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  1. I've been working with Apple's forgotten workhorse, the XServe G4. It's an orginal dual 1.0GHz with FW 400 and tray load drive. However, I ran into the issue of the Ethernet port it giving up after about 20 minutes of running under any circumstances. I was able to secure an XServe G4 board, but it was for a 1.33GHz with slot load and FW800. My only concern is before I plug it in is the socket compatibility between the dual 1.00 and 1.33GHz processor boards. Would there be any incompatibilities? Or could it be plug and play from the start.
  2. Really cool rediscovery! I always like buying something with the original documentation, especially one that documents the process of the purchase. It was like that for me when I got my iBook G3 Clamshell. It had all of the original documents, from the purchase receipt, the memory expansion done at one of the first Apple stores on the East Coast, to the brochure advertising the first Apple store. It feels like unearthing the human story to a computer, revealing everything that was done to lead to that decision.
  3. Well, I was never able to find what went wrong in the power supply. All of the multi-meter tests showed that it was working properly, so something had to had gone wrong within the voltage regulator board or there is a capacitor that I missed. I traded the machine for a Performa 600 but I still have the other G4 here that had yet to be disassembled. I just do not have the time right now to investigate it. I hope to get some more results in the future, but right now this is on hold.
  4. M235i

    3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

    Not well to be honest. Infact, completely dead. The 5300 turned out to have a bad screen and the screen cable was too short for it to be mounted. So out to the parts bin it went. Anybody need a 5300ce motherboard or HDD?
  5. Lol I thought I was one of the few 8 track listeners around here. I wish it was a recorder, but as you said trying to acquire anything 8 track (working or otherwise) is becoming difficult, I mean it took a year to find a player that would hook up to my system that didn't cost $60 and needed work. I use a Hanimex combo system that has external speaker output linking to my line in/out switch to my amp, the tone control in that thing makes a worn 8 track sound better than some of my Type II cassettes. Any way, I have yet to give Arctic fox a try, solely due to my stubbornness of Chrome ecosystem continuity. I have Firefox installed on all my systems as a backup browser, so I would have to give it try for my 10.6 systems.
  6. M235i

    2006 iMac Backlight

    Backlight burnout is somewhat uncommon for the C2D iMacs, it is just the CCFL backlight. They are only about 1/3 as bright as the new LED one's they put in the iMac today. Once you give it a few minutes to warm up though it should be comfortable to view at full brightness. I do not know too much about the replacement of the backlight for these models, but I'd make sure that the connector is secured inside the machine.
  7. Shoot, I still use my 2.16GHz 20" as my daily machine in my bedroom, hooked up my hi-fi system (record, cassette, 8 track and graphic equalizer) for mp3/m4a library, cd/dvd, and mainly YouTube video playback. Never have had an issue using Chrome 45 and 2GB RAM. Runs 10.6 (because Front Row) and I intend to use it until it's last breath. I use this more than my MacBook and gaming PC some days.
  8. M235i

    3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

    @dcr Actually some progress has been made, but it is not in the direction that I thought I was going to take it. I am currently working on prototyping with, of all things, a briefcase. Since both the 150 and the 5300ce have irreplaceable plastics, and we found out that the manufacturing process was going to be harder than initially thought, i'm using a thrift store hard leather briefcase that fits the 5300, and placing mounting hardware into that for putting the screen in. After that I need to figure out how to make the ports accessible and make sure there will be no shorts. I will keep everyone updated
  9. UPDATE: After disassembling the PSU (which had tested faulty), it looks to be a transformer or a fuse on the voltage regulator board in the PSU. The model is seen as a Wan Nien 03c30-00011. Google has come out completely dry, and there is no way to determine what the transformer specs may have been. Has anybody ever gone this far into a PM PSU? The PSU is ACBEL-API9841
  10. M235i

    Source for PB1x0 battery pack cases?

    Interesting, I still see some occasionally on eBay, you just need to be on the lookout. I still have my casings, probably should get them out and start making 3d prints of them. I may also still have some circuitry, but I would try if you could find the schematics, I think there are some lurking here.
  11. Thanks for the advice, I never thought about that. I will try to report back on what that gets me when I get the chance. PS: Love the car too, I have been using this username since 2011 when the 1 series was still a thing in the US, I never thought the 2 series would be a real BMW lol.
  12. I recently bought a Power Mac G4 Gigabit (450DP, 128MB) at a thrift shop. It was working when I tested it at the store, and it powered on and attempted to boot it. When I got home, I hooked it to my ADC Studio Display it powered on fine, but had a kernel panic before it could fully boot to the operating system. After taking the HDD out to replace it with another IDE drive, it now fails to so much as turn on. Different power cords and displays failed to repair this, as well as a CUDA, SMC, PMU and RAM reset, reseat, and replacement. I then put that to the side and two weeks ago picked up another PM G4 Gigabit for free at VCF East on the last day in an attempt to fix the other one. Got that home and also proceeded to power on at all. Nothing seems to be unseated, and I can only assume that I will need a new PSU, which I cannot find a good replacement for under $50, which is crazy. I am aware of the ATX-to-G4 PSU mod, but I would really prefer to still have the ADC power available to the Studio Display. Would it be possible to reflow the PSU? I have a guide that I am ready to use, but I am not sure that it will be a permanent fix? Any ideas on repair?
  13. M235i

    3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

    Looks like this may have some more interest than I thought! I could certainly see what fabrications I could do to get some of these basic shapes molded. I was working with my PowerBook 150 last night, and to say the least, the plastics made sure that that was the last time the machine would ever be a whole unit again. Has anybody ever seen the actual chassis split? I knew the screen was common but I had never seen anything like what I saw last night. Thinking about it now, considering the costs of prototyping and manufacturing, it actually might be a good time to start looking at alternative ways to house PowerBooks with the plastic plague. Looking at how people sometimes make Raspberry Pi laptops and use housings. Or maybe make them look like slim desktops. Thanks everybody for the input! -M235i
  14. M235i

    3D Printing old PowerBook parts?

    What about fabrication of just the hinge mounts? We should be able to just fuse together the rest of the frame.
  15. M235i

    M235i Thread of Finds!

    Thanks! As a sophomore in HS right now, I could only wish I was in an era where computers were moving at such a rate, and the colors so beautiful. All we have now are the standard black office Dells. They're great, don't get me wrong, but there just isn't anymore passion in them like they used to have. Oh well, I guess i'll settle for working on friends MacBook Pro's and laughing at them when they complain of the keyboards breaking and screens discoloring when they (well, parents) spent $2000 on a machine.