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  1. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    I'm not familiar with the FasPath but if it is an AppleTalk <--> Ethernet gateway then you're most likely all set. Eric
  2. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Hey that's awesome Retmarut! It's working as expected? If anybody else wants one I have 8 still in shrinkwrap that I can send quickly. PM me an offer and an email address. I don't want to discuss it in the open Eric
  3. Jalapeno

    Macintosh Classic II Restoration

    Hi PotatoFi, Nice job! I have a bunch of yellowed stuff and I looked up peroxide and retrobrite from reading your thread and noticed you used 3 bottles of 40 hair developer. My wife has 20 and she said to use very little of it. I took my 3rd yellowest keyboard and put a little of the 20 in the cap and spread just a tiny bit with a q-tip and wrapped it in plastic and put it in the sun this morning for 2 hours. Since it was a test I wasn't even careful about how I put it on with the q-tip and I thought I'd get a nice marbled effect if I crinkled up the plastic wrap. But, except for the spot I missed with the q-tip it seems to have worked anyway. No marbling. I left the space key alone so it would be easier to tell how it worked since my iPhone 5 will look different at different times of the day. Before I started. how it looked with the developer spread. You can see I barely, barely used any: how it looks now that I am done after loosely, crinkley, wrapping it and leaving it in the sun for two hours. Then put back together. you can still see a faint streak of yellow on the top right of the keyboard where I missed a spot (bottom right of the photo) and as I said I left the space bar alone for color comparison. My question is since you used a lot more and a lot stronger hair developer and haven't had a yellow reoccurrence, did you use less before and had it return to yellow? I'd like to use as little as possible but without having the yellow return (I'll be keeping them away from UV and heat going forward). Here is what I used (and used hardly any of it) it's called Clairol Pure White and is $2.85 for a 16 ounce bottle. Thanks. And again, nice job! Eric
  4. Jalapeno

    Some software I have, are any of these rare?

    ????? I just went back and looked at what I posted and it wasn't my intention to ask for eBay values, in fact I didn't ask for any values at all. I may or may not sell this stuff its undetermined yet, except for the Token Ring card with its software and the TOPS stuff which I know is going to be sold because I can't use any of it. I already have a bunch of Shiva EtherGate's that I'm preparing for eBay so they will probably be listed with them. I hope that clears it up for you. Quite frankly I never knew this forum existed before my Google search for information on the EtherGates. I only posted all this here because the forum title is "Conquests" and the subtitle is "Discuss your latest vintage Mac finds!" If I'm doing something wrong or posting in the wrong forum please let me know. I don't want to upset the community. I did find all of this vintage Mac stuff in storage so I consider it a latest vintage Mac find because I forgot I had it. Anyway, when I came here a couple of days ago from Google someone suggested that the Shiva Internet Administrator software I have a dozen copies of was thought to be lost and it should be uploaded to a pirate site so it wouldn't be lost again. I thought I was helping a poor soul who was told it was gone. Same in this thread, if there is any software I have that is considered rare or thought to be lost I'd copy it before selling (if I decide to sell). Unfortunately I can't give any of this stuff away, no matter how old and unloved it is. (I'm serious, not being facetious). I hope that helps. Eric p.s. I just learned that the TOPS software is going for a lot less than I can part with it on eBay.
  5. Jalapeno

    Some software I have, are any of these rare?

    I tried to leave a message on that blog post but it gives me an error. Is Dog Cow on this forum? Eric
  6. Jalapeno

    Some software I have, are any of these rare?

