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  1. Oh, thanks! Fortunately, I’ve the green label Conner 40mb also, which macintosh did you plugged in? For internal or external?
  2. Hello, did you solve this issue? My hard drive also was working normally before I formatted it. I tried LIDO, FWB, drive7, HD SC..., it failed as well.
  3. ejlml

    Portable backlit issue

    The battery can boot my other portable normally, as I said before every parts can use normally on my other portable.
  4. ejlml

    Portable backlit issue

    Hello everyone, forgive me my bad English cause it’s not my first language. I bought a portable backlit at last year, it was boot with some issue, cannot read and write with any known good floppy disc and drive (I’ve another known good portable so I can swap them to check). Every time it’s warning to Initialize disk but it can’t initialize an IBM or Mac formated 3.5" 800k or 1.44 disk and the pointer changes to a wristwatch icon and back to the pointer every few seconds preventing use of the drop down menu's. Recently, I’ve time to recap it, after recapped it shows a floppy disk icon with a question Mark, and than I insert the system disk to boot but it ejects. After that I connect a scsi2sd to boot, unfortunately it cannot boot anymore and having many different issues...... The video is blank screen with noise from the speaker. B0A57AED-388F-4078-91C9-417F4892B0C5.MOV sometimes display B&W bar sometimes blank screen sometimes sad mac with error code 00001FFA Any suggestion?