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  1. rplacd

    Mac mini G4 OS 9 reports

    Stuff that doesn't work – AirPort doesn't work, the sound's stuck on one volume. I've also had issues where I haven't been able to use a mouse plugged into a keyboard hub without installing USB Overdrive. But other than that, yes, it's a pretty goddamn bonkers machine to run OS 9 on!
  2. rplacd

    Classic II Rev. 2 Schematics

    Oh, I stand corrected then, thanks! I'd be very interested in any rev II schematics anyone would find as well; the Classic II is finicky enough already with all of its custom ICs.
  3. rplacd

    Classic II Rev. 2 Schematics

    I've attached the Bomarc schematics with that PN I'm using... although I remember running across what seemed to be like typos when I was recapping my Classic II, so it may be for a first revision board. Macintosh_Classic_II_Schematic_(bomarc).pdf
  4. Gorgeous. You have no idea how relieved I am to see the metal clips on the RAM sockets!
  5. rplacd

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    @Danamania where are you when we need you!?!
  6. Another forum member knows the AB's components better than I do, but the scanlines might be fixed by simply adjusting the brightness – I've fixed visible scanlines like these before.
  7. Hey, it's good to know that we have lives and interests outside of compact Macs
  8. I don't know, but we'd love to find a way to support ya!
  9. rplacd

    Noob trying to restore a Mac Classic. Need some help!

    This is remarkably dangerous and you should not do this, but I've never discharged a Classic, and have had no incidents. The conclusion you should draw: the Classic is safer than most earlier Macs and probably won't kill you, but still discharge anyway.
  10. rplacd

    Classic External Floppy Port Issue

    Oh! – why do you think that replacing the hard drive fixed the external floppy drive? Genuinely curious.
  11. ...holding my breath while that gets sorted out! If this works I'm definitely celebrating.
  12. rplacd

    Setting up a soldering station

    Would love to hear what suggestions people have here as well! I already have a cheapo soldering iron, and I have a cheapo hot air rework station on its way (I am a broke college student after all), but who knows – maybe I'll upgrade soon. I don't know enough to give good product recommendations. I remember needing this much to do a decent job on an analog board recap: – a soldering iron – don't cheap out on this, since you want decent temperature control and a soldering tip that won't oxidise (accumulate black crap that'll prevent solder from melting.) – a soldering braid to remove excess solder, – some soldering flux. It helps clean crud and oxidation off solder joints when you're desoldering, and it's activated by soldering-level heat. I personally use tacky no-clean flux. – some kapton tape (heat-resistant tape) as a good tape to hold things in place while you're soldering, that won't melt. IIRC, this may not be enough to remove surface-mount components like the capacitors you find on logic boards. Some people prefer hot air rework stations for this. Some people have managed to pull this off with just pliers.
  13. rplacd

    Perplexing SE/30 issue

    It's probably the Mac ROMinator – IIRC it's just a little too thin to make proper contact in the ROM slot, so the manual suggests you apply pressure on it with rubber bands.
  14. rplacd

    G3 Pismo startup issue

    I have a Pismo with exactly the same symptoms... for what it's worth, a sound card/DC-in swap didn't work for me, so maybe it's best to focus on the logic board and power card first. Would be very interested in any progress that you make!
  15. rplacd

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    If you somehow want gold colour fans, SilenX is also a pretty good brand. Part of me wants to install one of those tacky gamer fans with RGB lighting in a compact Mac for sh*ts and giggles!