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  1. Byte Knight

    Trying a Different Network Approach on My SE/30

    I had the same issue with my LC III which has a IIe card in it. I ended up going with an Asante EN/SC-10T SCSI to Ethernet converter which is much faster than my LocalTalk to Ethernet converter.
  2. Byte Knight

    Apple IIGS

    The Booti is the best current way to go for HD emulation. It's currently out of stock but you can get on the email notification list for when it's back in stock which should be fairly soon. You could also go with the ReActiveMicro MicroDrive/Turbo, but it's harder to get programs onto the CF card, whereas with the Booti you can just swap a USB thumb drive between the GS and your modern computer to get stuff on there.
  3. Byte Knight

    IIc and Floppy Emu

    Yeah, it must be your wimodem if it's not working with your Mac either.
  4. Byte Knight

    IIc and Floppy Emu

    Try setting Online options to different baud rates in case your modem is set at a different speed. I have had two of the wimodems go bad on me, so it could be that too...
  5. Byte Knight

    IIc and Floppy Emu

    Have you hooked the Floppy Emu up to the internal drive port so you can boot from it?
  6. Byte Knight

    IIc and Floppy Emu

    You've got to name the HD images SMART0, SMART1, etc. According to the manual on the BMOW site: Here is a HD image with ProTERM already on it. I'll see if I have any others. SMART0.hdv.zip
  7. Byte Knight

    SE/30 and Asante ethernet card issue

    Are you running the same System software on both SE/30's? My guess would be it's with the System software...
  8. Byte Knight

    Printing from an SE/30 to a modern HP printer?

    With an inkjet printer, I think your only hope would be via the cups method. I couldn't figure out how to get this to work myself, but I know that SuperJer2000 was able to get this to work. Hopefully he can comment.
  9. Byte Knight

    Colorizing ProDOS HD icon

    That's what I was wondering since I can't seem to find the icon resource anywhere...
  10. Byte Knight

    Colorizing ProDOS HD icon

    I don't see any extension for PC Exchange. It's not contained in the control panel. One would think it would be in the ProDOS File System extension but it's not there either. I've looked in the System and Finder files with ResEdit without any luck too...
  11. Byte Knight

    Colorizing ProDOS HD icon

    Anyone know where the resource for the ProDOS HD icon resides in System 7.5.5? You can't do a simple cut and paste to that icon. I hate having B&W icons on my LC III! I was able to colorize my server icon at least with a simple cut and paste...
  12. Byte Knight

    Any Apple IIc Users, Old and New?

    I've got a IIc+ that I use mainly to play with the recently updated versions of A2Desktop, which is the ultimate machine for this OS. This was the fastest Apple II that Apple ever produced. I've got a Floppy Emu emulating a smart port HD, rom 5X upgrade, and a VGA adapter. It's cool that there are so many modern upgrades for this old computer.
  13. Byte Knight

    I've just got an SE/30 and need some help

    It will get easier to transfer files to the SE/30. I started off having to use an intermediary Mac that was running OS X 10.4 to copy files over from my modern Mac to the SE/30 SCSI2HD card, then I used the GuruModem for a while to FTP download to it, then I finally set up an A2SERVER on a Raspberry Pi as dochilli mentioned above. All my old Macs, modern Macs, and even IIgs can transfer files back and forth with it, so this is the ultimate way to go!
  14. Byte Knight

    IIGS Setups

    I originally got a IIgs as a high school graduation present and used it up until I got a SE/30. I don't have my original IIgs, but I've got two now, one of which runs my BBS, so I get to use it to play with it every day! The GS that runs my BBS is equipped with a CFFA3000, ReActiveMicro Transwarp GS v1.1, and Uthernet II card. I also run GS/OS 6.0.4, and have the same HD image running in Sweet16 on my MacBook Pro, so getting files to and from my GS is a breeze.
  15. Byte Knight

    Help setting up Ethernet with an SE/30

    Nice! Now you can telnet to BBS's and FTP to Macintosh Garden's massive file library with Fetch. The ultimate is to set up A2SERVER to serve files for your SE/30 and other old Macs, your IIgs (with Uthernet II card), and even your modern Mac.