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  1. jessenator

    Performa 631 Compatible IDE to CF Adapter

    Interesting! Glad it's working for you! Also, good to know about the laptop adapter. At some point I want to swap out the still-working spinner in my icebook, so I'll avoid that one. I really wonder now if they flopped the screen printing on my adapter now... but it works, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  2. jessenator

    Performa 631 Compatible IDE to CF Adapter

    Well, if the power/voltage is the issue, the changes in partition size most likely can't be written off just yet perhaps Anyway, hope it starts working for you!
  3. jessenator

    Performa 631 Compatible IDE to CF Adapter

    Maybe a dumb question, or something you've already taken care of, but what do you have the voltage jumper set to? I guess the bottom adapter in your post doesn't (appear to) have a voltage jumper, but the top one might... This is my CF adapter, and when I first got it it wouldn't work/boot at all—crashed at boot. Turns out the "default" supply voltage of 5V was the culprit*. Switching it to 3.3V solved the issue and it's been golden. But this was on a Power Mac 4400, so not sure if that's a direct solution for your Performa, but one would think a mis-portioned drive size wouldn't cause a sad mac, but I don't know for sure. *I don't even recall if the jumper was mislabeled/reversed somehow, but switching mine to its 3.3V setting did the trick. Anyway, something to try/check. I'd also try Byrd's suggestion of limiting the primary boot partition. I'd maybe go one further and ONLY partition it in <2GB segments, or test a single partition under 2GB.
  4. That's pretty neat! Interware had some fascinating upgrade products. Back when I bought my first 400 MHz Sonnet L2 the same seller had a Vimage-branded version. Its proportions weren't nearly as nice and "long" as that version you have, or the Sonnet flavors; it was super blocky and I wonder if it would've blocked 12" PCI cards. I kick myself every so often for not picking it up as well, the price being what it was OH well. Another white whale appears to be the LittleJoe from Metabox... don't think I've seen one in the wild, just the lo-res image on EveryMac. I assume they just lost out to the "simplicity" of Sonnet, maybe? Your Interware box does have the typical (well, JDM probably) Alchemy/Gazelle models listed, so I'm fairly confident it won't work, and please don't feel obligated to open your mint-in-box piece on my account but if you're interested, go for it. In general I find the L2 slot upgrades fascinating, in the same way I find the PM7200's G3 upgrade fascinating. All those circuit design gymnastics required to do what Apple didn't want to have happen.
  5. So after finding that mention of a PR/Account Management correspondence on 6400Zone, I started corroborating, with what's left on WayBack Machine, across other contemporary review sites, and it seems that assumption was correct: from February 23 1999 all of the L2 upgrades will work on the 4400/StarMax/LPX-40 clones. So the #B4G3-xxx LPX-40/Tanzania-specific cards must have been surplus, I guess? or perhaps to be sold at a different price point, due to the motherboard-specific compatibility? The 400 MHz card hadn't been announced yet from what I've gathered, so it's safe to assume all 400 MHz and 500 MHz rev cards should be compatible with the LPX-40-based Mac(s) and clones. The announcement date for the 400 MHz card is March 19, 1999, so that puts it in the window of compatibility with these machines. There are anecdotes housed on 6400Zone that talk of customers being sent the #B4G3 p/n (LPX-40-only) cards by mistake, but haven't run into any of people being sent the #BG3 cards and they not working on a 4400—at least as far as the 400+ speed cards anyway.
  6. Apparently the early early 400 MHz cards (announced March '99) didn't support said 10x multiplier until they started using the PPC755 in late January 2000*, which explains the first-glance weird description: *take that with a grain of salt. I mean, it's supposedly from Sonnet
  7. jessenator


    There are indeed a couple of members willing to do that on the forum. I won't mention them by name in case they don't want it publicized that they do it (one reached out to me by personal message...). And from what I recall, this person who did work for me didn't want to make a busy business of it, but just keep it as a way to help out forum members. I had my SE/30 re-capped by them and their fees are exceptionally reasonable. Hopefully they'll see this thread and if they have time, they'll reach out.
  8. jessenator

    CPU upgrades for PowerCenter?

    You're using the Apple driver, yeah? SCSI chain terminated?
  9. jessenator

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Nice! Even smaller footprint than the FastCache Quadra to boot.
  10. jessenator

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    womp womp... guess I didn't look hard enough yes, that's a much better datasheet, than that fax-resolution copy. Interesting note on the Amiga CPU connector, and great to know KEL still makes the part. Would it be more advantageous for someone stateside to get them then ship them across the pond? I don't imagine the parcel being particularly huge or heavy for even 50-100 of the connectors. I'm really surprised DigiKey doesn't have these... I mean they have those 030 PDS/NuBus style connectors in stock...
  11. jessenator

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Not from KEL's site, but found this old scan: KELCS00034-1.pdf
  12. jessenator

    Trouble dealing with a local seller with a massive hoard

    I agree, there's an element of diplomacy that's necessary for the deal... I certainly don't have it to the degree necessary to negotiate the belligerent seller. Truth be told, I really only have enough to know when to back out, but that doesn't really net me anything... I have a threshold—and it's not the same for everyone else—of when it stops being worth the talk. I haven't dealt with anything nearly on the scale MrFahrenheit recounted, but I'm familiar with that temperament. There have been a few local listings (for one or two items at most) where I've made offers, but thankfully they've been decent. But the old standards "I know what I have" the "don't low-ball me" and the most puzzling "let me know what it's worth to you". Like, I just did... a non-powering SE/30 which needs a recap and may have unseen battery damage is worth X to me unless you let me open it up. <—specific example... But, as has been said, they have it set in their mind, or they have an attachment to it (i.e. they're the original owner). Even if they won't ever use it, and family have been pressuring them to divest themselves. I think further down the extreme line you have the "gimme what I want, or no one gets it—it goes in the bin" type. Many times, it seems, they have no attachment to the tech itself—they're in it for the money, and they'd rather see it destroyed rather than someone (potentially) flip it for more, or some bizarre machination... I've never even bothered to contact the local listing for a $1,900 52xx AIO Mac that has literally been up for years and budged not one dollar in that time. My assumption is that they will not budge, they will not talk beyond them accepting the full cash offer, so it's not worth my energy to investigate. This... I agree with this Here's the thing, unless the remainder of that lot is literally just parts/broken, someone is going to want them. But the people who genuinely want them for what they are don't register as any different as someone who just wants to flip them; see the "gimme" seller persona above.
  13. jessenator

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Nice I guess you could theoretically get a short NuBus card in that slot at the same time. So if someone can source KEL 8807-140-170LH connectors, new cards would be probable. I don't have the resources to test it myself on 68k machines, but on my PowerPC Macs I've had a small amount of L2 cache to do small testing with. I've noticed (with MacBench) decent boost with no cache vs 256k L2 cache, and then what appears to be a linear gain going up to 512k. I can't prove that, since I don't have a working 1MB cache or anything higher. It would be interesting if you had like a variable cache card: PLCC sockets for the RAM. No idea if you could build logic chips around that kind of arrangement, but fun to speculate.
  14. jessenator

    Mac IIci & cache card questions

    Is that how the the "slot-free" version works? I suspect their non-slot-free card ( DayStar equivalent pictured in this catalog) blocks the nubus slot in-line with the cache/PDS slot... I found this in an Apple Developer Notes PDF... Is this helpful at all? I did a quick search and KEL doesn't have active inventory numbers for the part. I'm sure someone could find them someplace... I'm sure there are offline places to search, but I have no clue.