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  1. sfiera

    Video Output Frequency of Macintosh LC - 25hz??

    Yeah, if the LC is set to output VGA (640×480@60Hz), then it should work. Just a question of setting up the DA15-to-VGA adapter right. (There’s also a separate, Mac-specific 640×480@66.7Hz mode, which I think would work on modern displays, but not old ones)
  2. sfiera

    Video Output Frequency of Macintosh LC - 25hz??

    Perhaps they’re confusing the vertical scan frequency and the horizontal scan frequency. The 12” 512×384 display that was introduced with the LC has a vertical scan frequency of 60.15 Hz and a horizontal scan frequency of 24.48 kHz. Modern monitors can handle 60.15 Hz vertical, but likely not 24.48 kHz horizontal, though it’s more that 384 lines is too narrow and 24.48 kHz reflects that narrowness. It’s not really a concern either way, since an LC can support 640×480 in 16 colors.
  3. sfiera

    Clamshell left hinge screw

    I tried, but I didn’t make any progress. There’s not really room to get much leverage there. I also tried inserting a coin under the hinge, but that didn’t help either. There might be room to slip a thin wrench underneath to keep the insert from turning, if I knew what size was appropriate. (assuming the insert is hex-shaped) I guess the extreme option is to cut the head off the screw or drill it out. I don’t have the tools for that, though.
  4. I have two iBook clamshells I’ve been working on. I stripped them down this far, but in both cases I got stuck at the screw holding the left hinge, the one dead center in this photo: It turns freely, but won’t come out. There’s enough of a gap for the grounding cable to rotate, though. I tried forcing the screw upwards, but didn’t make any progress. The screw on the right hinge comes out without any trouble. A stuck screw is no surprise, but I wasn’t expecting to get stuck on the same screw in both iBooks. Is there something I’m missing? Is there something about this specific screw? Any advice on how to proceed?
  5. sfiera

    Apple "mistake? video 512 x 342 vs. 512 x 384

    I should maybe add: I don't have any personal experience with this mode. It was just something I found in the LC III Developer Note (p14, “VRAM”) while researching video modes and parameters. The LC 475 Developer Note does not mention it, nor the Technical Specifications pages for the LC 475 or LC II. I guess it was really specific to the LC III. Timing-wise, the LC III’s 640×400 is identical to letterboxed 640×480 (pp21-22).
  6. sfiera

    Apple "mistake? video 512 x 342 vs. 512 x 384

    Yes, I don’t know if it was a technical limitation that kept B/W compacts at 512×342 and more—that’s the hardware and software they already had, so why change things? As for 640×400, this was available on desktop Macs too. Machines with 512k of VRAM (such as the LC III) can display 16-bit color at 640×400, are limited to 8-bit color at 640×480. The same consideration may have driven the choice of resolution for the Powerbook 100; 32k VRAM will get you 640×400 at 1-bit but not 640×480.
  7. sfiera

    Apple "mistake? video 512 x 342 vs. 512 x 384

    Seems that all B/W compact Macs have that; compare for example the Macintosh 128k page. That table is labeled as being about “Video Memory” which I think is only really relevant for models that have multiple display options. For external displays, 512×384 is an option but 512×342 isn’t. It’s probably just a standard table that they didn’t bother to specialize for compact Macs.
  8. sfiera

    Bondi Clamshell!

    Action Retro did a video here: TL;DW: works, but didn't seem to retain the advertised capacity. He said he was going to try to exchange it, to see if the problem was the one battery or the seller, but I didn't see a follow-up video yet.
  9. sfiera

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    If you need a Classic-style icon to work with, someone created and uploaded a Pi logo on Macintosh Garden.
  10. sfiera

    Powerbook 190cs full refurbishment & re-cap

    Hmm, I found another source saying that “industrial” and “true IDE” are the keywords to look for, so I ordered one of those. Of course, it's half the size for twice the price, but oh well.
  11. sfiera

    Powerbook 190cs full refurbishment & re-cap

    I started by initializing the CF card with Drive Setup. It seemed to work, but the machine didn’t boot after I finished installing the system from floppies. At that point, I tried to repartition and the card stopped mounting. Initialization failed installing the ATA driver, and Drive Setup would complain about the drive having an unknown driver. I concluded that I should do what you’re planning and image the CF card from a working HDD via PCMCIA. I’m hoping that copies over a working ATA driver, skipping Drive Setup, though I’ll lose space (750GB vs. 4GB). That equipment arrives tomorrow. What software are you going to use to image the card? I haven’t researched that yet.
  12. sfiera

    Powerbook 190cs full refurbishment & re-cap

    There’s a familiar sight. I’m working on a 5300 at the moment, and it’s nice to see a 190 coming out so well on the other end. How are you booting right now? I got an IDE-to-CF adapter, but I’ve had mixed results with it so far.
  13. sfiera

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    One thing that was still kind of a mystery to me was that “floppy ribbon cable”. I thought it would have to be a pretty specialized part to connect to the computer’s expansion port on one end and the drive on the other. Well, I got a for-parts 5300 today whose floppy drive had cracked plastic, so I decided to open it up. I found inside a small adapter board that breaks out some of the pins from the expansion port to a 20-pin ribbon connector. Is that the cable in question? The auction photos seem to confirm it: part of the installation process must be to detach this board and fix it on the logic board.
  14. sfiera

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    Oh, and there’s another black one on Yahoo Auctions now: Macway キーボード TP-999KB 英語版 Ver.2.0 マウス MacALLY 12BMAC-MM01セットで (currently no bids at ¥4,980, which is on the high side) You’d need to use a proxy such as Buyee to bid on it. I have no experience with proxies, as I’m in Japan and bid directly.
  15. sfiera

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    Sure. That keyboard is a Macway keyboard, a line that was sold in Japan in the 90s. Layout-wise, it’s similar to early Mac keyboards such as the IIGS and M0116. Control is next to A and Caps (non-locking) is in the corner, but there’s a separate row for Esc and FKeys. Keyswitches are Alps, I believe, but I haven’t popped a keycap to check color. They come in several colors, mainly Platinum White and PowerBook Black, but also clear white, blue, green, and bronze. Later models hew closer to ANSI (swapping ctrl/caps) or JIS (with ISO enter). If you compare to the BookcaSE photos on this site, for example, it’s very close but I don’t think the markings are exactly the same. I have other, very similar keyboards by Filco and Loas, so I think there must have been some contract manufacturer that made them to order. Maybe Uchishiba contracted for one with their own markings, or used one of the other distributors.