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  1. STStephen

    Clock and Date

    Okay lemmi test this on a unit i am not using for personal stuff first than. Thank you. -Walt This has been driving me and customers nuts.
  2. STStephen


    If you need the following repairs please feel free to email me @ scooby9261@gmail.com I repair the following: Hinge repair Battery replacement/repair. Screen replacement. and different odds and ends. I like to do the Hinge Repair at the same time I do the Battery repair. Please feel free to email me, also here is a link to my battery repair. http://ebay.us/khAAUW?cmpnId=5338273189 Geekaroo I.T. LLC : (We specialize in Apple Newton eMate 300's) Apple Newton eMate 300 Battery replacement. Shipped with USPS Priority Mail. If your eMate 300 is like most, with age the battery no longer holds much of a charge (if it holds any at all). Mail Geekaroo I.T. LLC your eMATE 300 battery and we will repair or replace the battery pack with brand new cells. After making the purchase follow these easy instructions. Instructions: (Follow pictures) 1) On the bottom of your eMate there are two screws towards the handle, these hold a plate in place. 2) Using a T-8 bit unscrew these two screws. (Becareful to not lose these screws). 3) Remove the plate and under it you will see the battery pack. 4) Unplug (gently) the battery pack and place it aside. 5) Now put the plate back on and put the screws back in place tightly. (We will email or msg you the address to send the battery or emate unit itself) You can still use the eMate with the charger while you wait for your new battery pack to arrive. Please allow 5-7 business days of receiving your battery pack for us to ship replacement. Each of the 4 new Cells will be 1.2v 2300mah. (If you would like batteries higher than 2300mah, please contact us.) The original eMate 300 cells were 1.2v 1200mah. So you will be almost doubling the battery life with the new pack from us. Average battery life: 38+ hours (w/backlight off). Average battery life: 18+ hours (w/back light on). We ship each new battery pack with instructions on how to reinstall the pack and get ya back up and running. (with pictures). Each new pack will be charged and burned in for 72 hours before being shipped. * Please make sure the AC Adaptor you are using is the original (Apple item #H0232) some 3rd party adaptors can cause damage. (Original specs for the original charger is 9W 7.5v 1.2 amp.) We also provide additional services for eMate 300's please message us for more info.
  3. STStephen

    Clock and Date

    My emates will not keep time past 2013 or so. Keep resetting on me. Is there a fix for this ? -Walt B Thanks
  4. STStephen

    web browser

    Im looking for an Email program for my eMate 300 and a possible web browser. What do you guys suggest ? Im using Wifi and itd be nice to be able to check my email on the go with my emate. -Walt
  5. STStephen

    Cheap emate battery fix.

    Nice find, and the solar thing is interesting as well.
  6. STStephen

    Emate 300 Battery

    I do this service if anyone needs help or is afraid to open their eMate. https://www.ebay.com/itm/254484555410?ssPageName=STRK:MESELX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1555.l2649 The original batteries in the eMate were 1200mah (i believe), I use 2300mah (and upon request can use higher) so the battery life will be like night and day and the newer batteries last a lot more cycles than the old batteries. I installed 2300mah on my own eMate and I get 38 hours (with backlight off) of battery. Around 18 hours with backlight on. Feel free to email me as I also do other repairs to eMate 300's. -Walt Scooby9261@gmail.com