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  1. Treebeard

    SE30 came with a Lapis PDS/30 Full Page card

    I am working with the Mac SE version of Lapis DisplayServer and have the backplane and card installed. I saw a post that said it should run on 7.1 and I am able to get a control panel I got with the board to load and set my main screen / secondary. But on my secondary VGA it shows a valid VGA signal (wakes up and resolution is right) - but it is all black. Could anyone share the specific driver set for Lapis so I can rule that out ? I looked all over today and kept getting a bad archive.
  2. Treebeard

    PowerBook 500 series Battery Rebuild

    Was able to separate the plastic side top and bottom using this thread instructions and some of the links (thanks everybody). The battery does fit in the shell pretty nicely. Cleaned up the board and adapter side. I could solder it up but am cautious and wanted to poll the group. If I do this I won't have the thermistor or the fuse that were in the original battery pack. But the pack is built for RC and capable for fast charge, etc and was built by a battery company rather than yours truly. Any thoughts about the circuit and whether it will work before I solder it up and give it a shot ? Anybody know what the function of the blue capacitor looking components do ?
  3. Treebeard

    PowerBook 500 series Battery Rebuild

    Hello just started trying to rework the two dead battery packs I got with my shiny new to me 540c. In reading a bit and looking at the battery pack recommendation I am curious if anyone tried a hobby/RC battery pack like https://www.amazon.com/Tenergy-Capacity-Rechargeable-Standard-Connector/dp/B001BA292A ? It sure looks like it would be the same Tenergy tabbed cells I was planning to buy but these are already pre-assembled. This pack is 2000mAh and I think the original was 2200mAh so this would look more like a slightly worn battery pack? Well wish me luck - hoping to keep this 540c running a while longer.