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  1. JustG

    Classic External Floppy Port Issue

    After some additional testing, HD20 emulation works fine through the external floppy port. Floppy emulation fails at the external port regardless of whether or not I have the internal floppy drive connected to the logic board.
  2. I'm working on a Classic right now that is experiencing the same issue. Thank you for the tip! Was the switch stuck and the oil helped move it or do you think the contacts inside were the problem?
  3. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    I've wanted to try out Evapo-Rust, the gentleman over at Hand Tool Rescue on YouTube (another great channel) seems to like it. On the other hand, I've got a couple friends with media blasters so I may just go that route. I'd really like to explore chrome or nickel plating, chrome is not going to be cheap but for something I plan to display, I might just spring for it.
  4. As I alluded to in my SE/30 thread, I'm also working on a Classic. I've running into an issue when plugging my FloppyEMU into the external port of the computer. When in floppy emulation mode, I am able to select a disk image but the moment the computer begins to access the image, my FloppyEMU will go into a power reset loop, it will get to the self test screen, power cycle and repeat. I've recapped the logic board and replaced the leaking caps on the analog board. Voltages have been adjusted and are holding steady with several tests. If I plug the FloppyEMU into the internal connector, no problems at all. This isn't the end of the world but I would like to know if I can fix the external port. Way easier than cracking the case to plug in the emulator.
  5. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    I just watched his video last week. I may give that a shot if the board is dead after the recap. I'm a little worried that the WD40 might eat away at more than the corrosion. That was a great video series by the way. Highly recommended for anyone who hasn't watched them yet.
  6. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    Thank you @davidg5678 for the links and the schematic. Both will come in handy. @Bolle great plan, I'll recap the board and give it a shot before throwing parts at it. I should have enough spare caps. Updates to follow.
  7. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    This is the damaged section of the logic board after an initial rinse and dry. Still not sure what goes in D1, D2 and Y1: And a before beauty shot of the chassis: Still plenty of work ahead of me. Hopefully the floppy drive will have survived. I've got a Classic that I started on before I opened the case on this one so it's about finished then I'll really start working on this one.
  8. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    Thanks for the words of encouragement! Board has gone through an initial rinse and scrub. I'll be going over everything with deoxit this weekend. I have a few missing components near the battery damage which I will need to identify and replace: D1 and D2 are diodes (I think) would anyone happen to have a mouser/digikey part number for those two? Y1 is a crystal, same question as above, is there a part number available for replacement? I'll take some more pictures throughout the cleanup process. YK4 RTC looks pretty bad, hopefully it'll work after a good cleaning (or three).
  9. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    So far I've been lucky and have dodged a bad battery so I'm just disappointed that my SE/30 was the one to suffer the damage. I'm definitely going to start looking for a place to do nickel plating once I've done the clean up. Updates with photos are sure to follow.
  10. JustG

    Well Crap (SE/30)

    I finally got brave and cracked the case on a SE/30 that was given to me. It had been sitting in a hot garage for a number of years. Needless to say, maxcell bomb strikes again. It was getting dark so I don't have any more pictures. The chassis is pretty bad too. I'm inspired by @PotatoFi's SE thread so I'm going to attempt a repair. First round of soaking is under way now. Hopefully I can get it fixed, the guts were going to find their way into @maceffects clear case.
  11. Hey everyone, I'm having some odd issues with a Classic that I recently recapped the logic board. I have a sneaking suspicion that the analog is outputting incorrect voltages and I'll need to replace capacitors there too. I'd like to test it first. Can I safely apply power to the board with it disconnected from the CRT and logic board? Is there a pinout of one of the two connectors (hard drive or logic board) for voltages? Thanks! G
  12. JustG

    Awful Macintosh SE FDHD Revival

    What an amazing transformation! This gives me hope for a couple of SEs that have been sitting around and I've yet to be brave enough to look inside.
  13. JustG

    Price Check: Classic II

    If the case is in decent shape I think $50 is reasonable for a compact with a working internal HD with keyboard and mouse.
  14. JustG

    I'm Now A Member of the Cube Club

    Well, I replaced the speakers by rewiring through the USB amp. That was a royal pain and if I did it again would go the @pcamen route and work from the speakers. Got everything buttoned up, plugged them in to find that the amp doesn't work. I suppose I have a nice prop to sit on a shelf now but really wanted a functional set of speakers grrr!
  15. JustG

    I'm Now A Member of the Cube Club

    @EvilCapitalist Thank you for the excellent information, I hadn't looked at the prices of lower capacity SSDs in a while, they have gotten very reasonably priced. Is it possible to split the case on the speaker audio amplifier? It looks like it snaps together but before I go breaking anything, has anyone taken one apart before? I might replace the speakers and wiring at that end instead of the speakers depending on how possible it is to split that box open.