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  1. Just to close the loop... Thanks to @Damian Ward for letting me test out one of my 400k drives on his (working) 512k, I can confirm that the drive is recognised and reads a MFS diskette just fine. I also tried the drive on a Classic II (which I'd re-capped for him), but it behaved just like it did on my II and IIx. This seems to point to that requirement for a... A big thanks to everyone for sharing your experience! Now that I know I have a working drive, I can work on getting my 512k up and running!
  2. Thanks all! ... I'm working on bringing the 512k (as well as my Plus, which recently expired!) back to life. Once I have one working, I'll revisit these drives to see if I can get them working. Appreciate all the valuable info! FYI... there seems to be some debate here... according to the wiki [https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Integrated_Woz_Machine], SWIM stood for the Sander-Wozniak Integrated Machine ... Personally, I like 'Super-' better...
  3. I found the following elsewhere online... "The official name for the upgrade was the M6051/C Macintosh II SuperDrive Upgrade Kit that included an internal SuperDrive (M0247) and the ROM/SWIM Kit (M0244)." Also... here's the "IWM" (which is actually a SWIM) in my IIx... ...and I also found the following in an Apple Service Guide... So it looks like my II has the original "IWM" and the IIx the "SWIM"... I guess I'll have to get the 512k going to figure out if there's any life in either drive...
  4. I don't believe so... here's a pic of the IWM chip...
  5. Just to add, I also have a IIx, and the 400k drive behaves the same in both. Both II(s) seem to communicate with the drive, they pop up the unrecognised disk dialogue, and you can step through to attempting to initialise/erase the disk... but that only results in some head movement and the disk being ejected.
  6. I recently acquired a 512k Mac with an additional external drive. Both drives were totally jammed, but thanks to the advice here and elsewhere, I have them freed up and accepting / ejecting disks. I don't have the 512k recommissioned yet, so have tried them in my Mac II. It sees the drives, but won't read or format. I've tried System 6.0.8 and 7.x... Is it possible to at least test these drives in a non-compact Mac?
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