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  1. That disk is for intel based systems, your going to need to find one for the G5 explicitly or a PowerBook G4 / Mac Mini G4 Disc
  2. That looks like Snow Leopard 10.6 if I am not mistaken, which won't run on a PowerPC G5, You'll need a Leopard 10.5 disk.
  3. Works fine over ethernet. Took a bit of fiddling though. At first, the AppleShare folders showed up just fine, but none of the web routing worked. However, changing the IP address to something on my local network range, and pointing it to my actual router, let me use the VM as a proxy without issue. Now I just need to get JPEGview on the mac so I can actually see what WRP is feeding me Thanks again!
  4. markyb86

    Mac-Mini ReDux Fail . . . but it's OK!

    I'm curious to this as well. I don't know how to search this kind of question. I needed screws to mount an internal Zip, and couldn't find anything that matched -- except for four of those standoffs that are on the sides of serial/parallel/vga ports, etc. Not much help because I don't know what those are called either haha. But maybe those have an easier to find thread spec?
  5. Thanks for your work on this! I have used stunnel and WRP in the past to bring some modern internet to my iMac G3 and a OS/2 box. I don't have the host machine set up anymore but I already have a virtualbox host up, so this is great.
  6. markyb86

    Mac SE with db37 connector

    Hey! I think it's the Mac SE Bus Card https://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/apple-computer-mac-se-bus-pc-drive-169674199 https://wiki.preterhuman.net/Macintosh_SE-Bus_PC_Drive_Card
  7. gotcha. I think I'm going to play around with this and see if I can get some of those features running on my SE with a Farallon EtherMacSE. I've used it over ethernet in the past just fine for FTP and Telnet, but a pre-built solution for WRP at least is pretty cool.
  8. I'm performing a bit of necromancy in here, but a question on this, does this work with ethernet equipped macs or strictly localtalk bridged macs? Thanks!
  9. markyb86

    System 7 on a Rasberry Pi

    I used that guide to get System 7 up on a Pi Zero W. It worked great, but like @dcr said, it needs to be launched from raspbian. It was about as slow as macintosh classic II. I think without the GUI OS in the background it would have been more responsive. For what it's work it worked pretty good, just used 100% of the cpu the whole time, so there was not much multitasking going on.
  10. markyb86

    Mac-Mini ReDux Fail . . . but it's OK!

    Following with intent! I'm going to try a similar case mod to shorten(slim) a normal form factor ATX case into an XT desktop style case.
  11. markyb86

    Female Mac DB15 to VGA?

    I actually went and bought the part on ebay immediately after this so we’ see how it works.
  12. markyb86

    Female Mac DB15 to VGA?

    Thank you so much Cory!
  13. markyb86

    Female Mac DB15 to VGA?

    What you have there is basically what I'm looking for. (The middleman in the picture). I'm hoping that the monitor inside of a G3 iMac is compatible with VGA since it has the Macintosh DB15 connection. Does that adapter have a name or a part number that you're aware of? Thanks!
  14. markyb86

    Female Mac DB15 to VGA?

    Did they ever make an adapter to use a pc with a 15 pin apple monitor? All I have ever seen or can find are to use a PC monitor with a mac. Thanks
  15. markyb86