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  1. Hi, picked up a beat up Mini 1.25.. cleaned it up, hooked up to my main PCs monitor under another input. Runs OS9/10 @ 1920x1080. Obviously the 32mb Radeon isn't going to be able to do games at that resolution.. issue is when I pick something like 1024x768 it's stretching it wide. Since I'm using a DVI input on the monitor, there's no aspect control in the Monitors OSD. There's only 1:1 (which makes it a postage sized stamp), or fullscreen. Is anyone aware of an application that will let me play stuff at proper 4:3 ratios?
  2. Mikeyy00

    Classic II - how to get online

    Ended up using "MacIPGW" along with connecting the Classic II via an Asante ethernet - localtalk bridge. Works great. Not the quickest in the world.. but I can chat on IRC, and transfer floppy images in ~1 minute or so. No complaints.
  3. Mikeyy00

    Classic II - how to get online

    Cool, I'll give those a go. Thanks!
  4. Mikeyy00

    Classic II - how to get online

    Hi, Have a Classic II, going to install 7.5 on it. I sourced one of those Asante Localtalk to Ethernet adapters.. so that gets my Mac talking Appletalk on the network. I have a Pismo running 9.2, I think that'll be able to "see" the Classic and file share.. but is there a way to use this setup to somehow facilitate an internet connection on the Classic? Yes, I know browsing isn't happening.. but I really want to get my IRC fix using the Classic. Thanks!
  5. Mikeyy00

    Macintosh Classic II Power Issues

    My Classic II was doing the exact same thing. I recapped the logic board only.. first two power ons were the same garbage.. then it started working? It’s been fine since. Would love to know why.. I don’t trust it to stay working..
  6. Mikeyy00

    Classic II - Cap help

    Ahh.. looks like the motherboards aren't two layers.. reading they might be 4? so the via's might go somewhere I can't see..
  7. Mikeyy00

    Classic II - Cap help

    Hi all, Came into possession of a mint (cosmetically) Classic II. Tried to turn on, combo of vertical lines, garbage, sometimes just a squished horizontal grey screen. Opened 'er up, and sure enough. Bad leaky caps. Removed all of them, have an order in with Digikey. There's 3 that had at least one of the pads trashed due to the bad cap, but I can see where it ran to, so I can connect with wire. But I've got one that I can't figure out. Pics attached. Anyone with a Classic II know some alternate points I can solder to? I thought maybe if I followed the via's the bottom, I could just attach it there.. but they don't seem to go anywhere?
  8. (oh, and the cycle count is 0 under Tiger).
  9. Correct, you lead me to them. So props to you! (sorry I didn't mention above). But yes, anyone with a dead battery.. for the price they charge, why fiddle-*uck around with it?
  10. Hi all, Found a local (to me) battery rebuilder. They're located in London, Ontario. Sent my Pismos battery off, and they got it back to me in a few days. Total cost was $70 (CDN) including return shipping. http://www.chansbattery.ca/ Cheese website, but they were nice enough when I emailed back and forth. Can't speak to how USPS will handle a battery back and forth, but figured I'd mention them. If you're in Canada, they charge almost as much as it cost me to get cells (and I hamfisted the install on my previous attempt to rebuild myself). They seem to be willing to repair almost any Li-Ion based product. Couple glue spots on the returned battery, but after sliding it back in, you can't tell and I get 3-4 hours now.
  11. Mikeyy00

    Pismo LCD swap

    Just a quick note, after several "new" screens on eBay, I found a seller that actually had new-old-stock. Part number was UB141X03, and it worked like a hot damn. My Pismo is all bright eyed and bushy tailed again.
  12. Mikeyy00

    Replace fading backlight with LED?

    It "seems" like you can cut some kits down. Bit hesitant to do open heart surgery on a panel to get to the tube though.. maybe on that spare screen I listed, but I feel like even keeping dust out would be almost impossible.
  13. Has anyone ever attempted to replace their fading/dying CFL backlight with an LED one? Looks like they can be had for around $10, https://www.ebay.ca/itm/2Pcs-LED-Backlight-Bar-Lamps-Kit-535mm-LCD-Monitor-For-24-Highlight-Replacement/312637746276?hash=item48caa96c64:g:Up0AAOSw8qdc8j6- From some random videos on Youtube, it seems you just need to disassemble LCD panel, remove polarizer, install new light and find a way to feed it power. I'm thinking of making an extra Pismo screen a test victim, but wanted to see if anyone else here has tried it?
  14. Mikeyy00

    Pismo LCD swap

    Alright, after much searching etc.. I think I've found the ideal LCD replacements if anyone is interested.. The original screen is an LG LP141XA (DIAP). I assume the D1AP is an Apple specific part. Anyways, grabbing the datasheet here: https://datasheetspdf.com/parts/LP141XA-D1AP.pdf?id=723307 we can see that the LCD has a typical brightness of 115cd/m2. On page 17 we can see the measurements of where the (20 pin) connector is too. I've found two slightly newer LG models, which were somewhat easy to find on fleabay. LG LP141XA (A1), and a LG LP141XB-C1. You can grab the datasheets at the same site as linked above, but to save you the time. They have the exact same dimensions for the connector, same pinout, etc.. and they're 170cd/m2 (so ~30% brighter than the stock panel). I also found this huge list of "compatible" LCDs @ https://www.laptop-power.co.uk/laptop-screens/apple/powerbook/series-g3/model-pismo-m7572.html However, after pulling datasheets (if I was even able to find them) most of the NON-standard brands were either impossible to find, or really expensive. For the name-brands, the Sharps I couldn't find proper datasheets for, but by eyeballing them on eBay, it seems like the inverter connection is different, some are 30 pin too. The Samsungs had decent specs, but are also 30 pin. The last 10 pins aren't used as per the datasheet.. but the other 20pins are arranged differently than the LG, so you'd have to re-order then or build some sort of adapter. They seem to be around 150cd/m2. So not any brighter really than some of the available LGs. Now, some suggested that for the price, I could pick up a used Pismo. Sure, but the screen is going to be just as old and in (probably) worse condition than what I'm using now. So I'd prefer a new panel (if I can find NOS). All in, I found one of the brighter LGs for $65 CDN. Hope this helps someone else!
  15. Mikeyy00

    Pismo LCD swap

    Backlight comes with the LCD panel.. it's not a separate piece. I mean, you could cut it out and replace.. but for panels being <$100 new, I'd rather go that route?