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  1. desertrout

    talk about stress... not sure what’s next

    If I'm not mistaken, these are data bus errors so you've either got some bad traces or a bad RAM chip. or even just a solder blob one of the RAM pins... start with a close visual check of the static ram, see if anything's amiss, then start checking continuities. Did you wash the board?
  2. desertrout

    Portable - two steps forward one back

    To be honest I'm not sure, but I'd assume that it's at least 4 layers. Checking continuity with a multimeter should be enough if you have concerns about a particular via. Sometimes you can't actually see the break, becomes apparent through process of elimination.
  3. desertrout

    Portable rebuilt battery charge / discharge rates

    Yeah okay, that was my assumption. I may rebuild the battery again with Cyclons like these https://www.ebay.ca/itm/Dual-Lite-12-264-Emergency-Egress-Lighting-Battery-6V-5AH/274101233898 , just because. Follow up question: I've heard that if the adapter amperage is higher than the spec 1.5A, even at 2A you run the risk of damaging components over the medium/long term because current draw isn't regulated by the power manager but rather by the adapter itself. Is that true? Should I be swapping to even a regulated 1.5A-max adjustable adapter sooner than later as a safer option than continuing to use the 5651 adapter?
  4. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    Ha - nm - it's a standard tape demagnetizer, tons on ebay etc
  5. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    Thanks for the gadgetuk tip - super interesting videos. Making me think I need to spend more time doing track 0 alignment as I was pretty rough with it, but also maybe give the polishing compound on the heads trick a go. I don't have a demagnetizer, haven't seen one like the one he uses, interesting that he mentions it a lot.
  6. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    Ah cool - thanks I'll check it out
  7. I've been using my 5120 on a semi-daily basis for the past few months after a successful repair, overall working great. The battery is one I rebuilt using a 6V/5ah SLA 'brick' UPS replacement battery, and I'm using the 5651 (the 2 amp) adapter (I'm constantly looking for an original 1.5A adapter, no luck yet, wondering if I should switch to an adjustable 1.5 amp adapter in the meantime). Anyway, I've noticed that the battery *appears* to charge quickly and discharge quickly according to the battery app, though it doesn't quite seem to match reality; if I charge to the point the battery 'level' tops out, then unplug, the level drops down quickly and settles out. If I charge some more for a bit and unplug, the level drops quickly again but settles higher. So it seems to me that what the battery app is showing when charging is not exactly the real charge of the battery. *Unless* there's an issue with the power manager. However, first I'm wondering if anyone knows if there's a difference in how the original Cyclons charged / discharged compared to these bricks? Is also the 2 amp adapter I'm using a factor?
  8. desertrout

    Portable - two steps forward one back

    The flashlight will reveal whether or not traces are connected to their vias - the vias will appear as dark circles surrounded by a light area, and the trace should be a thin dark line connecting to the via across the light area. Easy to see breaks that way. As for the bath, I recommend techknight's method of a cycle in the dishwasher (no soap, no dry cycle), then maybe 15 minutes in a preheated oven at 170 (as low as it will go) to bake out any persistent electrolytic goo. Then leave it to continue to dry for a couple more days to be sure. Has solved weird, hard to diagnose issues for me a couple of times, including on my 5120.
  9. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    I'm not finding much (any) info about demagnetizing heads... only floppies themselves. What's involved? (or can you point me to a resource?)
  10. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    Ugh. Thanks for the tip. Are there good resources out there beyond the Pina ones?
  11. desertrout

    800k floppy drives - happy mac then ejects

    Thanks. I was going to swap motors next to rule it out. The rails have been cleaned and lubed, so no issues there I don't expect. Is there an info resource head demagnetization?
  12. desertrout

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    That's how mine are currently as well, for both the fan and upgrade, but for $25 and some wire, an additional PSU seems to make good sense. I haven't booted with the drivers yet to see what the actual comparative draw is, but I have read elsewhere that you normally have to boost the voltage pot, and that some boards can be cranked higher than others making them better candidates for upgrades, so an additional PSU is probably prudent for longevity.
  13. desertrout

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    I'll check it out - thanks a bunch!
  14. I've got a couple 800k drives that will spin up a known good system disk to the happy mac icon, but then eject the disk. I'm doing my testing on the one that I've recapped, cleaned, lubed, and cleaned the heads (several times), but the behaviour is the same between the two. The upper head bracket (whatever you call it) is not bent on either, so they should be making good contact with the disk. I've tried the drives on several different Pluses with the same results, and working drives work as expected on all of those same Pluses, so it doesn't appear to be a logic board or power issue. I'm just realizing now that I haven't tried swapping cables (I don't think, at least not intentionally)... The head assemblies don't move when I insert the disk. They do move back to 0 after inserting the disk if I move the assembly ahead a bit beforehand, so I know the motor is working enough to do that. I've messed a bit with track 0 positioning on the one to see if it makes a difference, but it appears that the original position was correct (found the extremes in either direction, i.e. when it just shows the 'x' icon). At this point, it feels like I'm just casting around in the dark. Is there a likely cause here? It seems others in the forum have experienced this as well, but I haven't seen a solution yet.
  15. desertrout

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    What did you use for the extra PSU?