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  1. demik

    ROM needed for an Asante MacCon+IIET

    You are welcome
  2. Thanks for your interest. Yes I did. Covid didn't help so I only received everything last week. I made a mistake reading the connector datasheet, and so the hole size is wrong. Ordered a new batch with the correct size. This issue aside, it's fine (connector fir in motherboard properly, and the HPV card fit nicely in the sourced connector) The design for the riser is open source so you will be able to : - build one yourself from scratch - build all the parts as a do it yourself kit. (price to be determined, but definitively under $30). I may be build them myself if there is demand.
  3. demik

    ROM needed for an Asante MacCon+IIET

    Here is mine, just in case. ROM file here (27C128): MC3NB_B1.bin
  4. Whats the P/N of your PSU ? 61xx ones do not have any power on/off logic or security. Even without a fan they should give power. Did you check the fuse ? Edit : you can check your fan easily. Find another 12V source, and use the red and blacks pins on the fan connector.
  5. demik

    Radius Pivot cable and diagnostics.

    Managed to get almost all the pinouts of the monitor. The weird stuff is my Pivot II card is not visible in TattleTech nor Monitor control panel. Is that normal ?
  6. demik

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    As a seller there is another possibility: you can proceed to a full refund and the buyer can keep the item. That way as a seller you don't have to pay the return shipping fees and the buyer has a free spare printer. Did this a couple of times with the seller, when items were broken during shipping.
  7. demik

    StyleWriter Capacitor List

    Well mine didn't have that luck. Got it in a lot and "does not power up". The StyleWriter was shorting the PSU. Tried with a 19V Dell PSU and same issue. Opened the beast and caps were as bad as @GregorHouse. But mine corroded the board somewhat, I had a few vias and traces ripped top and bottom. The board was always shorting the PSU with no obvious shorts in the board. Tried replacing caps, even without removing caps, tested diodes, not any better. I think one of the chips is shorting the PSU, didn't managed to find the right one. Dediced with some regrets to recycle the printer and found this... A corroded and seized motor. Part of the frame was rusted too. Looks like the printer got liquid in it by the previous owner. That would "explain" the PSU shorts... Anyway thanks @elemenoh, you saved me a few hours! And my Mac Plus now have an Apple Logo. It's the same size
  8. demik

    TCP/IP for Classic Macintosh

    thanks, email send
  9. demik

    TCP/IP for Classic Macintosh

    Interested to tinker with my 512k. It has a FreeBSD next to it which can serve as PPP server. Would that help ? Will a null modem cable be enough ?
  10. demik

    Radius Pivot cable and diagnostics.

    Hello, Thanks but no. Pretty sure that's a RasterOps GPU, It should work in MacII series with RasterOps drivers. Looking at the board layout, it has a 30.24 MHz pixel clock so it sure does only 640x480@67Hz. others clocks are lower so that's the max resolution. It has a nice RAMDAC so probably is a 24 bit card though. Maybe a RasterOps 24si. Pluging it into a NuBus Mac and launching TattleTech will get us fixed
  11. demik

    G5 cases?

    There is at least two different cases that I know of. PCIe vs PCI-X boards. The last ones having one more USB port or something. Don't have access to them now, but the difference is mostly in the rear panel.
  12. demik

    MacSCSI by John Bass AT LAST!

    Anyone got the file above ? The link is just a frameset with the PDF on one frame, and the PDF itself is not found (Error 404)
  13. Close, it got PCI cards and I got cards freezes in the past. Thanks for your help, I will open a different thread and not hijack this one further
  14. Good luck mate ! Mine started to loose ethernet and now Firewire ports are not working anymore... I'm starting to wonder if the caps on thoses are crap or dead. Will open it this week.
  15. Hello, Just picked a couple of Radius Pivots for a few bucks. Model 0194. From my memory, they need a specific video card. Found one on eBay, waiting for it. First issue : no cable in sight for both screens. Anyone got the pinout ? Would a straight DB9 cable work ? Second issue : none of them do power up. No green led, no sound, nothing. Do they have a specific power up procedure with the video card ? From what I found on eBay, they will power up even without a card attached. Any diagnostic ideas ?