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  1. jonpurdy

    2400c - How to keep it working?

    This is great info! I didn't realize they used polymer caps in these. Curious how many of them are electrolytic. Thanks for the massive post; I got a 2400c a few months ago and have it working really well now (PRAM battery removed of course).
  2. Hey all, just thought I'd post and mention that I've released a massively improved version of Mosaicbin. I've been using this version with my PowerBook 2400c for the past few weeks and it's the first time I've felt like I can sit back use Mosaicbin without running to my MacBook to fix a bug of try to improve performance. It's really fast now! The main thing is that I redesigned how it actually works. Instead of loading multiple articles, clicking a feed just shows the titles of each post so you can load posts individually. This is much faster! Plus, it lets you see a full list of the remaining posts in one screen. I've also added support for Feedbin Pages, the built-in read-it-later tool! I also load the unread counts of each feed when the server is started, not when the user first requests the main page, so loading is exponentially faster if you have a large number of feeds. It also saves the state to disk. If you mark a bunch of stuff as 'read', click the Refresh Feeds button on the main page to hit Feedbin and update those counts. I will add support to update the unread count locally in the next release. I've added some test cases as well and updated the readme. I plan on doing some more work on this with the goal to make it super solid and work really reliably. Edit: maybe I should post the link! Here: https://github.com/jonpurdy/mosaicbin
  3. jonpurdy

    JRL's Conquests

    Funny, I picked up a MacSprint II a couple of years ago for $5 from an electronics shop. I didn't know what it was and the only info I found was from a MacWorld magazine clipping (I didn't save the issue number).
  4. jonpurdy

    Has anybody gotten a SCSI2SD v5.5 yet?

    I ordered one a few weeks ago and started using it when I picked up a 2400c a couple of weeks ago. Moved and didn't bring any vintage stuff with me so it was just my 2400c and the SCSI2SD. I found it to be very flakey, but no different from what I've heard about other models. When it works, it's utterly spectacular. But it just seems to work at random about 40-50% of the time. I'll save final judgment for when I test it out back in Toronto with my 9500 and PowerTower and other known-perfectly-working machines (though the 2400c has been flawless booting off the SD to IDE adaptor/card.
  5. jonpurdy

    JRL's Conquests

    That's great to hear! I caused a brief GLOD when I installed my SD to IDE adaptor; ended up just needing to reseat the CPU module and it was fixed. I replaced all the missing screws, picked up an Asante PCMCIA Ethernet card which works well in 7.6.1, and I've got a Japanese keyboard and a StyleWriter 2200 on their way from Japan now (I actually needed a printer for the few times per year I print a return label). I love this thing. If you (or anyone else reading) want to sell a spare 2400 battery, I'd love to pick one up (even if dead) so I can get it refurbished. Pretty cool that you've got a Genesis MP, especially one that used to belong to Dan Knight!
  6. Turns out that the copy I got is in nicer condition than I expected. I'd rather not flatten it and crease the spine for a flatbed scan, so I'm looking into an alternative way of scanning it now. (I don't even have a flatbed scanner here anyway.) Will update when I get this done.
  7. jonpurdy

    PowerBook 2400c project questions

    Just picked up a 2400c for myself. Currently booting off an external SCSI2SD and have an SD to IDE adaptor in the post. My RAM module was showing errors so I took it out and have another one being shipped now. I should try and clean the contacts of this one first. I also had some corrosion at the PRAM connector but none on the board itself! I do need to replace some screws. Does anyone know the correct screw width? I'm thinking M2.5 or M3, but I have no idea.
  8. I just ordered a copy of the Perfect Guide, having forgotten about this post. I’ll scan and upload mine as well.
  9. jonpurdy

    Apple Adjustable Keyboard (M1242) keys repeating

    Just wanted to update this post in case anyone is following my path to resurrecting an Adjustable. I ended up finding problems with a bunch of other keys that couldn't be resolved by swapping out springs and such. So I ended up desoldering known good switches from my parts keyboard (A2) to my good keyboard (A1). To do this: Map out the known good keys on your parts keyboard. Make sure they work reliably every time the key is pressed, and make sure they feel correct relative to other keys. Desolder the good key switches. To desolder switches, you just need to take the top part of the keyboard off, no need to take the bottom apart. And watch out for this hook; it keeps the board in place. When removing the actual board where the keys are soldered to, remove the ribbon cable so that you don't accidentally bend or destroy it while desoldering. It's stuck in there pretty tight, but with equal pressure on both sides it can be removed (and reinserted). Each switch is connected by 4 contact points. Desolder these and the switch will come off. On your good keyboard, you'll need to desolder the broken switches. Once this is done, take a good switch and place it into the holes of the target key. Solder a couple of points. Then make sure that the switch is aligned correctly (it may not be all the way in). If correct, solder the rest of the points. Then just verify that the new switch(es) work once they're all soldered in. I will update this with a couple more photos and update it for clarity if there are any questions.
  10. I should mention that the day after I tried the CF in my PDQ, everything just started working. It's a 16GB Sandisk Extreme IV partitioned into two 8GB HFS+ partitions with the System Folder on the first partition. It's been working fantastically well for the past few weeks, which is the opposite of my previous experience with my 13" Wallstreet. Just wanted to mention this since it's counter to my previous experience that I posted before.
  11. That seems cool too. Perhaps I could just provide support for using macproxy and other services (like @TechEdison's nocss) without actually integrating an entire macproxy module?
  12. I gave this a try and registered a couple of test accounts, but I can't seem to log into either of them. Response is an "Incorrect login." page being returned. Any ideas?
  13. I've added @K Trueno's changes so that entries can redirect to loband. In the develop branch, I've also added a setting (among others) to enable or disable loband redirection since I was having trouble getting most loband links to actually work (like, the service itself seems to not work with most sites). I've also added a setting (in settings.py) for image width (I use 320 px wide images on older machines and smaller monitors, and 800 wide on my Wallstreet). Also number of entries per page, since my 9500 with iCab crashes with more than a few large entries (even with 50MB RAM allocated). Finally, image conversion is now threaded, so that images can get converted without waiting for others to finish. Most of these changes are in the develop branch since I wanted to test threading a bit more first before merging.
  14. jonpurdy

    Apple Adjustable Keyboard (M1242) keys repeating

    I was able to fix most of the bad keys on the good keyboard. Swapped a few springs out and one metal piece and the keys were back to normal. There's still one key that's giving me issues ("w") and I intend on desoldering the switch and replacing with a good one. I also gave each side of the keyboard a very detailed clean with, compressed air, q-tips, and alcohol. To protect the ribbon cable that connects each side from damage, I filed off a few plastic tabs. These were pressing down on the cable. I've attached a photo of the switches for future reference.
  15. Those images made my eyes hurt... The good news is that you can keep the near mint case and RAM and any other parts; you'll just need to find another II or IIfx board. But unfortunately that looks pretty bad; you'd need some serious electronics skills to repair the traces on that. If you're recapped stuff before you've got a fighting chance though.