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  1. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    Finally I received the 16 MB SIMMs today. Unfortunately, but as expected, they didn't work in my SE/30. Some of them wobbled in specific SIMM slots, but fit better in others. But they are slightly too thin. I tried to tin them on one side, and after that they fitted firmly. But if they have enough contact or not, I can't really tell. I tested different combinations, none worked, but I got different starting chimes. Does anyone know more exact what the different starting sounds mean? Test 1: Bank A: 4 x 16 MB Bank B: empty Chime: 1.mp3 Test 2: Bank A: 4 x 16 MB Bank B: 4 x 1 MB Chime: 2.mp3 Test 3: Bank A: 4 x 1 MB Bank B: 4 x 16 MB Chime: 1.mp3 Chime 2 is the one I normally hear when I put any SIMMs in Bank B. Which is a bit weird. It's not playing the same chime with the 16 MB SIMMs in Bank B, as with anything else I've tried.
  2. blindowl

    Mac SE/30 no sound

    I had the same problem. It turned out to be that one side of one of the capacitors (next to the sound chips) was loose. After I re-soldered it, the sound worked again. It took several rounds before I discovered that it was actually loose...
  3. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    No worries at all! I ordered the SIMMs before I read elsewhere that also Bank B needs to be occupied. I should have done a little more research! However interesting that it works for you with 4x16 in Bank A! For the wobble issue I planned to tin the contacts, as mentioned by @Trash80toHP_Mini But really I should solve the root cause of Bank B not working on my Mac. I have quite a few 1 MB SIMM lying around, so I could easily fit it with a total of 8 MB. But right now it's limited to 4 MB. I'll test a bit with the 16 MB SIMMs when I get them before deciding what to do next.
  4. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    That's unfortunate. I ordered the RAM memory in the hope of bypassing the issues my SE/30 seem to have in Bank B. But it now seems that they still have to be installed in Bank B, which will most likely not work in my Mac. Plus the wobble issue... And as you mention, unfortunately, the other seller does not ship to Europe. Guess I have to find some old stock 4 MB SIMMs instead.
  5. blindowl

    Fix for bad Apple Cinema HD Display?

    Oh, that's too bad. I don't think I will bother then, and just put it to storage. Aside from the color bleeding issues, I was a little bit surprised by how bad the picture quality is, compared to modern standard monitors. Screen quality has increased greatly over the last 15 years.
  6. I have a 23" Apple Cinema HD Display I'd like to fix. In the middle of the screen the colors are ok, but around the edges the image is very discolored. Gray colors turn pink, and at the very edge of the image is yellowish. The photo does not really show the truth, it is actually much worse. What could the problem be? Is the LCD simply worn out, ready for the bin, or is there any possible fix? The only thing I know of is replacement of capacitors or the backlight. Anyone have any suggestion?
  7. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    So same issue if you put them in Bank A (well seated)? In the other thread I linked someone said larger RAM must be placed in Bank A.
  8. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    Sounds promising! For some reason my SE/30 won't boot if I install anything in Bank B. So using 64 MB in Bank A only would give me more than enough RAM, and getting around the issues with Bank B. So I was quick to order the Amazon SIMMs above. But then I started to regret it after I found the other thread. We'll see when they arrive...
  9. blindowl

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    In this thread they’re saying that it’s not possible to run with 4x16 MB in Bank A only. Also Bank B has to be filled with something. Is this something you have experienced?
  10. Anyone have advice for a suitable 12 V power brick to use with AppleDesign Powered Speakers II? I don't have the original adapter, and when I try them with the generic 12 V adapters I have laying around, I always get a loud humming noise. If I power them with a ATX bench power supply they are very silent. I guess the cheapo adapters take in a lot of interference. I tried to put a ferrite bead on the cord, but that didn't help anything. I don't feel like paying lots of money for a regular 12 V adapter...
  11. blindowl

    Help with my Macintosh Classic

    Yes, shouldn't the computer boot from ROM, even if floppy and HDD are disconnected? I think so...
  12. blindowl

    Can't set year 2020

    I will try this. SetDate crash the computer half of the times I use it.
  13. blindowl

    Radius Pivot SE/30 color monitor requirements?

    Ah, thought the "256K" on the ROM was referring to the VRAM, but maybe that's just the ROM size. So are these the VRAM slots?
  14. blindowl

    Radius Pivot SE/30 color monitor requirements?

    Maybe I just don't have enough VRAM for more than 2-bit? That's annoying... Edit: should be enough for 16 colors, right?
  15. blindowl

    Radius Pivot SE/30 color monitor requirements?

    Oops, I prepared a picture, but forgot to attach it: I don't have the Mac running at the moment, but where do I set the ColorSync profile?