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  1. lightvox

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC connected to iPhone.

    Thanks napabar. I purchased one on ebay labeled with "Shuttle Connects" but it's still not working with an external SCSI HD. I also purchased an adapter on ebay to convert from a Centronics CN50 on the hard drive to the HD50 on the Shuttle Connects SCSI to USB adapter cable. There is a light on the cable and it doesn't light up when I am using the adapter and connected to the HD. It does light up when I connect it to a SCSI Iomega 2GB Jaz drive. I have the hard drive terminated and set to SCSI ID 0.
  2. lightvox

    Apple Hard Disk 20SC connected to iPhone.

    This is so cool. I've been trying to connect an old SCSI hard drive to my Mac Pro running Mojave, and have searched everywhere for a solution, and ended up here. Are the Microtech adapters USB 1.1? Thanks.