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    Mac SE SuperDrive Sad Mac 000f 000c

    I actually just fixed this. I kept it off for a while then tried to boot from a floppy and it worked. I then had to make the system 6.0.8 installation I had on the hard disk active using system picker and I was able to boot it back up. I will keep you updated on anything regarding trying to update to 7.0.1. I am still going to change the PRAM and clean.
  2. Justin Fousek

    Mac SE SuperDrive Sad Mac 000f 000c

    Hello, I am need of some help regarding how to start troubleshooting my Mac SE SuperDrive Model M-5011, 2.5mb ram, 100mb hdd It has been working for about 4 years and today it stopped working. I tried to update the OS from 7.0.0 to 7.0.1 and it said my drive may be corrupted as a warning and canceled the installation. I then restarted the Mac and I receive a Sad Mac error 0000000f 0000000c. I have looked up the error and have not been able to find online exactly what it means. I have found that it could be a nothing error, but not sure what that means or where to go with that. It could also be the SWIM. I am unable to boot from the internal floppy and I am unable to boot from the hard disk. It reads the disk and spins the hard disk then I get the Sad Mac. My first thought is to take apart and check to make sure the PRAM didn't explode (as it has been dead). Then clean board (some forums say with water and let dry by waving in air). Replace the battery and try it. From there, not to sure. Any ideas would be great. Thanks, Justin Fousek