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  1. Papichulo

    Should it be recapped?

    I got a leftover picture from that board. I gave up and tossed the board. Hope this helps if it dont theres a post on here about the types of caps for it
  2. Papichulo

    Corroded Chip

    The capacitor next to it is leaking badly
  3. Papichulo


    No offense but you have counterfeit granite countertops. Still look nice though.
  4. Papichulo

    Opening Powerbook adapter

    Well i just got it open! Used my hands and a screwdriver like suggested above. Wow its leaking so bad it smells horrible and its literally a pool of cap goo! Thanks for the suggestions!
  5. Papichulo


  6. Papichulo

    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    It probably wont work. I tried it didnt work but theres a pop when it starts up.
  7. Papichulo

    Connor Mac Portable 3045 40MB Drives

    How did you get the goo off it? I have one that i put black tape on the rubber bumpers and all it does is spin. Wont even work!
  8. Papichulo

    Re-capping IIsi problems....

    Im dealing with same thing. Same screen and no sound. No broken traces. Mabie the leaking capacitors short out the chips or something?
  9. Papichulo


  10. Papichulo


  11. Papichulo

    Mac IIsi repair attempt, take 2

    This is exactly what im dealing with. Any update?
  12. Papichulo

    Mac iisi monitor problem

    I tried all that its definetely messed up. No broken traces and the board cant be any cleaner. The only thing i can think is it had really bad leakage before the previous owner recapped it and shorted out the rom chips or something. I dont want to keep spending money on this thing lol. The power supply, fan works well though
  13. Papichulo

    Mac iisi monitor problem

    Its been cleaned almost 10 times since i had it and whoever had it before really cleaned the board and recapped it. Same thing if i remove all the ram. If it has 1mb on the logic board why wont it boot? The rom chips are on the board to. Theres no sound at all the speaker just pops when turning it on. External speakers wont work either.
  14. Papichulo

    Mac iisi monitor problem

    Ok so i got the plug you reccomened and it works! Unfortunately the screen is just white and it wont boot. The ram modules are different and that may be the reason but i dont really know. Would fixing the ram fix the machine?
  15. Sometimes in the middle of the night i hear clicking noises and i dont know were its coming from. Its probably all in your head. Seriously though see if its the speaker or the motherboard