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  1. erichelgeson

    Color Classic Restore

    Thanks @PotatoFi, I had been using the rock back and forth very gently till the legs break, worked well but had a stubborn through hole I needed the heating power of the air gun, so that's why I have it There's a few of us around MN @ScutBoy - I'm south of St. Cloud in the middle of no where.
  2. erichelgeson

    Color Classic Restore

    Well Cap removal could have gone better (but not terrible) - For some reason I thought I'd use my iron to remove them instead of my new hot air gun, and with all the crud on the board I didnt get as hot as I needed and pulled more than I should - live and learn I guess. The rest of the caps with the hot air gun all cleaned up great. C2 just goes to L1, a short jumper wire will do. I do have the pad, but no epoxy, and I read super glue wont hold up to the temps. C9 has some corrosion under it and one trace is exposed - will clean and put some UV solder mask on, though will have to be light touch. I received the caps from console 5- It's a bit odd as they have own codes for the ratings instead of just the ratings: So some trace work tomorrow, then caps.
  3. erichelgeson

    Color Classic Restore

    Well, today I booted it up and the hard drive spins up, then down, then up again, get a "power fluctuation" the screen wobbles - and then a blinking question mark. Hope it's just the HDD failed! Also reading up more on the 640x480 I'm going to pass on it. The non-mystic way has quite a few steps and not great results. Unless I find an app that really requires it or find a cheap board for a mystic upgrade, I'm going to table that for now.
  4. erichelgeson

    Color Classic Restore

    Quick update, got impatient and decided to just take some 70% ipa and clean the leak by the adb ports as it seems that is a common issue for soft power and it booted right up! Will start removing the old caps this weekend, but always good to know its in a working state before you start.
  5. erichelgeson

    Need soldering help, likely damaged board :(

    Just wanted to say I had the exact same situation happen and tried everything in this thread too. What worked for me was getting a better solder iron where I could set my temp and used a cat5 wire to soak up the solder from the hole. Then some UV solder mask to cover up the trace I accidentally exposed during my numerous other attempts. Best advice is to walk away if you get frustrated
  6. erichelgeson

    Color Classic Restore

    Hello! My next project is a Color Classic restore and likely 640x480 mod. Thread to document the restore and share anything I find on the way! This is my first color classic (first color 68k too!) - having to do a lot of reading/learning about it. Overall it's in good condition for it's age: The motherboard looks in good shape, though the caps near the ADB port have leaked, likely causing the soft power not to work. I tested continuity from Y1 as that seems to be a common problem, tested OK. (Dont worry, that battery is new, and just to test if that was the issue with no soft power) Second thing I noticed was a lot of white "crud" near the ROM chips: Once my new bottle of 99% IPA comes I'll remove, clean and re-seat the ROM chips. Ordered a set of caps from Console5 that should be here soon (along with a few other sets for my SE analog boards) Next steps: Clean, recap, see if it boots! I picked it up from the Trading Post
  7. I'd love to test too - MN, USA. Just recapped my SE/30 and would be fun to test out.
  8. erichelgeson

    Hastily designed VGA adapter for Mac Plus

    Amazing to see all these projects for Classic macs - keep up the great work!
  9. erichelgeson

    Repair a 15" Multiscan

    I just noticed the transistor on the heat sync to the left does not have a middle leg - not sure if that's intended or not. Visual inspection after removing dust, i cant see any apparent damage. capacitor looks a bit bulged.
  10. erichelgeson

    Repair a 15" Multiscan

    This board?
  11. erichelgeson

    SE/30 with an expansion card

    Also doing a bit more research on the card it appears to be this one https://lowendmac.com/video/pds/rops108plus.html - RasterOps ColorBoard 108+SE/30 Color SE/30 would be pretty crazy!
  12. erichelgeson

    SE/30 with an expansion card

    10pin starting at the notch as pin 1: 10pin -> db15 1->9 2->8 3->5 4->7 5->2 6->13 7->6 8->4 9->3 10->1