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    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    It'd be great to see this come back to life! Adam's records indicated that this one needed quite a bit of work (it does not power on currently), but wasn't any more specific than that. Information like this played a significant role in prioritizing what we would attempt to sell and what we would view as a contribution to the community.
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    The biggest haul I’ve ever made.

    Thanks for coming! I hope everyone will be following the items for sale on eBay. We'll ultimately have ~100 listings for some great things with reasonable starting bids, and making a purchase would be a great way to show appreciation for the efforts of Adam and his family.
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    btober's conquests

    Yes! It's in good condition as well; I need to do a small paint touch-up inside the battery compartment (visible through the clear plastic from the the front bottom exterior) and polish the entire case, but that's it!
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    btober's conquests

    Hi all, I figured I should start my own thread given the latest addition(s) to my collection. After noticing a somewhat obscure post on Craigslist the other day, I was able to pick up some vintage equipment from a former marketing professional in my area. Included in the haul: Power Macintosh 9500/120 with 400 MHz Newer Tech MAXPowr G3 processor, 128 MB RAM, 18 GB HD, and 4 MB VRAM. Also included was a PowerLogix PowerBoost Pro 225 604e processor, but I didn't get the machine's original processor. 12" iBook G3 with 600 MHz processor, 384 MB RAM, 100 GB HD, AirPort, power adapter, and a battery that still seems to hold 3 hours of charge External APS 3 GB SCSI HD (tested working) External APS SQ5200 200 MB SCSI SyQuest drive in SR2000 enclosure (as of yet untested, as this requires an external power supply that I unfortunately didn't receive; if anyone has any leads on a compatible power adapter [see attached photos] please let me know!) 2 external APS magneto-optical drives: one is a 640 MB Fujitsu drive, the other is a smaller capacity (and manufacturer unknown). After some quick testing of these, the Fujitsu drive isn't recognized when connected to a computer, while the other drive is recognized but seems to have some power issues (power seems to cut in and out when trying to access a disk [which ultimately doesn't ever mount]) SyQuest, MO, and ZIP media 1 empty APS SCSI external hard drive enclosure Various accessories including an AEKII, a Pro Keyboard, ADB and ADBII mice, a PowerKey Classic, SCSI cables, and a UMAX SCSI scanner Lots of software on CDs and floppies The Power Mac is in great condition; I'm fairly certain the only (minor, internal) plastic case damage was due to my disassembly of the machine for cleaning (I had some Plastruct Plastic Weld on hand and was able to return any pieces to their rightful location). I had to resolve some internal SCSI ID / termination issues with the machine, as the hard drive installed was apparently a secondary drive that was initialized and the originally installed / startup drive was removed entirely, but was ultimately successful in getting a fresh install of 9.1 on the machine.
  6. Hi all, I have a MessagePad 120 that I recently repaired by using some parts from a donor device (namely, the power switch). Now that it's "working," it's clear that there's also some other issue at play. The display contrast varies every few seconds or so, ranging from being visible to extremely faint. Sometimes, the entire screen will even flash completely black, but this might be dependent on the setting of the contrast dial. Here's a video of the issue: https://youtu.be/zx6K9uIxVxM (this doesn't show the black flash I mentioned). Does anyone have any ideas? I haven't been able to find any information about similar issues. I quickly swapped in another display that I believe to be working fine and the same problem was exhibited, so maybe the problem isn't actually the display itself? On a related note, the part displayed in the attached image came loose during disassembly — does anyone know where this should go in the device? I haven't seen it mentioned in any disassembly walk-throughs, nor does it seem to be visible in any related images (although most disassembly images I've found are fairly low resolution). Thanks!