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  1. tt


    What an awesome acquisition! I hope to see it at a future VCF event.
  2. tt

    Mac Color Classic Restoration Completed

    Looks great, especially the A/B restoration. Do you have a reference for what parts you used for that part of the restoration?
  3. That's an interesting idea. I guess if it was cheaper than 30pin SIMMs and looked cool some people might go for it. If it could do more than replace the RAM then it would get even more interesting.
  4. tt

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    This is good to hear!! I had gone ahead and ordered one, so I am looking forward to trying it out. You just drop in drive images and update a text file right on the SD card, right? It reminds me of Basilisk (emulator) where you edit the prefs file to tell it what disks to load and CD-ROM etc. Edit: Now I see @ymk has joined, welcome!
  5. Agreed, mechanically it doesn't buy much, it's more for production. The 68 pin socket is on its own and many other designs are single sockets as well.
  6. @JDW Good catch. I didn't think they would have different pitches. The pitch for the SE/30 looks to be 0.4" (~10mm). It may be difficult to find an exact replacement, so I think single sockets would be a good, easier to find alternative. Another advantage is if you want to fix just one broken socket, then you could clip the supports in between the two sockets and leave the other one alone.
  8. Awesome, I was hoping to make it look straightforward. I haven't replaced the RAM sockets yet, but I did recently buy some from an eBay seller that come in a lot of 10 pcs. The 68 pin ones I got from a local shop several years ago, but I think I spotted mention of an online supplier in the thread about reverse engineering the SE logic board.
  9. What was the mechanical issue, the thickness of the ROM SIMM? I ended up swapping the socket on a couple of my logic boards (somewhat invasive but worth it to me) and made a video on how to do it:
  10. tt

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    @Trash80toHP_Mini Nah, people should know who they're dealing with. Not the first time I've seen this behavior from "Intertial". Has anyone pulled the trigger on this new SCSI drive replacement? I was thinking of getting another SCSI2SD, but I want to try the MacSD to see how it compares. It seems like it could be a game changer, but currently there's unfortunately little info about it.
  11. tt

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    That could be the issue. I think I tried not using a modern machine with it at some point thinking that was the case, but still had issues. If this new drive lets us load up large disk images like a floppy emu would, that would be much more convenient to get started and back up.
  12. tt

    MacSD - new SCSI SD card emulation tool

    I also just spotted the MacSD. It sounds like it doesn't need to deal with formatting partitions, right? I am interested in getting one since I have had reliability issues with the SCSI2SD cards where the disks quickly become corrupted. It may be something only I am dealing with, but I have heard others say they have also had problems bringing them up. I am in a loop where I find some time to tinker with 68k hardware, start using the system and then have to deal with reformatting and retransferring files, so I have hit a sort of roadblock in moving on with actually getting to use the system.
  13. Your 8.1 ROM image thread is interesting. I'm guessing it would be feasible to have a 7.1 image with Ethernet and AppleShare for an 8MB ROM. Have you come across anyone making a ROM disk image like that?
  14. Oh yes, I forgot about that. I also had some time to read through the compatibility notes on your site. Thanks for the reply and I'm looking forward to seeing your future developments.
  15. @ZaneKaminski Are the SIMMs programmable from the host machine? If not, can we use our programmers that were designed by @dougg3? I saw the screenshot of the utility to adjust the options, how does that work? Your comments on updating the way drivers work in ROM are very interesting. Is it possible to fit networking in the 7.1 boot image to allow for connecting to AppleShare servers? This is something I've wanted to do with my 8MB SIMM but I don't remember if it wasn't feasible or if it requires too much space. Also definitely interested in buying one. If you need help testing the new 8MB board I'm interested in checking it out.