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  1. Overlord

    SE/30 and Internal CD Drives

    Thanks folks. I think I’m going to try it with the goal of integrating it into my SE/30. I think there’s enough space inside without the floppy drive, hdd, and their cages. Im going to try this with the ATX2AT psu project once it ships. Is there a slot loading drive that is known to be fully compatible with the machine?
  2. Overlord

    SE/30 and Internal CD Drives

    Has anyone tried plugging an internal AppleCD like the 300i or 600i into the SE/30 internal scsi port? I'm curious if it is possible to wire up a 600i internally and use an external SCSI2SD. Side note: is it possible to use an internal scsi cable with two connectors even tho the SE/30 only shipped with a single port connector?
  3. https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/doctb/atx2at-smart-converter-protect-your-retro-hardware/ Did anyone else Kickstart this project? I'm hoping this is going to be the holy grail of retro computing power supplies. I already imagine myself stuffing one into a IIGS, SE, Compact, and probably more down the line. Hoping to hear back from the creator about my Mac specific questions but I'd love to hear any thoughts from anyone about this thing.
  4. Overlord

    microSD & SD Extender/Adapters

    So my SE/30 build is going to have a FloppyEMU C and a SCSI2SD V6 mounted internally. I want to route their respective microSD/SD cards to the back of the case for easy/attractive access. I've seen many different micro-sd to SD extensions and SD card extensions on many different sites. Are there any specific ones that anyone can recommend? Or perhaps any knowledge or advice they'd like to share?
  5. Just as the topic asks, has anyone tried using a rounded scsi cable for their SCSI2SD or even just normal internal scsi hdd? I don't love the idea of twisting the flat cable to orientate it correctly in my SE/30. I remember in the past buying roudned IDE cables but I'm having trouble finding SCSI. Any thought or advice?
  6. Overlord

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    For a fee, would someone be willing to wire up one of these for me?
  7. Overlord

    Soph's mac finds

    Wow total mind link. I was just engrossing myself in these amazing cards. LEM has a great review of one from '91. The concept of a Mac within a Mac totally excites me! https://lowendmac.com/1991/radius-rocket-review/ I don't have/never-had any nubus macs. I wish there was a way to get a Nubus card into a SE/30.