    I am in the U.S. (Detroit). I'm just going through boxes at the moment. My eventual intention is to sell off everything that is in storage. Networks were my hobby back in the 1990's and I picked up a ton of stuff from schools and businesses that were dropping Apple and switching to window. I'm just showing in this thread what I have left as I find it. If that is OK. But, some things like the Token Ring connector I can't ever use as I don't have a token ring network so I'd sell it with a good offer right now, though I'll probably put it on eBay with the EtherGate's that I have. Same with the TOPS stuff. I have about a dozen Mac SE/30's that are working and I'd like to keep a couple of them and will need some network software but will sell most of them eventually. I also found a GatorBox, and maybe two of them. I have to work my way back there to know for sure. I actually just found this site by accident when I was searching for "Shiva EtherGate" on Google to do some research before putting my EtherGates up for auction and found a soul who needed some software that I had. I've been looking through the site and found this Conquests forum so I thought I'd put pictures up of what I'm finding and seeing if there is anything rare that is "lost" so I could try to archive it before I decide to use or sell. I found another box with some Apple stuff too but most of what I have is PC related or non-Mac network hardware. Here is what I took out of that box Central Point Software Mac Tools Deluxe. Open box (box is trash though, disks are good and so is manual pictured). Neon LANsurveyor. No box, this is also on one of the SE/30's hard drives I have along with Internet Router. Original OS X (open box, the bar code is missing) OSX Jaguar. Open Box, bar code is missing. I have a couple of VHS tapes that I'll convert to .mp4 with my Honestech. The Q-Drive Care and Feeding. I have the drive somewhere too. Probably in my basement. I'll see if I can find that. The System 6 video from Q-LABS. I think this is Apple IIGS system 6 and not Mac. II Alive Apple II review. I think this was also Q-labs. They were a couple of towns over from me here in Michigan. Quality Computers. Eric
  7. I found some software, a lot of it still in the original shrink-wrapped packaging, in storage. Are any of these rare and should be archived somehow? AppleShare File server with Apple II setup disk. Used, no box. ORCA Disassembler (Apple IIGS). Still in original shrink-wrap. ORCA Debugger (Apple IIGS). Opened, didn't come in a box. AppleTalk Remote Access users guide. Still in original shrink-wrap. AppleTalk Internet Router. Open box. Apple Inter*Poll Network Administrators Utility. Still in original shrink-wrap. NetMinder LocalTalk. Open box. NetMinder Ethernet. Open box. PowerShare Collaboration Servers. Still in original Shrink-Wrap. Web Server Construction Kit for Macintosh. Open box. TOPS TeleConnector. Still in original shrink-wrap. TOPS Macintosh version. Open Box. TOPS Macintosh later version. Still in original shrink-wrap. I had about 3 dozen of these at one time but a computer school bought them from me. TOPS Network Bundle for Macintosh. Still in original shrink-wrap. Sorry about the picture but the plastic wrap is really shiny on this one and I couldn't find an angle without a reflection. Asante Token Ring card for Macintosh. Open Box. I once had a ton of these but I sold them. I must have missed this one. Anyone still run a token ring network? I could sell this. Lotus Notes R5 for Macintosh. Open Box. This was actually my copy that I used to connect to the DaimlerChrysler network in the 1990's when I worked there. Remember DaimlerChrysler? Adobe Acrobat 4.0 (full version) for Macintosh. Open box. This was my copy that I used to use in the 1990'a back when LZW was under patent. Design Your Own Home 3d Walkaround. Open box. Not Mac related but IBM OS/2 Warp version 4. Open box. That's all in those storage boxes. Eric
  8. Jalapeno

    Apple Extended Keyboard II (and mouse) 29 dollars total!

    Hi. I'm new here so let me know if I'm breaking any rules.... but what is the going cost on these keyboards? I just sold one yesterday with a mouse and ADB cable for $20. He asked me about the key switches so I showed him these pictures: I'm happy with the deal since I bought 100 of these and Mac SE/30's and some Mac Classics from Kodak when the digital camera caused a massive layoff for $50 for the keyboards, cables and mice and $100 for the Mac's so I still made money. I'm just wondering what the going rate is because I still have about a dozen of them in storage. Thanks, and again I hope I'm not breaking rules. Eric
  9. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    If you want the disks only then that will basically make one of the units less salable. But, I am willing to discuss. Please send me your email address in a PM and we can discuss outside of the public eye Eric
  10. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    These are units that Unisys purchased for their networks in the early '90's but were never deployed and are still in their original shrink-wrap. I bought a ton of them 25 years ago when they were clearing out their IT stock rooms of unused equipment. I haven't decided on a price yet but I'm thinking $100 as a starting bid on eBay as that's what they sold for in the late 2000's at auction. I sold most of them years ago but I still have a half dozen or so in storage. They aren't in my way so I'm in no particular hurry to unload them and most likely won't take less than $100 since they are basically NOS (new, old stock). Eric
  11. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Here I will post some parts of the manual that mention internet manager. I installed the software on a Mac SE/30 that I found in storage unit and took a screen shot. Please let me know if this is the software that you need.
  12. Jalapeno

    Shiva EtherGate Internet Manager

    Hi. I know this is an old post but I came across it on google. If you still need the Shiva Ethergate Software I am preparing to sell some Ethergates that are new old stock that I've had in storage for 25 years. Still shrink-wrapped. One of the boxes is not still in the shrink-wrap so I opened it and there are three 800k floppy disks, one says Ethergate Administrators Disk, one says Macintosh Installer Disk and one says MCSA Telnet Disk. If you are still interested please let me know. I would prefer someone to buy the units but it might be possible to create disk images and upload them, if I can find a Mac with an 800k drive and some utility software. p.s. I only subscribed to this forum to let you know I have the software, manuals and hardware for the EtherGate. It looks like a cool site so I'll look around. Eric