdness about which MicroSD card I used - the SCSI2SD adapter seemed to be a bit particular for me or else balenaEtcher was flaky. Either way, all works for me now. Good luck.
  3. flyingforstatus

    Mac Color Classic: no sound from speaker or headphones socket

    I know this reply comes several months after the original post, but in case it is helpful to you or others... I had a board come across my desk last week where I suspect that a capacitor had been installed with incorrect polarity and all sound is missing - both from the headphone jack and the internal speaker. During boot, you only hear a "click" from the speaker. If this had happened after a fresh recapping I had done, I would assume the board is dirty with electrolytic capacitor gunk and I'd wash it again and again. But, since I knew this was a previously recapped and working board where the end-user replaced new electrolytic caps with tantalums, I bet on a polarity error during their installation (which can be easy with tantalums if you aren't experienced or paying close attention). Troubleshooting/Repair steps: 1. I recapped the board (again) in the region of the sound circuitry (didn't fix) 2. I searched the web for "bomarc color classic schematics" and obtained a compressed file with all schematics for logic boards of this era from, I believe, archive.org 2. I checked all traces to nearby capacitors and the PLCC chip itself and all tested good 3. I had a donor board and hot air station handy so I decided to transplant the components labeled in red in the attached photo from a junk logic board to the one without sound 4. Sound was restored! I didn't have time to thoroughly troubleshoot/test each component and since I had a donor board handy, I just replaced everything. It's possible I replaced more components than necessary. You might start with replacing D1 between L1 and L2 before going to the trouble of replacing the PLCC chip... I've noticed that these components are on other logic boards of the era, so my assumption is that you don't need an exact donor match. That means you could find a similar board of the era with the same components to use as the donor. As an example, I have successfully transplanted these components from a Color Classic donor board to an LC575 Mystic board. Currently, I buy Color Classic donor boards on eBay but I'm sure that there are many more common and less expensive options. Good luck all.