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  1. Bit late to the game sorry Just sharing a picture to give a bit more info to verify. Besides, I was stood right next to a bare 840 board when I read your post.
  2. Phipli

    Macintosh Quadra 840av

    I can confirm they are both fitted to my board but there is no easy way to measure their values without removing them. They're quite inaccessible - behind the plastic board protector. How on earth did they get knocked off? Are you sure that they're not just unpopulated on your board?
  3. Interesting. Do you have any left? How much to get one to the UK?
  4. Simple question, does anybody know where I can buy (or a design to make) some PAL 30 pin SIMMs for my IIx? I'm stuck at 8MB and would love even a little more. Note they don't work with standard high capacity SIMMs.
  5. There is an Arduino example sketch somewhere for calibrating the internal RC circuit on the specific chip. Could be useful if you're using it.
  6. Torbar - I did spot the silk screen says "Hello cave dwellers"
  7. Can you make it that if the computer sets the date to before 1980, the AVR adds 100 years to the date? That would solve the date and time 2 digit year issue. Also is the new chip going to be 2040 proof? Cool if I could drop one in and the date kept working past 2040... or is that an OS issue rather that the clock chip?
  8. So these various boards, where they have an optional crystal and a jumper to select internal or external clock... can you put in any speed crystal within the limits of the logic and CPU grade (I realise that you probably can't put a 50mhz chip in a 16mhz board because the timings in the PALs and other logic are likely to be out - but please correct me on this ). For example, if I had a 16mhz board, could I put an 16.9344mhz into it, or a 22.5972mhz, if I had a 25mhz CPU. Or, do they need to be multiples of another speed on the system, or the PALs can only cope with very specific speeds... etc. etc.
  9. Just a thought... I know Compact Macs are very popular atm, and the SE/30 is a worthwhile follow up to the best computer ever made (the SE)... but it might be good to do a IIcx or something rather than every compact Mac first. Consider that it is easier to build up a new desktop as you can use an ATX supply and an LCD screen! Also not a huge difference between the SE/30 and IIcx designs. Note this isn't specifically a request / demand, I'm over the moon to see this project happening as I have an SE.
  10. Daft question... I'm interested down the line in a working board, but would you sell me a spare faulty one (or two) to hang an SE motherboard on the wall? I'm UK based. Assuming you are? Awesome work by the way. Looking forward to seeing the end result.
  11. Some of the similar Total Systems Mercury 030 boards shown in old adverts don't have a crystal installed, so don't assume that your crystal is missing. They have a jumper for setting the clock source. The attached does have a crystal, interestingly a 20mhz when the boatd only seems to be advertised as 16. The clock-free ad I saw had the jumper at "out" (it says "in" out of sight). Are the two pin headers on this thing for RAM and video expansions?
  12. Phipli

    Nubus Ethernet Card Software

    Interesting, thank you Bolle. We could do with a few more like this one for the collection. Ethernet makes it a lot easier to move things between old and new machines.
  13. Dumb question... if the II and IIx are in part slow because they were designed for 120ns RAM and have a large number of wait cycles... if you have faster RAM is it possible to change the number of wait cycles in the ROM, for example with a ROMinator?
  14. Phipli

    Nubus Ethernet Card Software

    All sorted, don't mind me. It was just jumper settings. I can now FTP files straight from my ARM SBC NAS to my 1988 Mac in 7.1 and don't have to faff with passing files down a chain of formats and computers Excellent!
  15. Phipli

    Nubus Ethernet Card Software

    Awesome - the following site showed me the right jumpersettings for RJ45 connections! https://stason.org/TULARC/pc/network-cards/C/CNET-TECHNOLOGY-INC-Ethernet-CN460E-REV-A.html