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  1. Crutch

    Think C 5.0 reference and TCL

    Pretty sure this THINK C 6 installer has the full THINK Reference (I got it somewhere in any event .... probably here) https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/think-c-601 THINK Reference is awesome. It looks like dog cow has various things over at MacGUI Vault too, including a version of THINK Reference for TCL https://macgui.com/downloads/?cat_id=307 TCL will save you some time building the basic GUI elements but for me that's part of the fun, and there is a learning curve.
  2. Is that string really not in your CODE 1? Here it is in mine, which I think I got from your disk image you kindly shared a while back! I was wrong about ResPatch though. -34 is a disk full error. Are you patching in-place on a 400k disk image? There might not be enough room to save the patch. Try copying to a larger disk and patching?
  3. Pretty sure the above two posts are the same issue. ResPatch is expecting to find the string in both CODE resources but is only finding it in one, thus the “incomplete” patch message? ... I think. I’ll check it this weekend. Thanks for pointing this out.
  4. @tt - I’ll check it out in the next few weeks.
  5. Crutch

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    Beautiful! Yes, sorry for the confusing post, I did this 2 years ago and was fuzzy on the details but I indeed used female-female standoffs with screws on both sides.
  6. Crutch

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    Right. You need a MAX232 IC to convert the Arduino’s TTL serial to RS232, and then you can convert that to RS422 just by wiring it up correctly. That’s what I did here.
  7. Crutch

    Fans.....who needs 'em?

    I bought one of these a while back for this purpose. Works great though you might want to solder in an extension to the thermistor probe wire, it’s probably only about 8” long. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B01L1DLPWG?ref=ppx_pop_mob_ap_share Separately I had a silly toy project last winter to hook up an Arduino Nano to a thermistor, do the math to read the temperature and then convert Arduino serial to a Mac-readable serial signal dumped to a DIN8 cable I could plug into my SE30 and display the internal temperature on screen via software. I actually got it working and even made a custom PCB (not shown - photo is the early breadboard edition but the software works - note 73 degrees displayed on the screen) for tidiness but never cleaned it up completely because we had a lovely baby. If anyone might be interested in such a contraption maybe I’ll make it available as a kit one day. The pcb and parts are cheap, but you would need to supply an Arduino Nano.
  8. Crutch

    Modern PSU for the SE/30

    @ttb that wasn’t really an issue as I recall. I think the screws actually did “bite” fine, but if they didn’t it would be ok since they were screwed into standoffs on the other side, which held the PSU board in place with nuts on the far end. So, the pressure of the screw screwed into the standoff would hold things in place even if the drilled hole was slightly “loose” on the screw.
  9. Crutch

    Identifying a Plus 68030 upgrade?

    That’s a Novy Quick30 and is a damn fine accelerator.
  10. Crutch

    Eric's conquests

    That’s amazing. I have somehow known that my whole life without knowing I knew it. Thanks for pointing it out.
  11. Crutch

    SE/30 Welcome to Macintosh

    If you are getting to Welcome to Macintosh, the POST (power-on self-test) is indeed passing -- if you are not hearing a bong but the system appears to be booting, something is wrong with your speaker, connections thereto, or possibly something is amiss near the sound chip? It's also possible your Mac "thinks" there is something plugged into the headphone jack (again due to something amiss on that part of the motherboard) so is muting the speaker. You could check this by actually plugging in headphones and see if you hear anything. I think you said this happened with two floppies, so it's likely not a disk issue. Do you have another disk drive you can try? An external drive perhaps?
  12. Crutch

    What would be the perfect SE/30

    I agree with most of what @cheesestraws said. I have an Xceed w/ grayscale, it’s an amazing piece of engineering, I’m glad I have it and every so often I just sort of pause and admire it. But it’s totally impractical, doesn’t let you really use much old color software or games anyway (since the games all except 640x480) and they are ridiculously expensive and prone to have issues (I got mine ... which I found at a reasonable price only because an eBay seller didn’t know what it was and I noticed it within a few hours of being listed ... working only with a ton of patience with a scope I bought for the purpose, excellent guidance from @Bolle and @techknight a couple years ago, and finding some needed replacement ICs on Mouser ... there’s a thread about it on here somewhere). In short, I don’t exactly recommend bothering, but if you happen to stumble on one for less than the $1000+ going rate, you will enjoy it. I recommend an 030 accelerator (I run a Diimo and it’s flawless). The 040 accelerators start to break some of the older software. I also run SCSI Ethernet (my setup is Diimo + Xceed which leaves no room for internal Ethernet) and it’s just as good as internal, you would never know the difference for what we’re using these machines for today ... which is for “occasional file transfers” most likely. My suggestion since you want a video card would be, accelerator + vid card + SCSI Ethernet. I use an Asante EN/SC but there are also Dayna and Farallon adapters that people have used.
  13. Crutch

    Mac SE - Single Pixel Thick Verticle Jail-lines

    This happened to me recently on an SE/30 - in my case it was a bad analog board. Probably needs a recap but so far I just swapped it out - all good now. Either way I doubt both your old and new SIMMs are bad!
  14. Crutch

    NoLabel cdev

    Always thought the Label menu was useless? Running a black-and-white Mac where you'd never dream of labeling something "Hot", "Cool", "In Progress" or heaven forbid "Project 1"? Prefer System 7, but miss that sleek 1984 menubar with just the old-school File, Edit, View, Special? Always wished you could hide the Label menu from your sight forever? NOW YOU CAN. Presenting NoLabel cdev, which I hacked together this weekend to satisfy my own silly aesthetic preferences, now on the Garden. It works by patching _InsertMenu. If an app whose name matches the lomem global 'FinderName' tries to add a menu called 'Label' to the MenuList, NoLabel's patch sticks it into the hierarchical part of the menu list instead, so you never see it, but it's still there in case the app needs it. I'll post the source code at some point if anyone wants to see it (written in THINK C 5.0). The pic shows my SE/30 running 7.5.5 with the NoLabel control panel open and absolutely no 'Label' menu whatsoever. https://macintoshgarden.org/apps/nolabel
  15. Crutch

    Fitting a SCSI2SD in a 68k Mac

    You say you haven’t been able to get installing 7.3.5 and 7.5.5 from disk images using Basilisk II to work. What goes wrong when you try it?