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  1. desertrout

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    Capacitor list and dimensions for reference:
  2. For additional reference, here is the capacitor list and dimensions for the M5140 (APS-20U) - North American version, which appears to be slightly different in its construction from the European version, and the cap at C151 has different ratings: Position Capacitance Voltage Operating Temperature Height Diameter Lead Spacing Replacement Part # C108 47µF 400V 85oC 25mm 16mm 7.5mm EEU-ED2G470 C111 47µF 50V 105 oC 11mm 6.3mm 2.5mm 493-1896-ND‎ C151 33µF 35V 85 oC 11mm 5mm 2mm 493-1856-ND‎ C201 1200µF 16V 105 oC 31.5mm 10mm 5mm P12367-ND‎ C202 180µF 16V 105 oC 19mm 6.3mm 2.5mm 493-14370-ND‎ C207 82µF 16V not listed 15mm 5mm 2mm 493-1778-ND‎ C252 1µF 50V 85 oC 6mm 4mm 2mm 493-5954-ND‎ The part #'s are what I used for a few of these, all in stock at Digi-Key Canada.
  3. desertrout

    Macintosh Portable Sad Mac

    Don't jump ahead just yet. There are a few things you could try first. If you have a RAM expansion card, verify it's in the correct connector (J11) - happens to everyone. You could try starting both with and then without the expansion card. After that, I'd examine the onboard RAM near where you were recapping to see if there is any residue or damage. I don't know offhand what banks are where, but start with a visual inspection. Also make sure to do a power manager reset if haven't been.
  4. desertrout

    Macintosh Portable Sad Mac

    Is it the same error every reboot/reset? This link (https://udcf.gla.ac.uk/~gwm1h/Error_Codes/Sad_Mac_Codes.html) provides a breakdown 68k error codes, with some specifically for the Portable further down the page. If I'm reading it right, the error you show indicates a RAM test failure at Bank A.
  5. desertrout

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    Vice with two pencils or rods works great. On one I did have to move the rods around as it didn't 'snap' open - squeeze, move, squeeze, move - but eventually it came apart. And by eventually I mean 5 minutes tops, so not long at all. But no one prepared me for the smell that first time. It's ungodly. I once had an old cat with failing kidneys that would relieve itself in the living room corner, poor thing, but the smell... concentrated-urine-from-a-dying-cat smell. It's like that.
  6. desertrout

    PowerBook Maintenance Checklist and advice?

    Bumping this - I have a 160 and 180 on the bench and was wondering if there is a cap list out there, I can't seem to find one.
  7. Not a betting man, expecting the worst. My eagerness clouding better judgment... Thanks goodness for this forum, just wish I had visited sooner.
  8. Ahhhh that's what I didn't want to hear but feared. I have a battery in the mail, but I'm not expecting anything positive just from that. Either way, a recap is imminent, if that doesn't do anything I'll start looking closer at that +5V line. This forum has some really excellent resources, I gotta say. What a treasure.
  9. I guess there's no real sense in troubleshooting until I recap.
  10. desertrout

    SE/30 Missing capacitor?

    Curious. Yes, apparently it's for +5v supply, functions as a decoupler. We'll see what a recap does for the sound, as I understand it it's often a symptom of bad caps.
  11. desertrout

    SE/30 Missing capacitor?

    I'm in the process of ordering caps for my SE/30, which I use reasonably often and it works very well but I noticed the speaker has gone pretty quiet. I cleaned and inspected the main board recently and there was definitely some leakage and a little corrosion. However, I also noticed that capacitor C1 (at B1, next to the RAM) was completely missing - the pads are clean and tinned, there no corrosion or any sign of damage that may have caused it to fall off.... it's almost like it was never there to begin with. Is that possible? I've been looking at cap lists and pics of other SE/30 boards, and that cap is there on all of them... but I'm wondering, should I add it to my board? You can see for yourself in the attached image, it looks like it was never there...
  12. I was mucking about with the Portable a couple days ago, and then left it plugged in with a M5140 adapter. FYI, it has a shot battery, and it needs to be recapped - parts are on the way. When I came back to it today, it was warm to the touch - not sure if it was radiating out from the battery, but basically the whole logic board was warm. And it wouldn't start after several resets - no response. It flickered once, but nothing since. I've disassembled it to do some quick tests, but I thought I'd pop in here to see if anyone has some insight. I know this thing is sensitive - I'm a little freaked that I may have caused some damage...
  13. desertrout

    N00b Portable Questions - HD noise, screen, power...

    OK - thanks. I saw the 'brightness' slider in the portable control panel, made a marginal difference. I'll try viewing it in different conditions - perhaps it's just my office. The drive does seem to spin up just fine. Once I get the data off I'll feel better though. I'll open it up again and run it - I want to check out the bump stops anyway.
  14. Finally managed to fire up a M5120 I had sitting for a long time (~15 years), and had never had running since it came into my possession. It starts with a M5140 adapter, but is clearly in need of some attention (recapping, batteries). But at the moment, I'm wondering about two specific things and if they're normal: 1. The screen seems really dark. Is that normal for these non-backlit portables? It's really hard to see. Am I missing a brightness adjustment? 2. the Conner 40MB is pretty loud just while running - a persistent high-pitched whine. Here's a vid (It's louder in the vid than to my naked ear, but it gives you an idea of what it sounds like): Other things you may want to know: mainboard needs recapping: clearly some leakage, which I've thoroughly cleaned up, but not any damage at first blush (I haven't put it under a microscope yet). Plan to recap next month when I get some time. needs new batteries: I'm still using the original battery but it's clearly toast - replacement is on order. Also - I just discovered - needs a new 9V... I assumed it was fine because it looks new, but I decided to test it and, yeah, it's showing 1.5V... the HD suffered from the common disintegrating seal issue: I took it apart and cleaned it all out, which was super gross. There wasn't any goo on the platter. I put the case back together without a new gasket, but will later... depending on whether or not I can / need to address this noise issue. I would LOVE some expert insight into what might be going on here...