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  1. mattsoft

    NeXT Cube and NeXTStation TurboColor

    Congratulations Huxley! That black hardware is so sexy isn't it?
  2. mattsoft

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    I ended up picking it up but it's in pretty bad shape. figured I'd rescue it from further harm. the frame is solid, but the desk had been stored in a damp location and the melamine coated particle board has swollen a lot. gonna see if I can get replacement melamine from Home Depot and rebuild the desktop pieces. The desktop pieces are not interchangeable like I thought -- they are held to the frame with crappy hinges so they can adjust up and down, but they don't move around. I don't know if the hinges are original though, but they are needed for the desktop to be held in place. anyway, it needs lots of work and will be a fun project for sure. a little polyurethane goes a long way!
  3. mattsoft

    Possible Conquest: MacTable

    Been looking for one of these for a while, and one showed up locally for $100. Thought I'd offer him $80 -- decent enough deal? Thought it would look nice with some Macs on it. The Scanco MacTable!
  4. mattsoft

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    I believe C10 and C13 have traces running UNDER the SMD as well that can get rotted from the electrolytics. Sometimes you have to remove the cap, clean, and then bodge the trace before replacing the cap.
  5. mattsoft

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    Indeed! That bottom pic is leaky caps. I'm sure the IIci has leaky caps too. Just because you can't clearly see it, it's there. if you remove a cap and look with a magnifier, you will see it. I don't recall if the Iici needs batteries to boot. I use these from Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004UHUGGC/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_asin_title_o07_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and they work great and are pretty cheap.
  6. mattsoft

    Where to start with 3 Mac IIs?

    With any of them, you probably want to start by replacing all SMD capacitors on the motherboards and cleaning up any leakage and inspecting for damaged traces. Then try them out and go from there. On the IIci (dunno about the IIcx), there are SMD caps back near the power circuit that can wreck havoc. Oh yeah, make sure to check the battery (lurking under the HDD/FDD assembly) and pull it on each of the machines. I got a IIci the other day where the battery had disintegrated, eaten the battery holder and most of the nearby motherboard. It was an amazing mess! Good luck!
  7. mattsoft

    mac iici unfixable?

    (almost) anything is fixable, but that looks like a lot of damage. Lots of corrosion on IC legs and eaten traces. Myself, if I had a board with that much damage, I would give up and donate it to science. But my threshold for pain is low.
  8. mattsoft

    IIci 74HC132

    Thanks superjer2000. Were the diodes on yours visibly damaged? They appear OK on mine, probably should test them before placing my next component order.
  9. mattsoft

    IIci 74HC132

    Thanks ScutBoy, I don't think you need to salvage them from an existing board, you should be able to buy them new. If you have some in good shape though, plz let me know. Here's where they are at:
  10. mattsoft

    IIci 74HC132

    This is a dumb request, but I'm hoping someone here has replaced 1 or both of the 74HC132 ICs in the IIci and can point me at the correct IC to order. I purchased a couple from DigiKey and they ended up being the wrong size. Derp. Thanks!
  11. mattsoft

    Radius System 81/110

    oh yeah, if you were in the US, I'd be knocking on your door with a briefcase full of cash for the Radius.
  12. Nice work @Kai Robinson -- thanks for posting your progress!
  13. Cool project. If you're going to make new boards, maybe you can optimize/modernize some components like the RAM. ?
  14. mattsoft

    Dumb*]#* eBay sellers

    I have an older style LC III case lid that's going to e-cycle if you want it. it's a little yellow but would retrobrite nicely. the RF shield is gone -- it has rusted away along with the LC III underneath it. I think it was stored in a damp location for years. but the top lid looks nice.
  15. mattsoft

    mattsoft's IIfx

    The IIfx is out of the retrobrite and looks great.Here is a picture of the II case (with a stealthy IIfx mainboard) and the retrobrited IIfx case next to the slightly yellowed II. so the question, if I'm going to sell one and keep the other, which one to keep? decisions!