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  1. mdeverhart

    RaSCSI Development Thread

    Saw this blog post earlier this week - author built a SW controlled, super capacitor based UPS for his RaSCSI to protect the Pi from unexpected power-down when the host computer shuts down: https://www.smbaker.com/supercapacitor-uninterruptable-power-supply-ups-for-raspberry-pi
  2. mdeverhart

    PowerBook 190 not powering on after reassembly.

    I'd try a power manager reset if you haven't already: http://www.jacsoft.co.nz/Tech_Notes/PP_Manage.shtml#faq7
  3. mdeverhart

    Irez Kritter Camera Software Needed

    Here's a good thread on the 2400c and maintenance it might need, PRAM battery being the main one: Look out for leaking capacitors on the 2300c - the Duos have some electrolytic capacitors in the on-board power supply and battery charging circuit that have either leaked already or will soon. The conductive goo that leaks out can cause shorts, which on the Duo is particularly bad news - it can short the high voltage charging circuit (12V+) to the low voltage logic devices (5V), causing fatal damage. There are several threads around here on recapping Duos. There's also a good chance that you'll see issues with powering up the Duo due to the PRAM battery being dead; if so, the rear power button can usually jump start it even when the power button above the keyboard does not. I'd be very careful about plugging it in and trying to boot it before checking the capacitor situation. The 160 may also have capacitors that need to be replaced - I'm not very familiar with the 100 series PowerBooks.
  4. mdeverhart

    Irez Kritter Camera Software Needed

    Glad it’s working! Looks like you’ve got quite the set up there!
  5. mdeverhart

    Irez Kritter Camera Software Needed

    Looks like Macintosh Garden might have it, but I’m not positive that this is the card it uses: https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/irez-capsure-zoomed-video-driver
  6. @bengi3 I haven’t tested it in Mosaic, but I believe that http://neverssl.org is plaintext and is always served via HTTP, so you shouldn’t run into any SSL/TLS issues.
  7. mdeverhart

    Duo Li-ion Battery

    @sutekh awesome work! Can you provide an update when you figure out the ideal diode changes?
  8. mdeverhart

    I join the iBook club: 2002 white G3/600

    These make great (IMO) bridge machines as they can run 10.2, which supports both AFP over AppleTalk and AFP over TCP, so you can connect to them from both classic and modern Macs. I have a 900 MHz which is serving as a bridge between my Centris 650 (via Ethernet), my Duo 230 (LocalTalk to the Centris which is running LocalTalk Bridge, then Ethernet to the iBook), and my Catalina machines. They can also natively boot and run 9.2.
  9. mdeverhart

    Carrera040 cachecard add-on cloning

    Samtec has a line of connectors that look very similar (if not identical) to those: https://www.samtec.com/connectors/micro-pitch-board-to-board/050/strips
  10. mdeverhart

    Performa 476 Restoration

    Ouch, that is bad luck. At least it’s an easy fix!
  11. mdeverhart

    Serial Switch Woes

    I’m pretty sure (but not positive) that modem serial cables are straight through, while the printer cables have the cross-over. If you put a straight through cable between the switch and the box you can use normal printer cables to go between each of the Macs and the switch. (I’m assuming you have printer cables, so this way you’d only need to find one straight through cable).
  12. mdeverhart

    Major Score! 8600 with Sonnet CPU, 3DFX card, Etc

    According to this, you need 5V DIMMS (not 3.3V), so be careful: https://www.macgurus.com/products/motherboards/mbppc8600.php -- This computer requires either 5-volt, 64-bit, 168-pin fast-paged mode (FPM) 70ns DIMMs, in 2k or 4k refresh, or 5-volt, 64-bit, 168-pin Extended Data Out (EDO) 60ns DIMMs. As these machines typically ship with 32MB EDO DRAM (either a single 32MB DIMM in slot B4 or a pair of 16MB DIMMs in slots A4 & B4), MacGurus recommends the installation of EDO memory, despite the fact that no performance benefit accrues through its use. Note: MacGurus reccomends the use of 168-pin, 5v EDO 64-bit, 2k refresh, 60ns DIMMs in this machine. EDO DIMMs are engineered to higher tolerances, and are more compatible with G3 processor upgrades. The two types of RAM can be mixed in a machine. --
  13. mdeverhart

    Bringing my Apple Centris Back to life

    Assuming it doesn’t have a PPC upgrade card, it’ll need a startup disk with the 040 System Enabler if you’re using System 7.1. The System 7.5.3 installer disks are widely available and should boot without issue. My recollection is that you can boot from the CDROM drive if it’s one of Apple’s (either factory original or another compatible Apple OEM drive). Yes, the flashing ‘?’ disk means it can’t find a valid System Folder. Either the HD has died or the system has gotten corrupted somehow. I’m not sure why your original install disks are giving you that message. Is there a Disk Tools disk with your set, or a disk labeled “Install Me First” or something like that? You might need to boot from one of those, then eject that disk and proceed with installing from the other disks. The Disk Tools disk will also have the hard drive setup utilities that might be useful for checking out the HD. The main modern option, if the HD is dead, is the SCSI2SD. It uses a SD card and emulates a SCSI HD. There’s plenty of information on this site and on the web about setting one up for a vintage Mac. There are other options (using a U320 SCA SCSI with an adapter), but it seems like most folks go the SCSI2SD route.
  14. Happy to help @lowlytech. No need to feel silly, these systems are old and it can be hard to find good documentation online for them. I only remember from a LOT of time on System 7 machines back when they were new(-ish).
  15. My recollection is that system enablers are just dropped into the top level of the System Folder (where the Finder and System suitcase are).