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  1. Mu0n

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    Livin' the dream man! Do you plan to make fresh MIDI music as well with a modern DAW?
  2. Mu0n

    Mac Classic - Assistance needed

    C5 and C9!
  3. Mu0n

    内芝製作所 BookcaSE

    I recently used buyee to get a Roland SC-88ST from Yahoo Auctions. The removal of any communication hassle with the seller is a must if you don't know japanese, all for a small fee of a few hundred yens (worth it).
  4. Mu0n

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    I got the cheapo USB cable on FB marketplace, the one with 1 USB leading to a tear shaped black box with a white musical note printed on it and 2 midi cables (in and out). It must have a shoddy design because it didn't allow everything I wanted. It's the knockoff model you can see everywhere on eBay and Alibaba. Works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware MT-32 Semi-works: -simple dosbox playback with a hardware SC-88ST, it occasionally glitches with quadrupled notes seconds into a playback and the reverb just piles on, creating an awful mess Fails: -sending any data from a midi keyboard (my rock band 360 keytar) to a modern PC and DAW. Nothing gets through The second interface (M-Audio Midisport 1x1) works everywhere so far where the other doesn't. It's supposed to be cheap but it was bought on Amazon for a beefy price, but I got it as a gift.
  5. Mu0n

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    Thanks, but I'm good messing around with my 486 or inside LMMS on my modern windows machines. Using concertware or cubase on the ol' mac is purely optional for me. I can wait.
  6. Mu0n

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    nice find! I was searching for those in the last weeks in reverb.com and could only find $40+ ones with another $40+ in shipping. Who knows how much more gouge I would have gotten since it would have to cross the border. I'll just casually wait to meet my father, hehe.
  7. Mu0n

    Playing With my SE/30

    I had a Gravis Gamepad for my Pentium PC and the stick was atrocious. The main problem with this gamepad, under certain games, is that you can't easily and reliably go to purely horizontal or vertical directions. So many badly designed gamepads have that problem and it's very showstopping for twitch arcade/platform games that require precision. The best D-Pads are the ones where 4 buttons protrude out independantly.
  8. Mu0n

    How to connect Roland SC-88 to my Macs?

    I'm in the same boat. I have both a Roland MT-32 and a Roland SC-88ST (same as yours, but no screen and only a volume knob + sc-55 map button). If it's anything like vintage PCs, connecting to a serial port would allow you to use it in UART (aka dumb) mode. For intelligent mode, you'd need an interface box like the crazy MPU-401 which goes for hundreds of dollars on ebay. I definitely do not know if the mac has software to mimick everything that interface does, though. modern PC: a USB to midi cheap cable is fine for some programs, but glitches in some programs. a M-Audio small midi in+midi out box is perfect. vintage 486: usually you get a joystick port adapter from DB15 to midi only if you can accept only UART mode (some games will run fine in it, like Secret of Monkey Island). You need a hardware interface like a MPU-401 for intelligent mode *OR* a recently made TSR (terminate stay resident) program that takes a few kb of RAM and does all that work in software (that's what I plan on using when my adapter ships here) vintage mac: I definitely recall my father having some sort of little MIDI interface for when he tried his Korg synth. I don't recall which mac port he used with it. It could have been for his LC 575, or Powerbook 170. The Midiman macman is supposed to do the job. Next time I see him, I'll try to borrow it from him and test it out on my SE/30. He was interested in sequencing and not really in Sierra games.
  9. YES! The intent of my website has finally paid off.
  10. Here you go if you want to download it https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-I9SGA7VsFwsOHTijXfzAmz7w5qZL34l/view?usp=sharing I'm gonna try and add it to Mac Garden
  11. PopupFuncs is the correct name. I have no recollection where I got it, but I have a vivid memory of having installed it a few weeks/months after I started using THINK C for my millions of little projects back in 2004-5. Perhaps I got it from the hotline server that was up back then, Retromac68k (what a treasure trove, long gone, before I could manually back up it all - I got a good chunk of it though).
  12. You use HLock to lock the handle managing your pointer, so you can't lose access to it. You HUnlock it after. Your question was spot on, and highlights the cost (small) of using this strategy in memory management. If I recall correctly, the most frequent use of those pairs of traps I did back 15 years ago was when I was prepping and blitting my offscreen memory block to the video RAM.
  13. Mu0n

    Treasure trove of floppies

    Would love it if you found Studio Session song files (or from other similar composition software like concertware), or VideoWorks animations, hypercard stacks. Anything that's personal creativity is always fun to discover.
  14. Another vote for THINK C. If you get that, make sure you get the searchable database for standard Mac functions, an absolute time saver (I think it's just called THINK Reference), as well as Popfunc, so you can add a leftmost corner pop-up menu to your window editing a source file, allowing you to go directly to any function from a pull-down menu, if you're a barbarian like me and write too many functions in an individual source file sometimes (I'm trying to break the habit) If you do target System 6 and less, check out some code examples I did here: https://mu0n.github.io/ForayInto68k/index.html
  15. Mu0n

    Arcade Adapter for Mac*Man

    Right after double clicking to launch the game, I tried a 3rd, held click, but it seemed to have no effect. There are several spots where it might do some kind of check. Before the splash screen, during it, after it. after selecting PLAYER 1 from the menu (that's when it tells you it can't detect a joystick and shows you the keyboard control layout).