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  1. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    Good find, thanks! I'll recap it, and if that doesn't do it, replace it. At this point I've looked at bits and pieces of this guy's videos, but it seems like I really need to watch them through.
  2. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    I've been checking at the external floppy port, and I usually get a very steady readings close to 5v (just now, it was 4.98v). Once or twice, the fan wouldn't spin, and I got reading closer to ~2.25v. When that happened, I usually pulled one of CR2/CR3/Q2/R22/R19 to test them, and when I put them back it went away.
  3. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    I tried resoldering P1 again; it didn't seem to help. Here are some pictures of the yoke - anything look out of place? I only cleaned the yoke with air, out of fear of damaging any coating that might be on the windings, but I do also have contact cleaner - might that help? If the yoke is truly damaged beyond repair (at my skill level - relative beginner, if it wasn't clear), I take it my only option is to buy a complete monitor?
  4. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    Thanks for the info! I was always planning to recap both boards, but I was going to wait to do the logic board until I had video. I guess I'll move it up the priority list (although still I have to do some more practicing first). Hmm, and I guess I should do the power supply too. I finished the AB recap. I did have to use a wire to extend the leg of the real c15 (I've ordered a replacement too). Now, about 2/3rds of the time, its starts with a chirp, no HD light, and sparking sounds, sometimes with flashing on the display, often like this: Note that the red on the top right is a reflection of a lamp. These are very similar to what I saw right before the display stopped lighting up. According to the Dead Mac Scrolls, this could be related to c15, so maybe my little leg extension is causing an issue? (Most of my electronics experience is in digital logic, so this analog stuff all seems like voodoo : ). I've already done their other fixes for the horizontal sweep (r19 and resoldering P1 and L2), so I'm a little stumped. It seems like it's more likely to happen if I unsolder a component to test it, and resolder it (making no "fixes"), so I wonder if there's a loose connection somewhere. Once or twice, I've gotten a raster for a split second, with a classic simasimac. I've never seen anything like this is the books or the internet, so I'm not really sure where to go from here. I'm expecting the new AB near the end of the week, so I guess I'll try transferring the the flyback transformer to my board (or should I try the other AB first, in case it works [but considering it hasn't been recapped]?). Anything else to try in the meantime? And once again, I really appreciate the help.
  5. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    That makes a lot of sense - I was a little confused why there was what looked like a ceramic capacitor mixed in. Thank you very much! Oh, and thanks for the pointer to the spare boards - I'll probably pick one up just for spares.
  6. neonachronism

    Issues with Mac SE/30 display (and more?)

    Hmm, I think that's on purpose: cap kit I got specified Could this be a problem? I can try it the other way (it didn't indicate how it should be installed). Edit: No change with it flipped - click, spinning fan, no display.
  7. Hi, I recently got an SE/30 from and have been attempting to restore it. When I first powered it on, it seemed to be working fine. Then, after maybe ~20 minutes, it crashed. After that, it would crash within a minute of starting up, and the display had all kinds of strange issues (mainly squiggles that would start wide at the top of the screen, and narrow towards the middle where they became a vertical line. Now, when I start it up I just get a blank display, with a chirp and spinning fans, but no bong. One or twice, I got a quick flash, from the screen, and a few times there hasn't been a spinning fan. These seem to come and go at random. So far, I've mainly been following the Dead Mac Scrolls, supplemented with random guides and forum posts (I've basically been trying everything I can find). I've replaced the PRAM battery R22 R19 CR2, CR3, CR5 Q2 Most of the electrolytic capacitors on the analog board (I just realized I'm missing c19, and I'm going to wait until I have a replacement before I do c22) I also resoldered all the connectors on the analog board, flyback transformer, and the coils, and generally cleaned the boards (although half the solder joints on the logic board are corroded, I've not attempted to deal with this yet) Based on the spinning fan and multimeter readings, the power supply seems to be working, but I don't know enough to say for sure. Pictures as it is now: My big concern now is that it may be the flyback transformer. They appear to be quite expensive, so I don't know if replacing is is an option, but certainly not if I'm not sure if its the cause. Is there any way to test it? Is there anything else I can do, other than finishing the recap, and could the remaining capacitors affect the display like this? I was also originally planning to recap the logic board, but when the display problem arose, I put it off. Could it (or the logic board problems more generally) be at fault? Any consensus on dealing with corroded solder? I've seen a lot of advice, but no single view on what approach is best. Once I get all the solder off, do I need to resolder each connection? Any other general advice? Thanks, Neonachronism