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  1. JohnnyLoquat

    What do I need to know about RAM for my SE/30?

    I also just bought some SIMMs from their ebay store and they work great so far.
  2. JohnnyLoquat

    Kensington Turbo Mice: A Tale of Two Trackballs

    Cool breakdown, thanks for posting this. I've got a 4.0 that has some problems tracking horizontally. I also noticed that my photosensors (SD1 and SD2) are bent 45 degrees back, but when I tried putting them straight up and down like yours it didn't seem to have an effect. Clearly someone else before me got in there and did something. Any idea what I should try to do to get it working?
  3. JohnnyLoquat

    SE/30 video issue that has ME stumped!

    Bumping this thread because I have a similar issues and would like another perspective. Most of what you guys are talking about here is over my head. I’m an amateur when it comes to electronics work but comfortable doing recaps. I have 2 SE/30s. First, both machines have had 99% IPA baths/scrubs, so there’s no cap goo sitting around visibly. They also both had all surface mount caps replaced. 1. The first SE/30 boots with sound after the recap, but suffers from the vertical jail bars just as described here by @NE555 and @error1. The lines are overtop the cursor. Based on this description, should I focus my attention on using a multimeter to test UE8 next? 2. My second SE/30 had the caps falling off when I got it, but no battery damage. It cleaned up ok. The usual corrosion around C7 which seems worse than the other machine. I never turned it on when I got it due to the original capacitors falling off, but it seems to be doing something very similar to what the previous owner described. See this video: IMG_9253.MOV If anyone could point me in the right direction on where to start with either of these I would be very appreciative. Thank you!