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  1. mattsoft

    Radius System 81/110

    oh yeah, if you were in the US, I'd be knocking on your door with a briefcase full of cash for the Radius.
  2. Nice work @Kai Robinson -- thanks for posting your progress!
  3. Cool project. If you're going to make new boards, maybe you can optimize/modernize some components like the RAM. ?
  4. mattsoft

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    I have an older style LC III case lid that's going to e-cycle if you want it. it's a little yellow but would retrobrite nicely. the RF shield is gone -- it has rusted away along with the LC III underneath it. I think it was stored in a damp location for years. but the top lid looks nice.
  5. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    The IIfx is out of the retrobrite and looks great.Here is a picture of the II case (with a stealthy IIfx mainboard) and the retrobrited IIfx case next to the slightly yellowed II. so the question, if I'm going to sell one and keep the other, which one to keep? decisions!
  6. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    Retrobrite is almost done! In the meantime, I cleaned the ROM SIMM on my non-functioning IIfx board and it now boots great consistently. Booyah! Additionally, I found a non-working Mac II with a nice case and have put 1 of the IIfx boards into the case. It's all cleaned up and working well. Going to go take the IIfx case out of the peroxide, rinse and dry it, and get this other IIfx put back together.
  7. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    Many IIfx's have tantalums instead of SMD electrolytic caps except for 2 near the power switch. This is one of those. I only had 2 replace the those 2 leaky caps and used yellow tantalums. The radial caps will get replaced too, but they don't appear to be leaky.
  8. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    A couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto a big haul of Macs. Most of them were rusted through, but many were quite nice. In amongst them was a IIfx masquerading as a IIx. The case was horrible, but the motherboard looked nice. So I started searching for a replacement case and stumbled on a non-working (advertised as bad PSU) IIfx on eBay for $120 so I snagged it. It arrive the other day and it did indeed not work. The case, however, was quite nice -- just a little yellowing. Replacing the batteries did not start it. So I replaced the 2 leaky SMD caps and still nothing. On further inspection, on the back of the board was a rotten trace. So I jumped it (on the front of the board) and she fired right up. The case is now chillin' in a some peroxide outside to take knock the yellow down just a notch. The motherboard, PSU, and floppy have been cleaned. Just waiting on that case! The IIfx has 32MB of RAM and an Apple 8*24 graphics card. It also has a SuperMac video card that displays nothing; will figure out which model that is. It appears to have a regular old Mac video port but also an s-video (?) port. Anyway, here are some lame pics of current status. With any luck, I'll get it put back together on Father's Day. As for the other IIfx, the one from the haul, it was booting for awhile and now it is not. When it booted, it could only be booted using the rear power button. I was troubleshooting it earlier today and found a dead trace on the back and jumped it. Now it powers on from an ADB keyboard but there is still no "bong". I need to double-check the ROM SIMM and make sure it's clean, maybe something intermittent there? But I plan to keep searching... So weird because I can get it to boot every now and then. ERGH!
  9. mattsoft

    Mac iisi monitor problem

    The IIsi needs a monitor that can sync on green. It will not work on a VGA monitor that expects discrete H/V sync signals or composite sync. It will not work with one of those "timings" adapter either. Your best bet is finding a CRT or LCD that can SOG.
  10. mattsoft

    Rosen Flea Market IIfx Restoration

    On further inspection. UC17 on my IIfx looked suspect. The legs were oxidized and white. So I cleaned them with IPA and then hit each leg with the solder iron to make sure they were connected. Now the IIfx works perfect. So if you have trouble with your IIfx, check the legs on UC17 and make sure they are making contact!
  11. mattsoft

    Rosen Flea Market IIfx Restoration

    I have a IIfx board with issues too. It won't soft power (will check R4 out for sure) but does chime when I jump start it. However, all I get is a black screen from both Apple video cards I have. Will need to connect a floppy drive to see if it's even trying to boot or not. R4 on my board looks OK. Anyone know what the trace is coming out from the middle of R4 (in this photo) and running up to the left of R4 and R3 (again, this photo)? It looks like the trace my be rotten just let of R3 but I cannot figure out for each end terminates. Need a schematic for the IIfx or something.
  12. mattsoft

    Solder mask or corrosion?

    Yeah, it's very uniform. every via has it. Unfortunately the board does not power on tho. It's always something.
  13. I've got this IIfx motherboard that has no battery leakage and all tantalums except for 2 SMDs near the back right of the board. The SMDs show very little sign of leakage. However, on the back of the board, every single via has a blue-green hue consistent with leaky cap corrosion. I cannot find any blue-green gunk anywhere else on the motherboard, just every single via on the back. Having no other IIfx motherboard around for comparison, I'm wonder if this is actually corrosion that needs to be cleaned or is it solder mask or something? I've tried scrubbing the board with vinegar, IPA, and baking soda with no luck at removing it. I can pick it off with a very small metal pick and the copper beneath is nice and shiny, so I'm leaning towards this being NOT corrosion. Anyone familiar with this? Thanks!
  14. mattsoft

    IIci Motherboard Shorting

    Yup, found it in a related post. Thanks for all the tips!
  15. mattsoft

    IIci Motherboard Shorting

    Cool. Guess I'll order replacements and give it a whirl. I was shocked by how much crap was under those. Looks like a few bad traces too. Will tone it out first and patch the traces. Weeeee!